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Jason Statham Won’t Star In ‘Transporter 4,’ But Will Return For ‘The Mechanic 2’

Jason Statham Won't Star In 'Transporter 4,' But Will Return For 'The Mechanic 2'

It would seem that even Jason Statham has his limits. The action star doesn’t always have the most discerning decision making process, and combined with a rather limited and defined range, it means his movies usually fit into a very specific box. But when it comes to the franchise that made his name, he’s walking away from it slowly (as something surely explodes behind him).

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Luc Besson‘s EuropaCorp has given the green light to “Transporter 4,” but Statham won’t be back. Instead, the film will kick off a potential trilogy detailing Frank Martin’s origin story. Good lord. So sorry Chris Vance fans, that probably means the star of the “Transporter” TV series won’t be leaping to his own movie. But if you need more Statham in your life, not to worry, as he’s reprising his role in a sequel to a movie you probably forgot about.

Remember “The Mechanic“? The 2011 remake of the Charles Bronson movie made just a touch over $50 million worldwide, so we’re not sure who exactly is clamoring for a followup. But perhaps it makes a good tax writeoff or something because after being shopped around in 2012, “The Mechanic 2” is getting some fresh momentum. German director Dennis Gansel is now on board to helm the picture, with Statham back as assassin Arthur Bishop. No word yet on when it might roll as it probably needs to make a bit more in pre-sales to justify its existence, but given that Statham is a brand that guarantees a certain return, it’ll probably happen.

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janette lawrence

Not happy won’t be going to see this film it wont be the dame without Jason Statham in the role

Da king Adrock

Unreal the transporter will obviously now be like some dooshie action film with no point in even buyin the 5$ bootleg Statham hopefully has something to say about this travesty. I mean seriously triplet skanks in a audi beeing driven and probably thousands of rounds of ammo unloaded on them and not even a flesh wound ill guess please firearms tech is awesome nowadays and obviously if your a hired gun man. You should be able to hit a full grown human torso with ease. Or get a new flippin job. What needs to come out instead of this crap is ROCK n ROLLA sequel or Batman vs Predator. Not Supa man vs Pred. Or a good Dragonball movie. And please someone make Real life king of the hill. And please put ren n stimpy back on for my kid to watch im so disappointed with this crap that makes it on. Sorry got off topic.


There is no transporter with out statham movie will be a bust hopefuly the mechanic 2 will delever

Dewdunu Ranasinghe

Jason Statham is my hero.he is the best fighter in the world.Jason is the most suitable actor for theTRANSPOTER 4..HE IS THE BEST.WE LOVE JASON..
(this is srilankan comment)

Paula Adkins



Agreed, Jason IS the Transporter, you can’t simply bring in another actor. If Jason can’t/won’t do transporter 4, they shouldn’t do it at all, it’s sacrilige. Hopefully enough people will refuse to watch it and they’ll have to beg Jason back or abandon any hopes of making 5 or 6.

Jeff Harris

I suppose he has got that much money now he can pick and choose but it would have been great to see him again but like most of us we are getting older and like to enjoy life, he is probably sitting on a 50 Million Dollar Launch somewhere is the Bahamas with some pretty nice company! He will return when he wants to, maybe he might start Directing?


Really? Jason Statham IS THE TRANSPORTER! I’ve seen the TV series. It’s not bad, but it’s not the same without JS kicking butt! I did however like The Mechanic and will see number 2 when it ‘hits’ theaters!


Ya in fast and furious, if they didn't bring the same main characters back, then the movies would SUCK


That sucks! Won't be seeing that movie! Hate it when they don't bring the same people back! Just like transformers 4! Good grief!

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