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Jonny Greenwood Finishes Recording For ‘Inherent Vice,’ Scott Rudin Says He Has Another PTA Movie In The Works

Jonny Greenwood Finishes Recording For 'Inherent Vice,' Scott Rudin Says He Has Another PTA Movie In The Works

Paul Thomas Anderson‘s “Inherent Vice” is one step closer to being finished, and we’ll let Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood explain: “I finished recording a soundtrack last week for Paul Thomas Anderson’s next film ‘Inherent Vice.’ We recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, led by Clio Gould—they were fantastic,” he told Sinfini Music. So, hooray for that. But could PTA already be brewing another film?

Well, Scott Rudin—producer on “There Will Be Blood“—has teased he has another project in the pipeline with the director. Doing an awards season interview with Deadline (via Cigarettes & Red Vines), the producer said in passing, “I think we are a good frontline for the filmmakers we work with, and we’ve had a lot of success being that. I’m really proud of that. This is our third movie with the Coens, we just made our fifth with Wes Anderson, our seventh with Noah Baumbach. There’s another with Paul Thomas Anderson. We work with the same people over and over and it’s because we put a huge, huge amount of time and energy into making sure that they all get well taken care of.”

If this means less gaps between PTA project, we’re all for it.

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What is confusing is that Rudin says "another with Paul Thomas Anderson" and the thing is…he isn't credited with any on his IMDb page…


Some user comments on C & RV are alluding to a movie with PTA and Tim and Eric. Not sure if theres any truth to that but it'd prolly be amazing

2 Cool For School

Dude looks like a meth head. sheesh


Greenwood looks like john cazale in dog day afternoon. i saw it again this afternoon. haha


Pretty sure he's talking about Inherent Vice


Man, if I ever got in the same room with those two I'd probably blow up…


I'm pretty sure Scott was talking about Vice. There is no new movie in the works.


Jonny looks like he's been awake for weeks. And he really doesn't like people, it seems.

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