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Hemsworth Brothers Sought For ‘The Raid’ Remake As ‘The Expendables 3’ Helmer Signs Up To Direct

Hemsworth Brothers Sought For 'The Raid' Remake As 'The Expendables 3' Helmer Signs Up To Direct

Listen, we already know the idea of remaking “The Raid” is terrible, so let’s save our energy and skip the routine anger and focus on what we’re now learning about the upcoming do-over that was first announced over two years ago.

The Wrap reports that the project how has a director in Patrick Hughes, who is behind the camera for the upcoming “The Expendables 3,” suggesting producers don’t really want artistry in their action. But perhaps more intriguing is the nugget in the trade report that says “the Hemsworth brothers have been mentioned as possible targets for the hard-hitting action movie.” The probably means nothing more than some producer thinking about maybe ringing up and seeing if they can get Chris, Liam and (presumably) Luke to star in the thing (or maybe whatever pair they can grab). It’ll probably never happen, but hey, it’s nice to have dreams.

Out Of The Furnance” scribe Brad Ingelsby penned the script so maybe this version— which is said to follow a similar storyline to the original—will have lots of growly men and Pearl Jam songs. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

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Why does the raid need to be remade ? its the perfect the way it is. Hollywoods always tampering with and destroying good Asian movies because of their lack of creativity. and really ? the hemsworth brothers in a raid remake ? Hollywoods really sunk low. they lack originaility and creativity, Hollywood should just die already. This remake is going to suck ass, can see it from far away. These guys don't know martial arts, they cant express the violence and action the way they did in the original Raid because of their shitty ratings system, having gareth evans on board for the remake doesn't mean its going to be good, I still cant get over it, really ? the hemsworth brothers ? This is when you know Hollywood is really dieng and desperate. their movies suck so they go after foreign movies to remake them when they don't need to be remade. They are just like their government. their governments always tampering and playing with the things that don't need it, and Hollywood takes after them with the same bullshit. Hollywood stop REMAKING Asian movies, they don't need your shitty boring talentless remakes. The originals will ALWAYS be better, and if your going to remake martial arts movies atleast cast actors that KNOW martial arts, not some actors that learn few moves and called themselves martial artists, you people amuse me with your talentless unoriginal uncreative selves Hollywood.


The Raid shouldn't be remade. Just leave it alone. Didn't they learn from Oldboy? You can't americanize asian cult classics. Just leave them alone…


Just Stop with your bullshit about Pearl Jam. If you're not able to appreciate their music, keep it for yourself. I just can't help anymore seing you catching the slightest opportunity to slash this gigantic band. This website is about movies, if you want to write about music, there are other places for that. And the use of the mythic song Release is just perfect in Out of The Furnace, and not Furnance by the way, re-read your articles. In the name of every PJ fans. Emilie, from France.


"Listen, we already know the idea of remaking "The Raid" so let's save our energy and skip the routine anger and focusing on what we're now learning about the upcoming do-over that was first announced over two years ago."

Please just work a little bit harder on your articles. This is the main part of your site! I've been reading you daily since 2009. Kevin Jagernauth, please stop writing articles where the premise is "oh, well everyone else is in an uproar about this but we're above that because we already saw it coming. So just grow up you dumb nerds and dumb other web pages and dumb old 50 years of comics!" Please stop writing articles that slap down the very people that read these articles. It feels like the site is getting worse and worse every few months. I don't know what's going on but just look at the playlist archives. You were easily the best film news site on the web. Now you've lost the humor, the longer articles that had room to breathe, and the sheer love for film that bled its way into even the silliest and most lightweight articles. It felt like a blog created out of pure love that was staffed by smart, funny, weird and skilled writers. I miss that. What happened? Thank you for all of your hard work. Maybe I'm just missing the point of all of this. Thanks for reading this.


It is too bad only one of them seems to have any sort of personality, charisma, or acting ability.


You idiots obviously haven't seen Red Hill, Patrick Hughes feature debut. Nor have you seen Expendables 3. He is not only a masterful craftsman who can portray tension very well. He also has style and works well with actors. Maybe you jerks should champion Carlos Reygadas to do The Raid remake, since you love him so much.


I'm not tripping over the director. Movie is about as simple as it gets. Fight, go upstairs, fight some more. As long as they keep the lightbulb death I'm good


would love to see Liam Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth & Luke Hemsworth do a film together, you never see the whole siblings doing a film together, always wanted to see a film that features all of the wayan siblings or a film that features all the baldwin bros

Knut Barnes

Best. Idea. Ever.

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