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Did Netflix Really Put Blockbuster Out of Business? This Infographic Tells the Story

Did Netflix Really Put Blockbuster Out of Business? This Infographic Tells the Story

It’s easy to blame Netflix for Blockbuster’s bankruptcy. The truth is Blockbuster had problems — big ones — long before Netflix entered the picture. And who better to tell us than the bean counters? prepped an infographic that illustrates many of the high/lowlights, including the time Blockbuster missed its chance to purchase Netflix for $50 million back in 2000. After passing (!), Blockbuster signed a 20-year deal to deliver on-demand movies with Enron (!!) Broadband Services, which filed for bankruptcy the following year. 
Meanwhile, as Netflix leadership anticipated the next trend in home viewing and pushed its streaming platform, Blockbuster pushed candy at its stores. So while it’s easy for Blockbuster to blame Netflix for its demise, the truth is much more complicated. As the infographic’s authors put it, “it looks better to lose a war than to lose from sheer incompetence.” We’ve got to agree with them there.
Check out their infographic below and see when things started to go wrong for Blockbuster — regardless of Netflix’s fortunes.

Netflix vs. Blockbuster

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Some dude

While you caught all the high points, there are all sorts of other areas of incompetence that you missed – but you caught most of the big ones.


@Robert Zitnik – you do realize Netflix still offers DVD/Blu-Ray delivery right?

@Chris Witnall – Redbox and Gamefly may be your saving grace.

Robert Zitnik

Netflix has horrible selections for their streaming, they can’t get the rights to any good movies so they put up as many movies as they have and you have to choose from what they have. You used to be able to think of a movie, go to the video store, and get that movie. Now, with Netflix, they may not have the movie in their database, so you’re forced to search all the website (prime, hbogo, hulu, etc) and hope that your movie is there. Honestly, netflix made movie renting worse because I’m watching what they want me to watch, not what I want to watch.

Chris witnall

I rather heading to store and browser the movies and pick out myself what the different that Netflix got…. Yes netflix stream thousands movies…… But the bad things that netflix doesn’t rent out the games for all platform blockbuster does…. God I miss blockbuster so much

Fred A

It was Cable Video On Demand that put Blockbuster out of business.


It is "Blu-Ray" not "Blue-Ray"

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