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Gaspar Noé Says ‘Gravity’ Is “Incredibly Mind-F*cking”

Gaspar Noé Says 'Gravity' Is "Incredibly Mind-F*cking"

We’re less than a month away from the Oscars, and yet “Gravity” is still the topic of much discussion. Granted, much of that chatter has been positive with the movie picking up continued buzz and awards in the race to Oscar night. Then there are folks like Louis C.K. who nitpick the physics of the movie and other minor details without seeing the big picture. And then there’s “Irreversible” and “Enter The Void” director Gaspar Noé.

The filmmaker recently interviewed artist Matthew Barney for Bomb about his upcoming movie “River Of Fundament,” and the conversation briefly touched upon 3D, which of course, led to “Gravity.” And Noé didn’t waste a moment in urging Barney to check it out with some rather effusive praise: 

The first two takes are twenty minutes each, but you’ve never seen such a visual roller coaster inside a movie theater. Those two opening takes are incredible, also because the background is all black and you really have a sense that you’re in space. The camera is spinning around the astronauts, and it’s all computer-generated imagery. The result is incredibly mind-fucking. Everything is fake but it looks so real. I’m sure you’d be amazed by that movie.

Now someone put that on a For Your Consideration poster…

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To say that Louis C K was nit picking makes you look incredibly stupid!


By the way, Gaspar Noé was actually in the audience during the french premiere of GRAVITY in Paris, last september. He seemed thrilled at the end of the movie, and very proud when Alfonso Cuaron, who didn't know he was there, said he was one of the major influence for the making of this picture.


any word on new Gaspar Noé film projects?

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