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Exclusive: First Listen To 2 Tracks From ‘RoboCop’ Score By Pedro Bromfman

Exclusive: First Listen To 2 Tracks From 'RoboCop' Score By Pedro Bromfman

RoboCop” is returning to the streets of Detroit, with a brand new suit of armor, but with the same directive: “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me.” And bringing this new version of “RoboCop” to the big screen is award-wnning Brazilian filmmaker José Padilha, making his Hollywood debut. It can be a challenge for many directors to make the leap into a blockbuster sized production, but to help get his vision of “RoboCop” across, Padilha called in the skills of a regular collaborator.

Composer Pedro Bromfman is the man behind Padilha’s critically acclaimed sensation “Elite Squad” and the smash hit followup, “Elite Squad: The Enemy Within,” and he’s reteamed with the filmmaker for “RoboCop.” Below, we have two exclusive tracks from his work on the upcoming film, the propulsive “Mattox And Reporters” followed by the dynamic, “First Day.”  Bromfman is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music, recipient of two nominations for Cinema Brazil awards, and gamers may have also heard his work in “Max Payne 3.”
Check out the tracks below. “RoboCop” opens in theaters and IMAX on February 12th. The original soundtrack will be available in stores and for digital download on February 4th. You can pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

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Yes Hitman, film music has indeed changed. Back in '87, we got a unique score that was custom tailored to the film, with a memorable theme you'd come out of the theater humming. Now, we get the same ostinatos and synth pattens for everything. Can you really tell this RoboCop score apart from any other action score in this style? Jablonsky's Enders Game, Amon's Elysium, etc.? These modern blockbuster scores are almost entirely interchangeable.


All you fools married to those old scores. Film music has changed and this sounds awesome! Love the mix of electronics and orchestra. I'll watch the film opening night, thanks for posting the tracks!

Peter Martin

LOVE IT!!! Can't wait to see the film.


Basil Poledouris is revolving in his grave.


Sweet! Love the energy in these tracks.

Doryen Chin

This is freaking awful. I feel like film scores can be a good indicator of whether a movie will be good, and if that theory holds, the film is going to be a rotten waste of time.

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