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Bye, Bye, ‘Movie Guide’ App—For Now

Bye, Bye, ‘Movie Guide’ App—For Now

I’m sorry to announce that the Leonard Maltin Movie Guide app is no longer available. The company
that licensed the content of my book from my publisher, Penguin, was unable or
unwilling to broker a new deal (and, in fact, never updated the app with
reviews from our current 2014 edition). I’m very disappointed with this outcome
as I’m sure many users will be. I had nothing to do with the formulation of the
app and thought the designers did a great job of digitizing 1,600 pages of
information and making it truly user-friendly.

When Mobile
Age first acquired the rights to my book from Penguin I thought it would be a
good idea to keep the app as fresh as possible by feeding them current reviews
from this website every Friday—which they then transmitted to everyone who had
purchased the app. I continued supplying reviews in recent months, hoping they
would eventually sign a new contract with my publisher. This never came to pass,
and I could no longer support an outdated version of my Movie Guide.

What happens
now? Penguin and I are hoping that someone will step forward to license our database
of information and opinions and create a new app for iPhones and Android
devices. Keep your fingers crossed.



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Daniel LS

Hypothetically, what would it cost to license the material? I would like to attempt kickstarting it. Let me know how someone might get in touch with you.


Has there been any progress? Seems like such valuable content!

George Hoberg III

I heard the sad news quite awhile ago yet my app was functional for older Flicks. Now I’m looking into replacing my phone and I understand that I will lose The MovieGuide completely with no more ‘older’ searches. This makes holding on to my ‘older’ model phone a decision with a heavy consequence…
Old phone WITH old Maltin’s, or, new phone withOUT any Maltin’s Guide.

Marlene N

I have been buying the Movie Guide for many years and have found it invaluable.There ae so many good movies I would have missed and many stinkers I didn’t waste my time watching, thanks to the guides. I also have the Classic edition. Was very upset to read the next guide will be the last. I have yet to find an online site where reviews are as accurate. Can we hope to have an online edition soon?

norbert ege

Its been my experience that I agreed with Leonard's reviews about 90% of the time, as a matter of fact I used his yearly book editions or his app on my iPad to determine if I was going to watch a particular movie. I would like to eventually get his app on my iMac and Mac Book Pro. Till then back to the yearly books.
Thank you Mr. Maltin
Norb Ege

George Bezushko

Wow, am I behind the curve! After seeing Monuments Men as the last review on my iPhone for months, I got curious and only now discovered the updates are no longer published on the app. I've been using Mr. Maltin's app since I had a Palm Pilot! I'm grateful that I can still use the app, but would certainly look forward to Penguin or etc. renewing the app and updates. It has been tremendously useful!


Need a good app for movie reviews to replace Lenard matlin movie guide whose gone bye bye


Will buy the physical edition as long as it's still published, but use the app daily as well.
Penguin should do the new app and run it. Set a price for ie monthly updates with your legendary short reviews and star ratings. And make the app with features so you can search by year, ratings, all titles in a series, country and more. Would be fan- and user friendly, and would be good business for you.

Jeremy Moniz

Sad news indeed….
I always reference your guide books which, due to use, fall apart.
I got concerned when MONUMENTS MEN had remained on top of the new release heap for 2 months now. Oh well, I look forward to the update!

Eskimo Ralph

I've been wondering why the iPhone app dried up! Your explanation makes great sense, Leonard, it just needs to be more out-there, rather than run down your brand reputation (or make worry-warts like me think you'd become ill!)

Can't wait for the new app. It would be right up there on my list of most-used apps.

Now if only we could get more of our Aussie films reviewed…


Loved the app when I still had/used my iPod Touch. Felt so left out when I was unable to get it when i made the switch to Android. Hopefully a new app publisher is found, and they can make an Android app a priority.


Doug says it won't affect the game.

Ken Blose

Major Bummer! I hope it is updated and redone soon. Your app was why I bought an I Phone in the first place. I hope the new one is better, with way to list films by year and star rating.

Jim Hemphill

Please get whoever does the new app to include the information about which films are in widescreen formats! That's one of the essential pieces of info from the print editions that was a criminal omission on the app, especially given Netflix's insidious habit of showing 'scope movies in a 1.78:1 aspect ratio…it's always nice to be able to check on if a film has been cropped or not.


BUT WHAT ABOUT DOUG LOVES MOVIES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?


Hey!! @dougbenson needs the app to make my favorite podcasts :) hook him up on iphone and android folks!

Stephan Klose

This is good news for me, because hopefully this will result in an android app too. That other company never managed to create one. And to carry that book around all the time is really a hassle. Although I do own the 2014 Edition of course.

Tony Caruana

Oh well, back to the paperback edition for now.


I think Doug Benson is the biggest loser in this.


I was a fan of your movie app and used it weekly. I hope someone will step forward and continue it on.


Sad to hear, but maybe it's for the better. The MobileAge app was showing its age and was badly in need of an update. A large number of us use a tablet as our primary device, the future developers must build universal apps from the very beginning and make good use of the additional screen space that tablets avail us.

I hope this issue is actively pursued by you and your publishers. Good luck.

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