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Karl Urban Says “Conversations” Are Happening For ‘Dredd’ Sequel After Strong DVD Sales

Karl Urban Says "Conversations" Are Happening For 'Dredd' Sequel After Strong DVD Sales

The last word we heard on the prospect of a “Dredd” sequel came last spring, when producer Adi Shankar said “probably not” when asked about a followup. It’s hard to fault the logic, considering the franchise reboot earned a measly $35 million worldwide on a budget of $50 million, and the helmeted hero barely registering with audiences. But it seems DVDs are keeping hope alive.

At the Destination Star Trek Frankfurt event (which we didn’t even know was a thing), Karl Urban was in attendance for fans, and when asked about “Dredd 2,” Urban replied that “conversations” were happening thanks to the first film’s performance on home video. Apparently, there is some form of chatter happening between Lionsgate, screenwriter Alex Garland and director Peter Travis. Who really knows what the extent of the talks are, but we’d guess that the first question to be addressed will be how to find an audience that wasn’t there the first time around.

Do you want to see a “Dredd” sequel or should they just let it go already? Let us know in the comments section. [What Culture]

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YESSSSSSSSS! Make a sequel! I did not watch it at the movies but I have watched it NOT once but FIVE TIMES at home. It's a good action packed movie and I would really like to see what is Dredds next dangerous mission… See a bit more of Cassandra Anderson as well she's good(:


Yes yes yes. Make another dredd with urban.
Blame the awful stalone movie for the initial reticence to see Dredd in the cinema. Please guys, make another.


I went pictures to watch it in 3d. It was brilliant 3or4 more Need to be made also can you make rouge trooper . With some big names voicing. The weapons it should be massive


I've just watched the movie myself and have to say, hot damn I wished I'd seen it in 3D at the theatres now! I can see now that Karl Urban is fantastic as Dredd – and a sequel with Judge Death would just be brilliant. Plenty of scope for an awesome movie. Consider me sold :D

Sean Paul

Yes! This was a boot with grit and realism to a world that is hard to accept: mutants, sub cultures large enough to wage a one building war, etc. There are major hints to tye depth of the character that were left hanging in the air and potential for performance via Anderson and plenty of barely showcased technology. The block wars story line is majorly accessible and mix a little more mutant in to the cause, boom: set up for the dark judges!

This might be a limited read comic, but with films like Expendables that are over the top dark action fest with 90's style one liners and campy moments, Dredd can succeed too. Just expand the playing field and depth. And for lord's sake, DONT take off the helmet.

The Other Guy

So many awful movies get several sequels that it would be a crime against cinema to not give Dredd the sequel it deserves. We need Dredd 2 with Death involved. Then in a perfect world Lionsgate would have a sit down with WB and we would get to see Judgment on Gotham on the big screen. Oh how I dream………


Absolutely!!!!!! Urban IS Judge Dredd!!!! He's perfect!!! Stop basing everything on box office sales. The geeks and nerds into this don't go to movies. Publicize it but go straight up pay per view and a few theaters to legitimize its release then Blue Ray combo it ASAP. You'll make the money and create a loyal hungry fan base. Theaters are old musty and full of d-bags that annoy everyone.


YES! Why not try crowd funding for at least part of the funding needed for sequel? This is the one movie I would actually be ready to give money to.


More dredd!!!


Ok, unless you're a movie geek like me, a syfy fan, or a Stallone fan then most of the target audience won't know what the hell Dredd even is. Was almost 2 decades since his movie débuted, no major video game in almost as long, and it'll take more than comic fans to support a movie fan base.
Basically, it was almost guaranteed this first one would bomb, it was the movie reintroducing it to the public. But with reviews that kicked ads it obvious a sequel is where the pay-off would come.

Michael Surbrook

Dredd 2 with Judge Death. That's all I gotta say.


Of cource we want Dredd 2! Damn!


Yes, of course, i definitively interested in seeing a sequel. Dredd wasn't that bad even better than stallone version in my opinion.


Absolutely!! I hope lions gate continues to make movies that appeal to us rather then just trying to turn a buck

Hugh Caley

God, yes, Dredd 2! The first one was great. Karl Urban was excellent, the whole cast was, the story was good, it was just a high-quality movie.


I don't have TV out here where I live so never heard of this until I saw it on Netflix. I had to go out & buy the DVD. Having read the comic book back in the 80's for a time I thought they did a great job of following it's theme & attitude. Plus I've been a Karl Urban fan since Pathfinder. Excellent character actor.


umm yes

Carl Wong

WE (THE WHOLE WORLD) definitely want a DREDD SEQUEL!! We can't can't :)!!!!


The reason nobody went to see it in the cinemas was because the Stallone version was so terrible. Who would want to see a follow-up to that?

Then Dredd came out on DVD and people watched it because watching a DVD is less of a commitment than going to the cinema. Turned out the film is f***ing awesome. Major interest in the whole Judge Dredd movie idea rekindled, will never 'judge' a film by its cover again.

Please make this film. And do a better job of marketing it this time!


This movie rocked. I was skeptical after seeing the Stallone Dredd years back, then I watched it on Netflix three times in one week. Very unlike, anything released in the last few years and I would definitely see it in a theater this time.

Judge Dredd

Citizens, failure to make a sequel gets you five to ten in the cubes.


Lionsgate markets films for a niche genre that are mostly good.Solomon Kane is another example that comes to mind.I'm a huge Dredd fan having collected the original Progs as there known.I was hesitant to see another misguided attempt to portray the character but they nailed it and made a new fan base out of people who never really knew the universe until they saw the reboot.Strike while the iron is hot!.Maybe run Dredd and Dredd 2 back to back in theaters.Please make a sequel.I'll see it twice and buy multiple copies for friends on blu -ray.


"The last word we heard on the prospect of a "Dredd" sequel came last spring, when producer Adi Shankar said "probably not" when asked about a followup."

The last word I heard from Adi Shankar, when somebody commented on Twitter that Dredd should get a sequel was that he thought so too. And he also commented he was trying to get enough "streed cred" to get a sequel made. Guess it's up to the fans? The more people want it, the dumber they (producers/distributors) look if they don't make one. And the angrier people will get. There is already a lot of resentment towards Lionsgate. The perfect way to demonstrate how much you want a sequel is to join the official 2000 AD (publisher of Judge Dredd comics) sequel petition and like the "Make a DREDD Sequel" fan page.


Will the sequel find an audience? What a stupid question. It already has! Look at the comments here :D When Dredd was first released for the theatres, the opinion towards it was mostly negative in the general public.
People couldn't understand why they were doing another movie after the Stallone fiasco, let alone with a campy name like DREDD 3D. Now the situation is totally different! The film has had very positive word of mouth and Dredd has been very high on both rental and sales charts.
And what's more, lots of people are now regretting to not seeing it in a theater, a mistake they are not going to make with the sequel! I know several people (in real life, I might add, not just on the internet), who didn't even know who Dredd was, but are now eager to see the sequel. Just think of the fan petition and all the media attention the film is getting now. The producers would be stupid not to capitalize on that.


Absolutely want a sequel!


Yes…great film!


Please make the sequel! i will be forever kicking myself for having not seen dredd in theaters. that movie was epic. this franchise is worthy of a few films!


PLEASE make a sequel! We just didn't know the first time…(sobs) WE DIDN'T KNOW!


Make the sequel. The first was underrated, and there's a lot that can be done with that world


I loved Dredd! It was everything it should have been, and now that it has found its audience through DVD, they should strike while the iron is still hot!
I've been a fan of Karl Urban since herc and zena, and he never disapoints. He nails the Dredd role perfectly.
Please, please with sugar on top, make another Dredd movie! I swear I'll go see it and buy it as well!

Chin For Supporting

The movies shouldn't get a sequel, but his chin should have at least gotten some kind of special mention supporting role for all it did. It was working overtime.


Caught it on Netflix. I'd check out a sequel. Maybe not in theaters if it's mediocre, but I was surprised how much I liked the reboot. Also seemed like a good example of how to make a comic book movie on the cheap. Simple story, B-level cast. It's almost like the movie didn't have a ton of effects money, so they actually had to tell an interesting, taut story. Kind of ironic.

stephen berryman

please god make another dredd. karl urban is awesome


This, honestly, is the only IP that I want sequels/turns me into a fanboy. I feel the new film was highly underestimated. So I hope a sequel happens, definitely with Alex Garland in the writers seat possibly the ditecting helm too.


It definitely seems to have found the audience it deserved on Netflix and DVD.
Whether that audience will actually show up in theaters next time is a different matter. If they can find a way to keep the scale equally small and still turn a profit, I'd love to see it, but this could easily turn out like the Crank and Machete sequels.


How about a TV series?


I want it!

That is all.

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