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Did Stephen Colbert Just Introduce You To Buddy Cole? Here’s 10 of Buddy’s Classic ‘Kids In The Hall’ Sketches

Did Stephen Colbert Just Introduce You To Buddy Cole? Here's 10 of Buddy's Classic 'Kids In The Hall' Sketches

The fact that the Sochi Olympics has now resulted in Stephen Colbert allowing the incomparable Scott Thompson to bring back his fabulous, fabulous “Kids In The Hall” character Buddy Cole is almost enough for me to be pleased the Sochi Olympics are still happening. In a truly brilliant call, Colbert hired Thompson’s Buddy to be his Sochi correspondent, so far interviewing a U.S. ambassador and the U.S. speed skating team

But I wondered for how many folks this would be an introduction to Buddy, who Thompson originally — in a rather pioneering moment — brought to life 25 years ago on the Canadian sketch comedy show. So I wrangled up 10 great clips from Buddy’s time on “Kids” for your enjoyment, whether you’ve never seen them before or you — like me — have basically seen them all 100 times. Bon soir:

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