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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Nigeria’s Anti-Gay Laws, Proving Again She’s The Best

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie on Nigeria's Anti-Gay Laws, Proving Again She's The Best

Poet and novelist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has written a beautiful response to the passing of Nigeria’s anti-gay law. The law, passed on January 7th, has already led to dozens of arrests. A similar bill looks likely to pass soon in Uganda, where President Yoweri Museveni  announced last week that – after getting hopes up otherwise – he does intend to sign the bill into law. The legislation itself provides for life imprisonment for some homosexual acts, makes it a crime not to report gay people to the authorities and prohibits any discussion of homosexuality that is not condemnatory. 
In her piece Adichie systematically takes on the familiar knee-jerk responses of her homophobic interlocutors: being gay is un-African, being gay leads to bestiality, gay men are pedophiles, being gay isn’t “normal”, being gay is “un-Christian”. To each she provides a calm but incisive smack-down. Seriously, Beyoncé, all we need now is for you to put this to music immediately. 
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What more can I say… If it something you get through choice, who would like to

Judy corradini

I just finished reading Purple Hibiscus for our next book club meeting. I really like your writing style and the story brought all sorts of emotion. Please keep writing, we will keep reading.


Being gay is not a crime…Nigerians are hypocrites and hide under religion which is the worst thing that has happpened to our people….


Chimamanda has written an intelligent piece as usual. I should not expect anything less. But the brilliant piece has only betrayed the disconnect of the writer from her religious and cultural roots. I am not surprised because she lives in a very strong culture that has successfully obliterated other cultures around the world. Perhaps she is being squeezed into the mold. What choice has she? I will always respect her anyway but i know that being brilliant is one thing, perspective and practices on moral issues is a different ball game.


pls,i need a link to read Chimamanda's response to the anti-gay bill…anyone can do with some help


Chimamanda has lost me completely. I dont know why proponents of democratic values cannot respect the decision of a people arising from their culture. I need no scientific proof to give you that sodomy is unAfrican, UnNIGERIAN. My parents were not gay and its a hateful conduct and a disgusting character in IGBO land where that girl Chimamanda hails from. I wonder how much the Pro Gay group paid her to advocate for them. You choose what you want and i choose mine. Nigeria has its flag and ANTHEM. We are not a vassal of decaying west. This are the same people that called blacks monkeys when they came with their bible and forced us to accept your preaching.Now here they come again teaching us that the bible prescriptions are meaningless. Not so fast. Tomorrow it will be fashionable to marry trees and cars, houses and we will be forced to accept your silly standards? Our values as African must be respected. You can come to Nigeria or go to Uganda and issue visas to all GAYS HERE SO THEY CAN ACCOMPANY YOU TO US AND UK. I will commence a campaign against chimamanda propagation of gay right, so that Nigerians will stop buying her books.


She is talking bullshit. Homosexuality is a sin.


Undesired Occupants – The velvet solution

With the stroke of a pen, the Ugandan president has
found a solution to getting rid of that country’s
gays and lesbians – give them righteous refugee
status in France, England, Canada and the
United States.


Everyone in the comments is an idiot.

Emenwa ka emeibe

Well I agree that gay predates Christianity & it's un-African to discriminate against someones choice of life. Human right as enshrined in UN charter is the freedom to be or live the way you want to live without fear of molestation. However, what I found interesting is the double standard of western world & mis guarded Africans. The question is, can gay/ lesbian be the only human right that should be advocated for? Gay/lesbianism is in all corners of the world that's true but why do we choose to advocate for gay and not freedom of beastie or polygamy? This also are innate, or should we glamorize homosexuality because it is prevalent in America & other western world, and neglect what is prevalent in Africa because it's from the dark continent? When will Africans learn to stand for what they believe in? Make no mistake here, I'm a believer in one man one wife, but common sense demands that questions be asked when things are fallen apart & the center could not hold anymore. I know most of you will crucify me for my position but I care-less as long as truth is told. Western world preach what they don't do; perhaps now discriminating against gay community is discrimination against freedom of right, how about discrimination against color? Georg Zimmerman versus Trayvon an example, how many African celebrity or Nigerian celebrity spoke against it? Maybe, we are trying to currie Western favor. To the whites black is black do all the plastic surgery of this world like Micheal Jackson. If speaking against gay/lesbians is like fight against someone with curl hair then discrimination against polygamy is like fighting someone with bald hair. Western nations should go back to time & apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.
Cited: Chinua Achebe, Michael & trayvons


I really can not understand those in here that support can you open your mouth and say " a man sleeping with a man is actually normal".. How are we then different from the curropted leaders in nigeria who do not know what normal is by sleeping with young unriped girls..May God have mercy on us all…is this how we are going to set the foundation of the next generation of young innocent children…instead of promoting homosexuality, why dont we look for ways to help avoid this mentallity and unatural way of living…why is it so difficult to see that homosexuality is not a normal thing to occur…it might be innate, if thats an excuse, well, I guess being sex addict, sleeping with animals, hot tempered,ect shud also be considered normal..pls lets know right from wrong rather wanting to satisfy our sexual, mind and body urges..dont let our urges control our mind.


Like i said, the gay issue is a mental problem, that need correction. Nobody is above mistake, but leaving in mistake is the problem. It is not a human-right thing, It is okay to get mad sometimes, but staying mad is when the doctor is invited for some brain fixing or prayer by love ones. God don't hate sinners, he hates sin and those attached to it will be weighed, God is merciful but the scary part is that He is just.


Ke – if you want to persuade someone of the justice of your case against homosexuality then you need to find some reasonable arguments, and some evidence in support of them. Just shouting 'it's unnatural' and 'it's immoral' does not make something so. There is historical and literary evidence that homosexuals have existed in all societies throughout human history, even those where it has been violently repressed. There is also a growing body of good quality scientific evidence that people's sexual preferences are shaped in the womb (by hormonal influences during their mother's pregnancy). In other words – homosexuality is usually innate. It's futile to rant against homosexuality – as Chimamanda says – people are who they are. Ranting about homosexuality is like ranting against people having curly hair, or big feet. What's the point? You want stop them being born – because nature will continue to make them.


I agree with you 1001% about your perception on gay/homosexuality,i think the same because it is un-African, being gay leads to bestiality, gay men are pedophiles, being gay isn't "normal", being gay is "un-Christian".


I don't know if throwing people in jail reverts homosexuality. The law was obviously provoked by the western homosexual agenda. Homosexuality is biologically unnatural, and spiritually immoral, but i'm of the opinion that this law presents itself as the wings of "revolution" as opposed to suppression. Either way, the worlds coming to an end. If you are a believer, pray often, and seek after your part in Gods great plan. Maranatha.


Again with the religion isolation. Really? Homosexuality is anti-tradition, culture, and religions with an "S". What makes you any different from the people who isolate homosexuality like its the only sin in this world, if you, along with everyone else accuse Christianity as the root of all hate against homosexuality. Are you sure you haven't bought into the "one story" yourself "Chima"?


I have long suspected Chimamanda’s pro gay, pro abortion and pro feminist tendencies in almost all her novels and is not surprised about her ever growing obsession with the defense of these controversial issues. Sad to say she has chosen to use the lofty advantage which her talents and literary achievements accords her to proffer credence to values that are contradictory to that of the kind of society that produced values that enabled her to achieve such heights. Since the issue here is about Homosexuality, I chose not to delve into the other controversial values to which she has chosen to dedicate most of the muscles of her celebrity status. But I must state here that Chimamander need to know that it is not hers to lecture Nigeria and Africa about which Values are African or not, I am not sure that is her area of expertise. Secondly, To know that the anti homosexual sentiments of most Africans predate Christianity itself because Respect for life and the propagation of it is a core African value which did not come from Christianity or the western culture. As Africans, we cherish the God who gives life and the power of procreation, “chi na enye omumu” that is why bareness in marriage is seen almost as a curse, not to talk of the God of life intending for anyone to be in any relationship that is open ended in itself. Yes In the traditional Igbo society for instance, there have been people who played the role of hermaphrodites, dressing like women when they are men or vice verse, but you find that in some cases of such exceptions they were were seen as possessed by gods and as such seen as a parody of a kind of life that should not be lived. Moreover, these people are seen as people having tendencies or features of the opposite sex and were not necessarily seen as being in any sexual activity. Such people were treated different and even never wanted anyone to be like them. Such rare exceptions cannot warrant an invocation of the requirement of human rights to challenge a legislation that embodies the belief, hope and value of a people. I do not say that homosexuals should be killed or harmed or attacked, however, what Africans are saying is that they don’t’ want the kind of gay propaganda going on in the west, where the powers that be give the impression that they have more interest in this issue than meets the ordinary eyes in the way they excessively give attention and resources to it sometimes to the negligence of other issues of human rights. Africans do not want to see two grown up men kissing along their streets. The same with women. If people who do these things keep it to their bedrooms, we would then say it is between them and their God, but the outrage of decent people who oppose this rising homosexual movement is the audacious nature it seeks to promote itself and sell this lifestyle to society as if it is what everyone should embrace. Those who think that legislation is necessary to stop this menace do so because they fear that the homo movement is advertising their wares even more than people in normal marriage, otherwise who ever thought of gay law when the Nigerian society never felt the barrage of the gay culture. This place does not give me enough time and space to even begin to say what I want to say on this, but I will advice our sister Chimamanda to not pull her career into these muddy areas, she may loose many followers in the process.


Proud to be living the the Era where we have young people who we can truly call democratic leaders. Why discriminate on the basis of gender and sexual preferences when there is more important things to worry about like corruption, injustice, violence, unemployment, transparency, accountability and the list goes on. Pity to see that people who claim to be leading the nation are infact blinded with the thought that homosexuality could be the reason for all this problems! Reality check needed here man. This is supper ignorance and my total support to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. You Rocked my world with your inspiring reality writes and articles. Salute to you dear friend.

homosexuality is unafrican.

I am proud of Nigeria and Uganda for standing up to western gay influence. All my life in Africa, I never saw a gay, lesbian or even read about them in the papers. When we discussed them, they had be some Catholic nuns or priests from Ireland or somewhere in the West. Is not every nonsense that comes from the West we should accept. First they told us it was sinful, now it is okay. Way to go Museveni and Jonathan.


I so much respect this Lady. Being gay is un-African and un-Christian.
It is abnormal then and can lead to other abnormal sexual behaviours. Beyonce pls make good music out of this.


hahaha lol…. Its one favour we really need from Beyoncé, at the time


This is simply stupied God made it man and wife .I’m surprised that a Nigerian supports gay I think there’s more to is a problem which we’ve all got to solve.if you’re infected with this disease like I am keep trying to cure it God is by outside…forget the end time people and their philosophy


Being gay is totally unchristian… To me it’s very hard to believe dat In this end tym one can openly support dis lunacy… I’m really shocked dat Adichie whom I looked up to also in support of dis… Isn’t Chimamanda a Christian… Well weda it has it’s nt dia fault or nt (like people claim) It is wrong and shud totally be frowned upon.. May God help us all

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