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James McAvoy Says Jason Statham Delivered The “Best Line I’ve Ever Heard In A Film”

James McAvoy Says Jason Statham Delivered The "Best Line I've Ever Heard In A Film"

For the grief we sometimes give Jason Statham, let’s face it: he knows what his strengths are, he plays to them, and he delivers exactly what fans expect each time out. He makes what is often very hard look pretty easy. And while critics may not usually take kindly to his movies, there’s one actor out there giving him due props: James McAvoy.

Den Of Geek closed their recent interview with McAvoy—who has previously praised Statham calling him “the most physically impressive actor I’ve ever seen”—by asking him what his favorite movie by the action star was. And the answer is pretty great:

Crank, because he got the line, “Does it look like I’ve got c*nt written on my head?” and that is the best line I’ve ever heard in a film.

What’s your favorite Statham movie and line of dialogue? Let us know below.

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Turkish says to Erol. "Run out of pants to sniff?"


"You've got a knife, I've got a spoon".


Always with the snide underhanded anti-action movie bullshit Jagernauth


Ze Germans?


All his dialouges as Turkish.

Jack Rowbottoms

"I now pronounce you man and knife" then he stabs some one in the face. Classic statam


Definitely Crank. And the first two Transporters.


Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels and Snatch. I just love him in both of these.


Most of his lines in SNATCH, the man has a charisma one can't deny , same as The Rock, Vin Diesel and Ryan Reynolds. They may not be thespians , but they are movie stars we love to watch.

SPOILER I remember how wild the cinema went when he showed up in the post credits of Fast 6.

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