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Lifetime Launches New Series Set In Elite World Of Hip-Hop Majorette Competitions (Watch Preview)

Lifetime Launches New Series Set In Elite World Of Hip-Hop Majorette Competitions (Watch Preview)

Lifetime has announced a launch of a new programming block Wednesday nights, beginning March 5th, with the premiere of an all-new dance competition docu-series, titled Bring It! which will are at 10pm ET/PT.

Bring It!, produced by Pilgrim Studios, shines a spotlight on the elite world of hip-hop majorette competitions. 

Coach Dianna Williams (aka “Miss D”) and her Dancing Dolls Troupe refuse to lose, pushing themselves to the limit each week in the relentless pursuit of victory. Every pump, thrust and high kick on Bring It! highlights the triumphs and struggles of intense competition, where errors aren’t tolerated, mediocrity isn’t excused and only a win is acceptable.

Founded in 2001 by Dianna Williams, or “Miss D,” the Dancing Dolls of Jackson, Mississippi,  ages 7 to 17, are said to be one of the country’s preeminent dance troupes, with over 15 Grand Champion titles and more than 100 trophies under their belt. 

Each episode of the series will follow the top Dolls and their dedicated moms as they prepare for cutthroat competitions, parades and showcases, culminating in battles against their biggest rivals. 

Miss D has a well-earned reputation for being both a fierce competitor and a phenomenal mentor who teaches her students the importance of a good education, persistence and positive self-worth. As they compete against dance troupes in Mississippi and Tennessee, Miss D pushes her team to the limit, demanding that they “bring it” each and every week.

Bring It! is produced by Pilgrim Studios. Executive producers for Pilgrim are Craig Piligian and Derek W. Wan. Eli Lehrer, Mary Donahue and Colleen Conway Grogan executive produce the series for Lifetime. 

8 one-hour episodes of the series have been ordered for this season.

Here’s a preview of the excitement that’s to come:

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Derryl williams

Great show

tiffany thompson

Had the opportunity to meet Diana and a few members from DD4L. Diana was rude and snobbish. Didn’t allow the girl’s to take pictures with fans even stated “ they don’t feel like posing." Some nerve. She needs to a slice of humble pie and show gratitude to the very people that are the readon she has a #1 show on lifetime.


Had the opportunity to meet Diana and DD4L. Diana was very rude and snobbish. Didn’t let the girls take pix with fans Even


Not impresses and won’t be watching…how about a show with yung black females who are into STEM or bettering their lives with other things that "we" are known for (dancing, singing, sports, etc.) minus the ignorant mothers! Or a show following young AA women starting their own businesses or anything other than this. My teen daughter will NOT be watching this. I don’t let the TV raise my daughter, but it would be nice for her to be able to turn on the TV every now and thing and see others like her doing positive things other than dancing, videos, mothers and daughters acting like they have no home training, etc.


dont chase hellicopters, busses or trains… theyre crazy

bugs funny

It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of sunshine.


Miss D where is your porn video at? Would love to see it. However, I really hope you didn’t give head with those jacked up teeth of yours. Might do some damage!


Awesome more idiots making us black people look stupid.


I was sorely disappointed by Ms Diana’s language she directed toward the dancers on the 9/17/14 show. She is supposed to be an example for theses young girls developing character; however, she ‘cussed’ at them. This shows that she needs to find more appropriate ways to express herself.
Furthermore, the outfit she wore to the competition was in appropriate for her age, her figure, PERIOD!!!!! Her stomach was protruding with her navel circled I black. I don’t even see most teenagers dres that risqué. I am a supportive viewer, but I feel that Ms. D needs to realize her total obligation to these girls, parents, and audience.
I enjoy the show and wish her the best, but if she continues in that way of presenting herself, she will be minus one viewer- me.

angie burton

Watch out America!! The truth about whites genuine character is exposing itself!! At least three whites murdered their children this week, possibly for the insurance payout! ! Whites are kidnapping again!! They think their back in the caves!!! Gee whiZ

angie burtton

You ignorant embacile!!! What does these young women have to do with any crisis taking place in America???? Is it safe to suggest that when white people go under stress, they relentlessly and ruthlessly murder their entire family????? Or should blacks say…oh gosh!!A white kid is under stress at home…..everyone run for cover, our friends are getting shot


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Just watch the true character of blacks whenever the next major natural disaster occurs somewhere in this country. Their instinct is not to help people, but to take advantage of people. Widespread looting and violence will always be associated with blacks. If they don't get their way, they riot and destroy their own cities and neighborhoods. The current black crime rate keeps rising and martial law is the only way to control it. Soon most cities will be forced to impose nightly curfews. Already more and more cities are doing so because of the rising crime rate committed be blacks and underage kids roaming the streets all hours of the night. Not even an all black police force can control these uncivilized animals. The only logical thing other races can do is arm themselves and get familiar with our gun laws and the legal way to protect themselves. It's even more important now since democrats are trying to change laws to protect black criminals and making it harder for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. Which only emboldens blacks to commit more crimes.


Actually I have always wanted to ask this. How does it feel to have African natives be embarrassed by African American culture? Have you ever wondered why you don't hear about African transplants being the source of riots or other issues? Is this cause to maybe look at what you call African American culture? And don't you dare say I'm racist I'm married to a African man and his family is my family. I embrace every race period! However I'm sorry the African American culture has many scratching heads. Especially now.


So if we don't like it we are crackers and racist. Wow!
Just so you know my friends visiting from Africa thought this show was shameful! Maybe they are racist? They insisted I turned the channel and said it was inappropriate. Hmmmm

Bring on the African tribal dances now that's amazing! This is trash.

Concerned parent

Sexualizing children. How can it be legal for little pre pubescent girls to dance so provocatively on television. The mothers of these children need to protect them not display them in skin tight outfits like meat for wolves. Shows like this must attract peodophiles like honey attracts flys. I am embarrassed for the families of these kids.


Its funny how crackers always have shit to say about black people and whatever it is we do but yall put all type of CRAP on tv and the internet i guess its only okay if you have white skin

Ballet Dancer

The teacher (Miss "D") AND the girls need to take an English class to learn how to actually speak the language. There should be subtitles on the screen because you can't understand a work they are saying. As far as the "dancing" goes, no — this is not dancing. It's just as bunch of "black" boolaboo — shaking their butts, attempting to do a kick — (by the way, when you do a kick, you're not supposed to bring your upper body down to meet it). Again, LEARN TO SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH!

Colette Leigh

The girls seem like lovely girls, this should not be made into a black white issue. The dancing was appalling – if it was white girls dancing I would still think the same. The tribal dancers from Africa I can enjoy watching, this I could not x


Obviously its hip-hop so it won't be gracefully and beautiful it will be more sexual, classy and sexy I love bring it, its something different

love bring it

I love this show! Everyone with negative comments are crazy! These girls are talented, smart, disciplined and are HAVING FUN 😛


It is very funny to read some of these comments. Just because it is not the type of dance you are used to see does not make it wrong. Just because this is they type of dance the show is showing does not mean that this is the only form of dance these girls know. Some of the kids on this show (Bring It) have been trained in other forms of dance so they will be able to pursue their dance dreams. This type of dance is done all over the world by all cultures. MTV had a show called Americas Best Dance Crew and these people came from ALL OVER THE GLOBE doing the same kind of dance the young girls on Bring It are doing!!!


There is nothing wrong with their dance style it is of culture. Watch how Africans dance.Its in us. And what about the little white girls wearing pounds of makeup looking like Jonbenet Ramsey


WHAT A SHAMEFUL STUPID SHOW!!! Waste of air time! Dancing is supposed to be graceful… This is NOT HIP HOP! I am a dance instructor & this "style" of dance is Not even Dance at all! Lets teach our kids "battling" – Goodness NO!!! Please take this off of the t.v. As this is NEGATIVE & like I said before, SHAMEFUL!!! Uggg!!! PLEASE!!!


1. Judging by these comments it's perfectly clear a LOT of you have never seen a Historically Black College University (HBCU) band perform. 2. It's perfectly clear a LOT of you do not know anything about the south. 3. Their dance style is NOT called majorettes. Majorettes twirl batons they do not dance. It's really sad how nothing in our society has changed when it comes to ignorance. Trashing these children and calling them strippers just WOW!!! Some of you need to expand your minds and step outside of your box. There are multiple styles of dancing and if you actually watch the show you will see SOME of the girls are actual trained dancers and can execute technical dance moves. Go on youtude and watch Southern University Dancing Dolls who performed with Madonna during a Super Bowl. Jackson State University Prancing Jsettes, Alabama State University Stingettes, Alcorn State University Golden Girls. I could go on and on but I'm not. I'm so glad I respect other cultures and appreciate art of all forms. And someone brought up cheerleaders as if their skirts come all the way down to their ankles but whatever!!

marie williams

What a shameful show. Bring It is not the type of dance style, trained cultured and dignified young ladies perform. Their sponsor has no dance training and Jackson State did not pick her for their dance line (Miss D stated she tried out 4 times), so why would you want your daughter who you hope to one day perform with the Ailey Dance Troupe, etc. teach her anything. WHAT A PITY. WHERE IS THE PROFESSIONAL BLACK DANCE COMMUNITY AND WHY HAVE THEY NOT PROTESTED AGAINS THIS TV SHOW! SHAMEFUL!!


I happen to go to a dance studio and am properly trained in different types of dance . If they want to go to schools like Juilliard and perform with Alvin Ailey that's fine , but they need to be retrained . I've never heard of that kind of dance until I saw the show,so it leaves me wondering if the south is the only part of the country That does this kind of dance which in that case is not very helpful to them.


I don't get the dancing. Nothing graceful or beautiful about it. I see a lot of sexual moves, and asses shaking. So they want to become professional dancers? They will have to RETRAINED to dance properly to be on Broadway. Not feeling this show.


These gurls are so good you are just jelious you can't dance and have flavor. Plus no one knows those big words we be looking it up.


Plus these little girls look cute. You r idiot. You bee trippin. Yehaw


You have the freedom to let little black girls act like strippers and I have the freedom to call you out on it. I don't care what white trash does it's my socioeconomic group that funds,supports and at times enables people like you to take and never give back.

PS: they're means they are in the English language. It's ok I'm sure you don't need to know that working at Popeyes. Carry on.


People like me are the 1% that fund your welfare check each month. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.


Next generation of EBT card holders. Who cares just keep them out of my daughters school district and neighborhood. Yuck.


I just started watching this show tonight because from the description I read I thought it would be good..I was so wrong. I couldn't even finish one episode. As a parent of a pre-teen girl( of color I might add) I found it disgusting. My daughter is a competitive cheerleader so the uniforms and makeup didn't bother me..the dancing did. Those young girls are on tv twerking and dancing like low class strippers and it's pathetic to watch. A legitimate dance troupe would never dance the way those girls do. It looks like the teacher got all of those moves from various rap videos. It is sad that those girls are making fools of themselves on national tv and noone thinks that anything is wrong with it.


Did you graduate the 8th grade with that grammar and spelling. I agree it's egregious.


You're 18 learn to spell and talk right.
Good lord! That was painful to read.


Wow. I have never seen so many grammar and punctuation errors in one comment in my life! idiot!


Hmmm Who Better Than The Dancing Dolls Nobody So If Yhu Gotta Problem With Them Do Something With Yhur Life Instead Of Judging These Little Girls I Didn't Knoee Grown Women Could Bee Such Haters I'm 18 And If Yhu Childish Grow Up And Get So were In Life Cuss Judging people Ain't Were Its At Somebody Could Be Yellow But They Still Human Somebody Could Be Walking Butt Naked Yeaa Ii Mine Smile But They Still Human And OneIs Not Better Than The Rest So Stop Judging These Girls Least They Are Doing Something With TTheir Life Don't Be Stuck ups They Are Doing What They Can To Set Good Examples And Entertain Kids Quit Hasten And DNACING DOLLS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CAUSE IF YHU DIDNT HAVE HATERS YOY WOULDNT BE FOING SOMETHING RIGHT AYEEEEEEE TURN UP BABIES


Ayeee The Dancing Dolls Pop Fr I Don't understand
Why People Keep Hateing On The Ctfu The Dance
Moves Snap Fr On The Babies Team Dancing Dolls
All Daee Baby


Last comment
The reason why a woman of color shouldn't be a career cheerleader is because they have a short shelf life, it's a highly sexualized field and chances of getting to the pro football level are slim.

Selling vulnerable girls pipe dreams is very dangerous and if they fall short then the opportunities to them have been limited from lack of planning and direction.

Dreams are wonderful but as adults we need to teach our children about responsibilities and part of being a adult is doing things we don't always like or enjoy. That's life.

So I'm saying help them get the good grades, go to college and be that doctor or lawyer. Hell if they make enough money quit and do something that you really love. At least they will have self respect, the ability to support themselves with out a man and the ability to do what they want when they want.

We all know the saying don't put your egg in one basket? These girls making dance there life with the goal of being a cheerleader is doing just that. Makes me really sad actually.


I don't condone dance moms either!

What's wrong with being a Dallas cheerleader? Did you really say that? Abby doesn't have any children but oh well. Just because the brod is white doesn't mean she has all whites approval. That would be stupid.

I'm bored by this. I really hope life goes well for those girls I just feel bad they they don't have better mentors and examples to help them. There is NO reason why women of color can't be powerful,educated,articulate women. They don't need to shake their ass for a living.
I talk a lot of crap but at the end of the day I want more for these girls.


Ann as disgusted as you are over these comments I'm surprised you're not disgusted by the sexualization of these girls. Why aren't you upset about how this will look on a Harvard application for them? Why aren't you worried about what future employers will think of such skimpy outfits and moves? Aren't you concerned about how much time is spent in the studio and not studying? What about the fact that the world can see how ignorant and ghetto these moms act?

These girls could be doctors lawyers and executives however they are being trained to be Dallas cheerleaders? Who needs simple things explained to them? Hmm

Way to set the bar high!


It doesent matter how you spell it. Whore,hooker, slut. It is walks like a duck quacks like a duck it must be a?? Sweet little girl? Come on!
Realize no mater how much you don't like it people are going to judge you by your actions! Don't want to be treated like a low class stripper? Don't act like one!

Then have the nerve to be pissed when someone calls you a whore? Wow


I don't understand thay all look like strippers slash whores in training. black or white its bait for pedifiles!!!!!


No we aren't the parents of these girls we are the tax payers that will clean up the mess and their mistakes.




When I contacted Ekaka, I was in a complete mess. My lovelife had gone completely down the drain, and it looked absolutely HOPELESS. If it hadn’t been for ekaka careful advice and his precious spells to relieve me of the negativity around me, I would have never been able to keep going, and I wouldn’t have a boyfriend, either. Now I do! He’s a guy I already knew from work, but had never “thought of him that way,” at least not until Ekaka cast his spell to show me the way. He is the best. He saved me!!

Taylor Howard

How can I try out? I love to dance and I want to be on this show dancing is my life


This show is to Black people what Honey Boo Boo is to White people.


I love this show " bring it"

Mylea Graham

Everybod talking about their outfits can stfu because YOU ARE NOT THEIR PARENTS. Do they have something to say , no , are you gonna buy their uniforms, no so saying that raise your own because they are doing one hell of a job raising THEIRS

Mylea Graham

The Dancing Dolls Are Really An Inspiration To Me And I Never Miss A Show. But Mrs. Dianna Is Not Only A Great Teacher But She Always Motivates The Girls To Do Their Best. Im 15 And That Show Has Really Inspired Me To Dance And I Thank You. Its Hard For Me Because , I Have No Money , And Life Is Hard. But When I See Those Girls They Let My Depression Go On Vacation, And Give Me Life. I Am A DD4L Although Im Not

Kely B.

It is great that Lifetime has a series specific to African Americans. The girls and Miss D are talented. I love how you can actually see Miss D teaching the dance moves. Unlike Dance Moms in which Abby walks around hollering; looking like she danced around a buffet way too many times. My daughter enjoys Bring It, but it's just not my type of show. Although I am African American, I have never heard of hip-hop majorettes. I am assuming it is a regional or subcultural activity. What I dislike about the show is that one of the mothers wears a tacky red wig and there is the one dad who comes up there with the pimp braids. Now don't get me wrong, it is super that a dad participates in his daughter's activities. But, the first thing that came to mind is GHETTO and therefore I labeled the entire show as ghetto. I also noticed that some of them need some assistance with proper English and articulation. If you are going to participate on a nationally televised show dress, speak, and carry yourself appropriately. In other words: use correct English (no slang and be articulate), dress/style that should not look like you are going to the club, and try not to act like a fool. Let Honey Boo Boo represent the rednecks. We (African Americans) know that not all Caucasians are rednecks; it's just a subculture. Just like we know that all African Americans are not ghetto. However, it takes only one African American to do wrong, act differently, etc and sadly it labels our entire culture. We (African Americans) should strive to be cultured and positive when we get an opportunity for nationally televised shows.


The hate that DD4L get is ridiculous, like you don't like the show fin, but you don't need to talk crap about the girls and Miss D, grow up, and stop hating on people you don't know nothing about.

Donna V

On April 28, 2014, Lifetime announced the 10-episode second season renewal of Bring It!.

told ya

Lifetime Orders Additional Episodes of BRING IT!

Google that honey boo boo white haters.


My daughter and I love this show!!!


My black husband hasent had problems because he speaks proper English, is educated, and acts like he has some common sense. Try it on for size maybe you won't be so picked on.


Useless facts. Every race has trash and bring it is a perfect example of blacks ghetto culture.


Y'all aren't going to say HONEY BOO BOO IS IGNORANT and Honey Boo Boo only has to do 2 episodes to make more than a TEACHER AND POLICE OFFICERS AND FIREFIGHTERS and she has to do a season to make more than a PRESIDENT now you know something is wrong here




Definition of ignorant
lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

Stop using it out to context.


Doesent matter how you spell it. I happen to agree with her. At some point you new to put on your big girl panties and move on and stop thinking you're picked in all the time.


i love the dancing dolls ddfol


i am +18 & love sexy movies


It's a victim mentality it's ok I'm sure Obama care will cover the mental health costs to help you.

When our German Irish and Norwegian family came to America they delt with many injustices. Look into it learn your history. The difference is we don't cry over it every chance we have. Grow up.


Thanks @Not Sure!
I think they are filming a second season… I follow several of the cast members on Instagram and I am seeing a camera crew in some of their posts. Hopefully they are! #DD4L!


Does anyone know where they get their dance costumes at?…or any website


Does anyone know how long ago the season was filmed? I try to look up the actual battle/dance comp dates, but can never find them.

Aaliyah McCall

I love Sonjay and her mama. They is pretty like me to. I think sonjay try reLly hard like i do but cause we so prrtty the other girls on the team dont help us and be messin me up. They be likd do it this way and get me offs the beat and stuff. But cause we so pretty and gots long hair they wishin we get off the teams and stuff. I mean the other girls ok lookin but they attidude be medsin with me. My mama said ima triple threat to them. I wish i can meet sonjay and her mama and she look like Beyonce too.


Well put it's about time someone told it how it is. You just said what we were all thinking.


That's right everyone is keeping you down. You're not responsible for your actions and everyone is out to get you. How is it that my husband is black and we have NEVER been treated in a bad way by banks, or any other agency? He has his masters, almost 800 fico, owns a large home in a beautiful neighborhood and employed and respected by all.

I'm not saying this to brag who gives a crap what someone has but the point I'm making is this is 2014 people are judged by behavior not skin color. If you think otherwise then maybe you should reevaluate how you present yourself.

I'm sorry but I just don't see it. We can walk into any Mercedes dealership, high end restaurant, bank or anything else and we aren't treated bad. What do you wear, say, act like. Let's talk about that.

Please don't assume because were white we don't have a clue.


Penny L

Instead of assuming things you need to educate yourself on the issues you mentioned. You should not say that you are bringing up true facts when you are going off of what you heard or think you know. If you educated yourself on these issues and knew what you were talking about, you will come to find out that there aren’t that many scholarships that are based on race. Also you will find out that there are more scholarships available for Europeans than there are for African Americans. Also if you knew U.S history you will find out that African Americans have been systematically oppressed by larger institutions. To name a few there is the real estate market, banks, schools, hospitals and the list goes on. If I could sit down and have a conversation with you I could go further into detail and update some of your false information.


Who cares. You stay in your part of town and I will stay in mine.


I hope everyone knows that the so called "fight" was designed to stop the competition because the home team knew the dancing dolls were going to win the whole competition. I wouldnt be surprised if the other coach was involved in setting up the diversion….


Way to go Ms Dianna. Proud of you. Great show tonight. Sucks that the competition got cancelled. Clearly the Dynamic Diamonds Dollz had to throw the competition because Ray Charles could see they lost that battle!
They have not signed contracts for second season…. My husband is a line producer for another show with Hearst Corporation and A&E Networks…. and he told me that Bring it will be back for a second season. He said he over heard other producers celebating because of 2 millon viewers last Wednesday. He said A&E verally committed to the second season…. but no contracts signed yet. Normally contracts are signed when the season is over.
Happy. I want to see another season.


If she always gets them fixed then they would be fixed. Hmmmm who's ignorant?


just watched the episode with the dancing dolls vs the purple diamonds. First time watching the show and even though I think the behavior of the adults is not appropriate nor some of the dance moves appropriate for teens, I must give Miss D a two thumbs up for showing the girls that win lose or draw its about respect and trying your best. I respect her as a coach and I think other "teachers" on tv who seem to be so popular need to be taken down a notch or two for the way in which she treats her students as pawns for her own fame and glory and not consider the students themselves – what is she really teacher her students??? yes Miss Abby I am speaking about you. As a school teacher if I was to treat my students in that manner I would have been fired in a heart beat yet lifetime is just promoting this kind of behavior, shame on you…

mike jones

If she aint fix those bad boys by now, especially to go on national television, she probably never will!!! I guess it dont matter to her. Country people could care less about their dental health anyway. Must be a Southern thang. Look at the teeth on some of the dancers and they moms to.


The teeth oh god the teeth. Can't handle this show.


I like the program but I can't find anything about it getting another season. Does anyone know for sure? I hope they focus on more girls on the team. It's not fair b/c they are ALL the team. I want to know the other personalities.

bd b

Just goes to show. Trash def attracts trash. Look at ALL these low class people. I' m gettin outta here. Ya'll need Jesus!!!!!!!!!


I can't believe the adults on this site …this show is based for kids and teens .. Sad that adults are on here expressing how u feel about topics that shouldn't matter on this site …I think all u grown people need a life get treatment i thought race didn't matter anymore .. I guess people still live in the past .. worrying about everyone but themselves… Growth …


You want to be treated with respect however, you can't even for a complete sentence properly. Yore perpetuating a stereotype that the black community is undereducated and can't communicate without violence and sounding like a idiot.


We finally agree about somthing. We wouldent get in your face because we would get shanked. But don't worry that won't happen because our social circles are light years apart. Yuck!




Go ahead women of color
State ur cause to my ignorant race!!!!!!!!!
I white and not proud of it.
I never had white dick until I met my man.
That dont matter though.y
Act what u feel. Wear yo weaves.Wyte girls get mad b/c yo weave syraiter than they hair
I luv u miss d and not cause Im a rich wyte girl in New York doin my thang which is modelin. Luv ya DD4L. IM DRUNK AND HIGH BUT I LUVES U BLACK GIRLS


Girl-you just summed it up for EVERYONE OF US!!!!!!!!!! GIRL? IT AINT NOTHIN BUT PURE HATE CRIMES on this blog. I know uses wouldn't say that to our faced!!!! You'd half a whoped azz if u did.


I am truly shocked, and amazed at some of the comments on this blog. Even the ones that are coming from African-Americans.

Need I remind everyone that some of our best Band Dancerette's come from FAMU, Alabama A&M University, Tuskegee University, and Bethune-Cookman.

I have to disagree with some of the comments referring to Miss D. teachings are wrong.
This woman turned her life around. (SO WHAT) if she was a stripper. Let me refer you to your bible: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged! and Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Stone. Nobody on this blog does not have sin! Every time Miss D. has a competition she prays for her girls, and the other teams girls as well. She teaches not to be disrespectful, and the outfits are no different from what i see in Walmart everyday from our teenagers.
When they lost this week to the Purple Diamonds….. The camera caught Tina (Mom of Kayla) clapping for the other team winner. Kayla even said: "Good sportsmanship is to shake my hand not slap your butt at me." There from Mississippi… So…. there a little country :) But…. Dont dog them.


@FREDA glad to hear that. I will be watching.

These woman kill me. Bash the show……. But sitting there on their fat ass eating popcorn watching the show. Probably mad their fat asses cant move around like Miss D and those young girls.


You will never move on because you're still grinding the ax of slavery and you act like idiots.


First of all… I did not know I needed to type an essay with correct gammer and punctuation marks from a iphone. Duh! Let me explain myself again… And i don't care whom does not like it. Yes…I'm from the hood and still hold a MBA. Whats so hard about that. Foolish to forget where you came from. Yet, jealous and be-little the next person of their opinions. It's not the white culture holding us back, its our own kind.

@POORLITTLERICHGIRL Atlantis is in Paradise Island and is so 6 years ago for me. So… if your husband is just taking your there…. you need to upgrade. I been to the hood of cat island… and to the best of Nassau. Love the poker room at Atlantis though…. But… the next time you brag about being somewhere…. please brag about going to Abu Dhabi. Your husband should take you their. MINE DID. Dont brag… because now that your old….. is going to leave you for a young white woman. You better google my neighborhood-Avila in Tampa Florida. ###dontcomeformeUNLESSISENDFORYOU

I not even responding…

Love the show!!!! Simple as that. Im done responding to crazy woman.

Way to go Miss D

myiesha t.

I know this is off subject but at my high school in Hope Mills NC my BFF was murdered by her high school boyfriend and his friend. They strangled her and threw her in a river and hung out with her fam till they found her body April 3. She was murdered March 11 just last month. Her name was Danielle Locklear and she was 15. You can look at her facebook page called Justice for Danielle. I am asking for everyones help to sign a petion on her facebook. It takes 2 minutes and we need 6000 MORE names. THE PETITION IS FOR ALL GIRLS AND WOMEN TO GET THEIR JUSTICE WHEN WE ARE ASSAULTED OR MURDERED BY THEY BOYFRIENDS, HUSBANDS, OR ANY MALE. They both had only $100,000 bonfs and his friend already bonded out in less than 24 hours. The night BRING IT first came on me and her watched it and loved it!!! She wanted to get a dance team like that started in our high school. I know a lot of us young ladies, moms, sisters, aunts, fathers, brothers, boyfriends watch and love Bring It too all across the US so thats why I came here to ask for help. ALL of us we need to help our females against DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Pleaese check out her facebook and it will tell you everything. Thank you BRING IT blogers for listening. If I offended anyone I apologize. Danielle would have gotten a Hip Hop Majorette team started at our high school this summer. DD4L keep doin ur thang!!!! We Love You in the NORTH CACK-A-LACKY!!!!!


Bring it is renewwed for another season




A MBA are you sure? Wow! How the hell did you accomplish that with your grammar? Good lord.

With your education why aren't you trying to encourage young black women to be doctors and lawyers instead of acting like whores and stoppers in training? I will never understand African American culture. No wonder why the rest of the world including Africans hate us.

Monica James

Every culture has a down falls. And the Kardashians do have a scum…. It's Kim with her man Hoe-hopping ass. Rob Kardashian is in Rehab for drugs as of today, and nothing about Honey Boo Boo is class. I can't even believe you posted that. Girl please…. I have a MBA and is still proud of where I came from! I came from the hood….. And proud of it. And go back from time to time to visit my grandmother whom refuses to move. And yes I pat my hair, and snap my figures. So what…. It's a show people. Not the end of the world. @PROUDBLACKWOMAN you just can't relate to the show. Don't down it if you can't relate to it. Just because someone is less educated than the next person does not make them degrading.

Fan from LA

Big fan of the Dancing Dolls, Prancing Tirgarettes, Divas of Olive Branch, and even the "kiss ours butts" Purple Diamonds.
In my Ms Tina Voice: "We gonna show y'all that tick-tock ain't right!" Lmao
I love watch TV… And was a little unsure if I would be happy with this show…. Being that I'm a ABC girl— Grays Anatomy, and Scandal watcher……… I must say…. I'm now occupied on Wednesday nights….. Because I must have my "bring it" in my life. Very happy that lifetime did this show for the urban community.
These girls work very hard…. And the teams do an outstanding job. Please do not be discouraged by all this ignorant comments being made. Lifetime does not see color…. They see ratings, and the ratings are there.

**************Side note: this show is not Jerry Springer, Duck Dynasty, Honey boo boo, Gypsy Sister, Teen mom and the list goes on and on. More Trash on TV from White Trash! Lifetime don't put trash on their network. FYI on the same network as Dance Moms. White people kill me……they talk all this noise over the Internet……..and be so scared and lock their car doors in person. Lmao. Grow some balls and call us names to our face. Lol…… Not one story on YouTube about a white person calling us a name to our face…… They to damn scared. Lol…. That's why I don't even get mad with the comments online…. Because I know they would never try me in person. Ignore the comments. Must hurts them really bad that they can only vent behind a computer screen…. Because deep down they know that they would NEVER EVER say such trash in person. Lol. Smh….. Scary cats. Lol


Ayanna janea

Who sings the song they danced to never stop?


You're Mexican Mexican? Well tht explained why you enjoy it trash is attracted to trash.


I absolutely hate setting the negative comments that are black related…first off all I am MexicanMexican and in our house we all watch this show and we love it these girls are awesome…which ever team wether prancing tigarettes or dancing dolls or any of the other teamsteams, we actually wish we could find teams like this in Houston….much love and our n prayers with all of y'all from Houston….p.s. we don't think they are ghetto they are real and you can see the love and discipline.they.have

Chaton D.

Someone in FLORIDA is happy/proud with Dancing Dolls. Kayla gets lots of love from Tampa. Do your thang girl.


Reality TV is not kind to any one–regardless of race–but black folk on these shows come off especially bad because there aren't enough positive representations to balance the bad. I'm not worried about people thinking I'm like Honey Boo Boo, but black people are looking really bad due to all the trash-talking, weave-wearing, eye-rolling, and tacky dressing women being served up for our entertainment. This show is 1/3 yelling, 1/3 itchy weave head patting, and 1/3 booty bouncing. Not the end of the world but nothing to celebrate.


Love the show!!!!! Wikipedia the ratings all you white trash honey boo-boo lovers….. this show is holding 1 million or more per week. Love Miss D, love the girls and their moms. Hope they get a second season. Have to agree with judges this week…. purple diamonds got that a$$ this week. Dolls will be back next week.

james mentee

Does anyone know her porn name?

An inspired new fan!!

I don't normally promote ANYTHING from television but Lifetime has scored a home run with this one!
My teen daughter and I absolutely adore Ms. D, the girls, and their parents unrelenting pursuit of championship, harnessed creativity, and character refined through their struggles! I appreciate that Ms. D is very relevant, relatable, and keeps it real. She doesn't need to perfect nor from the upper crust of society to make a positive and lasting contribution to society. I love that she keeps the girls on track by being a hardworking urban mentor and overcomer whose achievements are worth emulating. Ms. D is teaching and showing the girls how to BE the best of the best. The transference of her winner's attitude and cultivated skills will help these young ladies succeed in college and beyond. It's already taken the Dancing Dolls into the living rooms and hearts of new supporters and irrelevant haters, week after week. These girls don't have time to be underachievers, unstimulated, nor unproductive. They are too busy investing their time and God-given swagger and talents in a positive way.
I salute Ms. D. (as well as dance coaches like her everywhere)! Your strides of professionalism, perfection, and perseverance are a profound blessing to your girls and example to us all. Choosing to bend your God-given shine and dance talents along this positive path is brilliant…and is taking your life and exploits far and beyond Jackson, Mississippi. Be encouraged and strengthened by God to keep up the good fight of faith as you show out in your community to avail good opportunities and college scholarships for your girls and others like them.
Lifetime please continue to bring US more seasons to cheer along the virtual sidelines to support these dedicated parents, dancers, and coaches as they unveil a positive cultural imprint and legacy. We look forward to more refreshing and inspiring seasons as we journey with the cast of Bring It.

evan guillory

very good

donkey kong

Trash attracts trash, hinay!!!! TWO SNAPS UP!!! I read all the threads. And honay, I don't see not one person on here that has importance, wealth, or just an asset to the US. It's comments from regular people. They don't matter. You're not on the A List so really, who gives a damn!!!


I had not seen this style of dance before and I have to say I just love it!! Each week as you get to know the girls and Miss D. well as much as a T.V. show will allow I find myself cheering for them in everyway. And I don't care what the color of your skin is some of these comments are just rude and unfair! As far as Ms.Diana goes maybe some of you should read her bio. she is educated and highly accomplished and she seems to be a very loving mother along with caring about the beautiful girls that are on her team. She has made a life for herself that anyone could be proud of I think she is awsome!!!

pee vee

There are many talented black girls out there with class. I've tried watching this show several times. Each time I wind up with a head ache. I love just about any type of dance and sport, but I just can not watch this…………I wanted to read what the other comments were. After reading approximately ten or so, I gave up. I did not need any more lessons in how to butcher the English language.


Honestly, this is just sad. Going through these comments is like just watching a bunch of pre-teens throwing random insults at each other, and the sad part is I imagine a bunch of 40 year old stay at home moms with nothing else better to do than talk crap over the internet, BLACK OR WHITE. I'm a 17 year old biracial kid with a black dad and white mom who have been together since before I was born and we all do fine so it saddens me when I see (i'm guessing whites) people comparing a bunch of girls (doing what they love) to apes and dirt or roaches. Like really? Its 2014 and your still thinking this way? As for all the blacks saying "Stop talking about blacks were this and were that!" Just be quiet. Slavery is over and racism is very alive and well in the U.S. because we apparently cant grow up and it will be for a long time so coming on to a blog and complaining about it is not going to do anything. In fact, the way I see it your just adding fuel to the fire. Your giving oppressive people the upper hand by letting them know what hurts you and in return they exploit it. Just let them talk and move on because they'll either realize how dumb they sound, or just die like all the other idiots supporting the same thing. Its just a show and the girls just so happen to be black so why does it haft to turn into a racial battle? I don't remember the teacher who did the experiment, but she took her class of kindergarteners in about 1960 and filmed it. She said the kids (all white class) and said anyone with blue eyes is better than those with brown eyes. They put scarves on those with brown eyes and when they went to play it was so crazy. They kids with blue eyes started calling the brown eyed people dumb, ugly and used the term "Brown Eyes". So its funny how this feeling to almost haft to point out differences in others and establishing dominance over them for that one thing is like a thing established within us even when were young. Proves that these attitudes and remarks are just flat out childish. Grow up people and learn, were all Americans. Better yet, were all people. Cut off a black persons arm and a white persons and what color is their blood? Red. Were the same so just change and accept each other and move on. And just watch the show without bitching over race. Btw all the dances you guys see those little white girls doing are just adaptations from moves invented in Africa. In fact all dances are from African since that is where the first advanced civilization was found. So to all the race bashing idiots, those little white girls are essentially doing a black dance morons!


Thiz program iz like wachin a bunch of roaches run around when they c lite!!!!!!

Deidra Wilson

Why does white America love to mock us blacks? I don't say African American because damn it, I am not from Africa!!!! Lifetime could have portrayed our life in a classier way. Instead, they chose the most weavy wonders with big, loud, atrocious mouthes they could dig up. What is very disappointing is that my black race loves it. Do you know the whites are still trying to keep us down? No wonder we struggle with everything we do! That's our white trash that Lifetime chose to do a show on


Great job to Dancing Dolls! I love the show and how the young ladies dance. Of course everyone will not agree with the show but if you dont like it dont watch it (simple as that). Save the negative comments and stop being so tough behind your computer screen. GO MS. D.


Why hasent anyone mentioned the coaches jiggidy jacked up teeth? OMG those things are so intimidating! No wonder why she doesent do porn anymore. I wouldent want that pair of snaggle teeth anywhere near my junk.

Shaemonda Latoya

I dance. And let me say, how did Dd4L get on tv? Most of them are overweight and lack precision. They ate sloppy. They make lots of mistakes. They jumps not high and legs not straight. They put too much emphasis on the attitude. Thats just stank. Now the Prancing Tigerettes are the for real real. Even their costumes got more class. If lifetime did a show on them it would work. This show is a bust. I hope America dont think ALL majorette dance teams are ghetto like dd4l. Were NOT. They just look stank nasty. Yah I can see them in the future at strip clubs. Oh and we wear our hair natural and dont use that hoish blue eyeshadow either. Glitter is for strippers.

Annie barker

I am sorry I think skills of the girls is wonderful but I disapprove of how they dress.It way to much for there age they are cute little girls and I am not talking school uniforms here but they would just as cute normal dance outfits.I watched this show with high holes but after watching a few times I won't let the watch it because of the attitude and form of dress of these girls .I have teen girls who I allow to watch the dancing parts of Dances moms because they like the girls but I don't want them picking up the dress and the behavior of the dancing dolls.Cute idea for a show but way to much.


Who cares what you majored in Tia! You are completely at a loss in common sense. Just because somthing is the norm doesent make it appropriate. I just need to ask why would in the world would you feel the need to post your credentials? It might have been of some intrest if it was in early childhood development, sociology, or even social services. Lol

Not listing the letters after my name because it's tacky!


I am a teacher and if any of my students talked and acted the way the adults do -not just parents coaches also – they would be suspended. When Miss D talks to coaches of other teams it is bullying in its truest form. Miss D putting the blame or reasoning back onto the parent is nothing short of being chicken – not having the guts to either tell the parent to talk to their child or say it in a way that passes no blame to the parents.

And parents – please watch the show and listen to yourselves and hopefully you will "get it". The competition actually seems to be between the parents – do you not realize your children hear it, others around here it and above all they will watch the show.

This show is the female version of Friday Night Tykes on the Esquire Channel.

Also remember their classmates and church members will also be watching.

When being filmed before talking or doing anything stop and think if what you are about to say or do is a thing you can stand behind and be proud of.


I do not get it. I have met older girls from Dancing Dolls before all of this TV chaos. I have danced against this team in the past. These young ladies are amazing. Yes they are country and filled with all of the Mississippi accent, which is NORMAL in Mississippi. Say what you want about Miss D, but she came out on the first episode and said she did a little porn. Who cares???? Look at what she has built since then. Not only did she open her own dance studio, she has danced under professionals, with professionals, against professionals, and you better believe she is a professional. She also teaches tap, ballet, ballet point, contemporary, and etc. The woman has a Criminal Justice Degree. She has accomplished so much that is what makes her a great teacher and a role model. All you guy see is girls "shaking their a**". That speaks on your character. Jackson, MS is not the "suburbs". I would rather my child be at Doll Factor than walking the streets. The current Dallas cheerleaders have 9 former majorettes all coming from dance teams and drill teams similar to Dancing Dolls. Dance was 1 of 13 scholarships that got me into college. I never wanted a dance career, but being on a dance team as DD opened many doors. I have done theater, pageants, and joined a great dance team in college. May 9th, I along with 6 of my former teammates will be graduating college. Your ignorance is our amusement. Keep doing you thing Dolls. DD4L!!!!!!!!!!!!

May 9, 2014
Bachelor's of the Science
School of Criminal Justice
Forensic Science Emphasis (Physics)


Hey somebody call Sonjay and tell her mama Beyonce wants her weave back.


Yea what idiots. What are we thinking who cares what a bunch of uneducated southern blacks teach their children. The goal of being a Dallas cheerleader is perfect!
Btw what is a 15 year old CHILD doing in a adult conversation. I'm sure your web use is unsupervised just like everything else. Don't enter a adult conversation and then be butt hurt when you can't take it. You're from the south shouldn't you know that?

You want people to care what goes on in the ghetto. You claim no one cares about the black kids and then when when we express concern then we are racists?? Fine, back to not giving a damn. You reap what you sow. Have fun with that.

Denise white

I started to read some of these comments I can't believe they haven't been removed what a bunch of idiots. Seriously coward what do you do with your spare time, talk crap on girls that have a talent. I could fight fire with fire but why, you would still be the narrow minded fools. If the girls do read these I think they will be smart enough to know that there are good people and bad people unfortunately we can't say who gets oxygen.

Denise white

I love these girls and Mrs. D rocks! I hope these girls over look any negative comments I really do. I started to read some and they were having to put people in their place. The people that have anything negative to say are some sad individuals. Seriously these girls are so cute and good at what they do I say rock on! I like that Mrs. D is so good with them she obviously loves these girls and teaches them what the real world is all about, and she doesn't sugar coat anything, the world is a better place because she is a teacher. God bless and keep up the great work you all are fun to watch!

Charlotte a 16 year old child

Bring it is a very good and positive show. A lot of you all
Thinking of it too deeply i guess. Yeah i know they have a country or down south accent but it makes me feel good about my culture and myself. I love to dance when I watch Dance Moms i love watching them dance as well. But it's not about how they act or how they talk its about having confidence in yourself through thick and thin, work hard as a team, and for the parents be there for your kids even if you dont like what you child or the instructor doing.


my neighbor came over last night and was changing my tv channel and happened to land on this show . she was soo excited because she's been meaning to watch it but kept catching the boring show with the white teacher (sorry, it is boring) and she was so excited. we watched it for about 45 minutes until she went home and i just couldn't change the channel. im a college student but i decided i needed to take my time out to write how beautiful these girls are and how great they dance. because they're black, they're already going to have people criticize them JUST CUS. people aren't used to black people being able to dance and be happy in their own style because THEY'RE NOT USED TO SEEING IT. girls, that's great! keep dancing and showing people our culture and how good and dedicated you are to it! you're beautiful and I'm so glad that lifetime added something with diversity to this channel!
& at LEAST the girls in Bring IT! are old enough to express that they really ACTUALLY wanna be there and their parents aren't forcing them!


I think this is dance group is awesome. Although I am from Mississippi. I think that Miss D. is doing a great job with these girls. The young girls are very talented and as young beautiful black women they have some much to offer the world. Keep up the good. Represent for Mississippi.


I love the dancing dolls they are the bomb kayla is a awesome captain


My daughter and LOVE this show!! I honestly don't see the difference between this show and Dance Moms! The teacher is more harsh on Dance Mom and she doesn't care what she says it the kids parent or even the kid!!!

Four STaRS for "Bring It"


No we wouldent say anything to the moms on bring it. Wouldent be caught in the same room with them. Might get shanked.


Some of y'all are idiots for even talking about children. You don't know if they know ballet or not. It's all types of dancers out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Smh grow up. All these girls will be successful. Stop sitting behind a computer talking about other ppl kids because I guaranteed if you say them in public you wouldn't say not a damn word to these girls or mother. The girls on this show is beautiful AND GREAT DANCERS, so are the girls on dance mom. If you don't like the show then don't watch it! Nobody paying you too. Pathetic. Live your life because they living theirs!!!!


This is no different than dance moms. Those fools fight in the middle of the street! They even had an episode they took off the air because the girls were dressed as topless dancers. They do mostly hip hop dancing. Don't like it don't watch it. They way they speak has nothing to do with the color of their skin either. If you have to say it's not about race it probably is. These are hard working girls! Who are any of you to judge or call them monkeys?


Just heard on the news that Jackson, MS was hit by a tornado yesterday. Prayers for DD4L and the Jackson community from North Carolina.


I don't understand the role of the lead dancer. At any rate, she is too brusque in her moves and the dance instructor should introduce some ballet exercises to help the girls look more polished.


So sad to see all these mean comments.
These kids r FOCUSED on something other than drugs or just sitting around eating playing video games and getting FAT!!!
They r not mouthing off to their mom's or the teacher, they aren't fighting with each other.
I would imagine that they r getting good grades to boot.
Miss D SEEMS li know d the type of teacher that would make them keep their grades up in order to be on the team
Shame on all you haters white and black.
I'm as white as they get, and I'm SO proud of these girls.
This kind of drive and focus will help them throughout their WHOLE lives.
It's lets them know they r strong and can succeed in all things they put their minds too.
I'd like yo see one of you couch potAtoes do that for even 10 seconds!!
Miss D could teach Abby Lee a few things on how to build a child up instead of breaking them down to nothing and emotionally abusing them
I love that show too, but Miss D takes the teaching award in my book
YOU GO DOLLS!!!!!!!!!!
Love ya.


To think it's about the color of skin is ignorant. It's about behavior.

Right mind

I believe that this is a good show. The music and music videos show more stuff than this. I'll rather my child watch this and see that there is something positive to do with dancing instead of being video vixens….. All in all this is a good show and shows real life stop trying to cover up what society is teaching and show the reality. ..difference is these kids have a future because they are still in school no matter how they dance….no one can say or tell the future of another…everyone wanna say this is about race and make racial statements but we all are children of God no matter if we're pink green blue or alien!


Ok, you want to be treated equal but act like rabid monkeys. I agree this is isn't about race but about class.


A free ride for school? To where for what? Why not teach these young black girls to get a free ride for using their minds and not body. Oh wait they will be getting a free ride. Its called WIC and welfare.


The difference between these girls and dance moms is they have a future in dance. They can be on brodway or other professional dance company. What can these girls do with this style of dance? Strip club maybe. Where is child protective services when you need them?


No wonder why African's hate American black folks……


Very Very sad! I wonder what MLK would think…


MISS D WAS NOT A PORN STAR!!! She was a porn actress but not a star. Basically, just another pussy in the crowd.


Miss D., I love you, your teachings,how strong u r as a person,w the girls! The mothers-cool! They just screw shit up 4 their kids w there big mouths,attitudes,not being there 4 u as a teacher! IDK! I just really want u 2 know someone who actually lives in Utah agrees,loves ur work!U r doing a GREAT job but then (Obviously u ne w that)! Duh!! Anyway,u guys r the best! Great job! Shellie


I am hooked! At first I was skeptical when I saw some of the dance moves. I was thinking….another show showing booty shaking dancing portrayed in our community. Being a former dancer, I congratulate Miss D and her team! The girls are on point, skilled and show great skills in their dance moves. I am glad she is doing something positive with the girls. The mom's crack me up and are no different from those on any other dance reality show. I love the focus on the dads being supportive as well. I love the girls and I think they are positive role models…..can't get enough of Kayla! I LOVE her attitude and willingness to "bring it" with the team in mind. Yes there are conversations and situations that are "ghetto", but that is the reality for so many of our children. Give them something they can relate to and let them see that there are other options out there. Guess what…..colleges give dance scholarships. Focus on the positive!


I think this show goes in.. Love it!!!!!!


These girls work hard and study hard yall have made a mockery of a good story talking about drugs race disease these girls will probably reaf all of this , why can't people just be proud that their not pregnant and on drugs what ever I applaud them al . Yall need to check your already wrecked selves ….


I would like to point out the differance is not race. It's a differance in class.


im sorry but this show deserves to be cut. damn can us black females be shown on tv doing anything other than shaking our as***, being loud and ghetto, or fighting? I think the way they dance is extremely too much, but then again kids dont kbow what its like to be a kid anymore, they're all so damn fast. As far as Ms D, she is the loudest, most ghetto thing ive seen on tv. if she was a porn star she would not be leading my child to do anything!! The mothers of these teenage girls are no better. And to the person who said that their are more white teenage girls on teen mom, your statement doesnt change the fact that more black teenage girls have kids. We dont need a show to prove the obvious, just go into an urban city and see for yourself!! ps. im really disgusted in the zoom ins on these little girls' butts


No girls under 18 should be gyrating or other performing other sexually explicit moves. This is disgusting and tragic and abusive. I can't believe it is being condoned and championed.

Keyaisa andjaeleek shadimomd jones

Hey DDFL. I really love u guys I wanna join ,if u accept do u have any information I could have. Plz let me know email me. Can I have just a change or maybe a try out by myself !! I live in Atlanta Georgia!!!

lifetime watcher

take this stupid diva show off the air,its showing nothing but hatred,i think the show sucks


Dear Kate, If you and your BLACK husband have children, I bet you got them all confused and wondering who the hell they are. You are a racist concerning the black community. You too, are very confused. I question does your husband or his family even know what you are writing or saying about the black community. You try to look important by saying my husband is black or my closest friend is black. I know just the type. You tell everyone you know, meet, work with, or come upon. You do this because of the guilt you have about being racist. You want acceptance. If you don't have children yet, dont because you definately won't be a good mother. You have to take the good blacks with the bad blacks. I can see you now. When the child upsets you it will be ni**er this and ni**er that. And when you get mad at the black daddy, that poor kid will hear a bowlful of ni**ers. I don't expect your marriage to last because Snow White, you are racist of your own husband.


One more thing let me be perfectly clear this isn't or has it ever been about race or the color of anyone's skin and don't make it out to be. This is about how you conduct yourself. For the record my wonderful husband and best friend are both black. Highly educated, kind good and amazing people. Grow up. Stop trying to make this a race issue.


At the end of the day your socioeconomic group doesent know any better. You can have the lifestyle, mentality and consequences.

The issue is provocative dancing and having a porn star teacher for a role model. I would try to explaine but you wouldent get it and even if you did you would rationalize it to save face. To each his own.

The plague? Intresting argument.

I'm bored with this back to MY reality. Again yuck.


Oh, and No More BS PC, or whatever your stupid name is…You seem to be so good at statistics but you aren't too smart at history. History teaches us that all of the major diseases introduced to mankind originate from EUROPEANS. You see, a long, long, long time ago, many Europeans kept their livestock safe by bringing the animals into the house at night. Everyone slept together in the great room. The chickens, cows, pigs, mom, dad, sister Katie, Jack Jr., Rebecca Sue, Grandma Nancy and Grandpa George all slept together. Because of humans, and when I say humans I specifically mean EUROPEAN/CAUCASIANS, sleeping in such close proximity with farm animals, it introduced them to viruses and pathogens which led to all of the major diseases…smallpox, influenza, bubonic plague, and the pneumonic plague as well. Sleeping in such close quarters with animals also introduced beastiality too, a filthy, disgusting practice created by Caucasians…But I digress…If you read and comprehend history like you do those figures, you'll discover that European/Caucasians could be categorized as inherently filthy and diseased. Every race of people that were introduced to European/Caucasians suffered from diseases that they had never experienced until they encountered European/Caucasians and if you're in disbelief about any of this, it's documented. In what country was The Plague? What explorer in search of the New World killed many of the people he and his crew encountered? If you understand history, you'll know the answers to these. So, you see, the fault at being a filthy, diseased race would be with people of European ancestry. You think you're so much better than others because of your implied race. You are nothing. You're a blight on mankind. You're a malignant pustule on the butt of society. You're ignorant. You're foul. You're rotting trash in a land field. It's easy for you to spout off your mouth in a forum like this but I bet when you encounter people from another race, you "bitch-up". You're not superior in any way, shape, or form and you know it. Your hatred is a shining beacon of your raging insecurity. People like me laugh at you. We laugh at all your short-comings. We laugh at your rants and your pseudo intellect. The point-proving you call yourself doing sounds more like whining. And it doesn't matter how you respond to this because in the grand scheme of things, you don't matter. You're merely a speck of dirt to be flicked off of one's shoulder. You're just a pitiful excuse for a human being weighted down with your ignorance, lack of intelligence, and self-awareness of inferiority. Rant some more about "black crime" and "blacks bring about diseases" so ppl like me can laugh at you again. You're funny. You don't and never will make an impact on anything any more important than a speck of dirt. I hope this particular response makes you so mad that you jump right out of your diseased-proned, putrid skin. I hope it keeps you from sleeping. I hope you tell your friends, if you have any, about this response. I hope you have your significant other, if you have one, read this comment. I hope that when you look in the mirror and see the pitiful excuse that is your reflection, you think about this response and seek therapy. Gather your thoughts and respond. I'll be waiting and then laughing at your insignificant speck of dirt a**.


No More BS PC really is taking this personally. I suspect he/she must have caught his/her mother in a compromising position with a black gentleman. His/her mother or his/her significant other…Oh well, Once you go black…

High Society

Miss D looks like a man in drag.

Speaking the truth

The last time I checked their where more white girls on 16 and pregnant than black girls! Ha ha bye Felicia!! Lmao

Miss Bama AU

Well if my comment offended anyone they can clearly address my post with a reply. Kate your statistics are so off base I suggest you quit getting your stats from Fox News. I myself danced lyrical, jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop until age 21, I graduated summa cum laude from auburn university with a degree in veterinary medicine and earned my MBA and working on my doctorate, can you say that?! I Didn't end up pregnant or sidetracked but if you wanna bring your farm animals to my vet practice I'll take your money! Weagle weagle War Damn Eagle!! Oh and I'm African Anerican BTW!! Love Bring It and Miss D!!

No more pc bs

72% of black children live in single parent households.
58% of those children are born to teenage mothers.
43% of those unwed teenage mothers will have at least two children by two different fathers.
40% of welfare recipients are black.
62% of blacks will be incarcerated at least once in their lifetime.
63% of rapes are committed by black men.
70% of all violent crime is committed by blacks.
55% of blacks will drop out of school.
35% of black men are druggies or alcoholics.
61% of black women and 48% of black men are infected with STDs. 1 in every 160 blacks are positive for HIV or AIDS. blacks have the highest rate of infection for HIV and AIDS out of all races.

What does all this tell us about blacks? blacks are disease ridden, welfare dependent, ignorant beasts.

watch it

Wow…If any of you white people have family in nursing homes and your grandma or grandpa are calling their BLACK nursing aide a ni**er, I suggest you keep an extra eye or two on that family member.


Outspoken: Why would BeckySue f*** her brother when your Mama does such a great job at suckin his D with her big ass lips.

becky sue

My bet is that Lifetime was catching heat from the black community as to why they have no black reality shows. Therefore, the producers said oh you want black? Ok, we'll give you black and picked the lowest class blacks they could find. Not to mention, the damn ugliest ones of all!!!! They got a horse, sheboons, and a Beyonce' wanna-B. Lifetime picked the most unskilled dance team they could find, too. That chubby captain's solo routine was a disgrace. She barely got those ham hock thighs in the air. Those girls show no interest in being there. They are either standing there chewing their nails, playing in their fake ass hair, or curling their huge lips up with jealousy over one another.


No, I attended university and I make mistakes in my sentence structure,spelling and can't do math to save my life. However, I still graduated from college,hold a executive level job and stand by my post.

no more pc bs

Next week's preview shows weaves and wigs flying, fat rolls flopping about as the wild beasts pound each other, with unintelligible ebonics being shouted at the top of their lungs….and that is just the students. Then the parents jump into the pile and it is a hoodrat free-for-all. Ah, yes! It is so easy now to see why all the supporters here see these girls as role models.


I love the show. These ladies give it their all at every competition. I love how the haters are focus on how sexual their moves are? I'm looking at how these girls are learning these moves to perfection. They are sloppy with the moves at. Isn't the co-captain on the honor roll? Didn't the captain she is graduating in a year? So that means she is not in a GED program and she's not a drop out. Nobody is pregnant because they are to busy dancing. I look forward to seeing great things from these woman and show


Excell at what? Booting shaking? Come on. Young black girls having children out of wedlock is is statistically sound but oh well. Can't reason with stupid. Us white girls might not be able to dance but we know how to go to college,get a job and not depend on handouts. You can booty pop your way to WIC and Social Services.

Miss Bama

Wow these negative comments are quite sad. It's also quite obvious that the negative comments come from people who have never been to a HBCU football game and watched a halftime show. And if you haven't your negative comments are unnecessary, these young ladies are working hard at what they enjoy. If you don't like it don't watch but calling someone a monkey and saying they're going to be pregnant up by 16 is ignorant of the person speaking it. Miss D is doing a phenomenal job motivating these young ladies and giving the some discipline because when a child is motivated about something they really excel! Better than watchin a bunch stiff valley girls trying to dance with no rhythm at all! Lol


Why does Lifetime not use the money they have to do the hair and make-up of the moms? THEY look like HELL! I think they want them to look bad. You don't see Dance Moms looking bad. Yoi can tell they are professionally done.


Dance moves are great! Can't understand any of them though. Where did they learn English? When I do understand a word the sentence structure doesn't make sense. Anyhoo, this show has TONS of laughs because of this!




It's ok Cary we will excuse your rant after the club at 4 am on a Friday night. The only people up at 4am are people up to no good and super motivated executives. We know who you are. It's ok. Shhh shhh go to sleep.


@ Scripttease, Mark & Darla, Tambay, Artbizzy, Nadia, Akimbo, Curtis and… oh wait, I forgot… They say death comes in 3's (somebody said it) and since y'all are killing this post (it's in constant rotation in the "recent comment" section of the home page) and since I'm killing off CareyCarey here at Shadow and Act, I thought er'body should hear the good news. So one-mo-gin (is that ebonics… ? :-0) @ Scripttease, Mark & Darla, Tambay, Artbizzy, Nadia, Akimbo, Curtis, Sergio, Tyler Perry, Gigi Young, Charles Judson, AV, SAVANNA MORGAN (love ya girl), Miles Ellison, JMac, Blutopaz, Tanya Steele, Jug, Andre Seewood, Carl, Oprah, Spike and all who have graciously put up with my nonsense and engaged me in conversation over the years, I'd like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I've decided to move on to another play ground. Yes sir, Shadow and Act has been big big fun and great balls of fire ( INFORMATIVE TOO) for 4 plus years, but it's time. It's time I take this show, my nonsense on the road to Twitter and Facebook… ugh, yeah, I know. And I invite you all to follow me @AndyandKingfish. My name is Carey Darnell. That's right, all along I was using my real name and I thought "CareyCarey" was a unique handle (I thought so anyway :-))

All that to say – it has been much fun, but it's time to move on, and move on up to where everyone seems to be hangin' these days. I know this news is a blessing to many, especially Tambay. That man probably got more complaints about my antics than the post office receives when someone's food stamps don't arrive on time. So…. see y'all at Facebook/Twitter @AndyandKingfish. Don't be shy, dain't nobody gonna pull your S&A critical film watcher's card if decide to follow me over there. Ain't nothin' but a thang. Bye now. Y'all can go back to denigrating young black girls who are merely trying to find a positive way to occupy their time in a safe and friendly environment. Geeez, some folks, my people… I don't know what to do with, are say about some of you, but please lay off the children. They don't deserve the venomous attacks.

**CareyCarey steps off the stage, tips his hat and quietly departs the forum** 4 AM Saturday, March 29, 2014

Steven Corniss

If ever there was a showcase for self admitted "bad attitudes" masquerading as acceptable behaviors this is it. Simply watching these little and large hate mongers that are now (since the onset of the biggest hate mongers forced down our throats The Obummers), tolerated in our society, is atrocious. Why Americans would even watch previews, commercials and much less this show is deeply disturbing. The look on this Angry black woman's face is predictive of the value of the show's content and venue. What is that? Oh, exploit young children as sexual objects through the guise of "dance" and further substantiate the excuses for the prevailing negative attitudes of children through undesirable role models. The entire premise of this show caters to the ignorant, welfare society hellbent on conspicuous consumption.


I have not seen this show, nor do I expect ever to watch it at any length. Just seeing the dance moves these young ladies are exhibiting are disgusting. Just like Toddlers and Tiaras, moms and dads pushing/allowing their daughters to perform grown up, sexual moves. It's sickening. Dancing doesn't have to be so provocative.


how about a show where that show a struggling minority going to school and work trying to finish to transfer. rising above communal and cultural expectations and challenges to make a better life for them selves so they don't become another statistic like this dumb ass show.


bothering god for your stupid competition which yo take way to serious. which one of these little girls is going to en discrimination or cure cancer

Word to the wise

Nope honey my daughter is in her room finishing her homework. And if my daughter EVER tried to walk talk or act like that trash I would blow a gasket. She has never skipped school,done drugs or even met a gang member. It's called a good neighborhood and school district. I'm a stay at home mom who actually knows where my daughter is. I'm also married. But that's ok what would you know about that.

Help the black community? Here is another concept you won't understand HELP YOURSELF! Stop blaming everyone else for your afflictions,work hard,get good grades,stay out of trouble,take responsibility and stop expecting handouts. Maybe teach these kids reading,writing,proper grammar and respect for their bodies. Teach them to be doctors ,lawyers and other respectable positions.
You want references? Haha

Too many problems & no solutions

Since everyone on this blog is so concerned with the image of black people and where they may or may not end up, I wonder how many of you judgmental jerks have provided an alternative in these type of communities?(don't worry I'll wait) Did you ever think that this may be the only option for young girls to stay out of trouble in Mississippi? Or were you to busy judging KIDS from your high horse? It's too many BLACK PEOPLE out here giving they input about someone else's establishment instead of trying to create a solution. If you don't like the way young girls are being portrayed on this show, then invest some money into starting a studio and teach the things you would like to see from our race. Or here's another solution…SHUT THE F*UCK UP…because the same people on this site complaining about how these girls are dancing, probably have kids who are out stealing, skipping school, selling drugs or claiming to be in a gang! Or maybe I just described the judgmental person behind the keyboard. Either way black people need to start being the solution and quit trying to bring each other down. I want someone to reply to my comment and tell me how you've started an after school program for these girls to learn the art of dancing. Then maybe I'll be able to take you're opinion into consideration. Oh and I will ask for websites, blogs, and references to make sure it's valid. Then that way the rest of us can sit back and judge your efforts TO HELP THE BLACK COMMUNITY


Ohh lord…all of these holier than thou people on this blog…I didn't see this much complaining when young kids were asked to appear as if they were "nude" on Lifetime's show "Dance Shows"


Let's come back to this in 5 years to see what they are doing with their lives. I would bet the farm they will all be as ghetto as they were brought up to be. Single mothers working at del taco complaining that the white man is keeping them down. Yuck.

Too many lame azz excuses!

I will never understand black people. Never.

Even if some of these dances and dance moves were handed down, for generations, from "Mother Africa" and are considered sacred or essential to black society, they are still inappropriate for young girls to do, especially in public. If the moves were performed by females of age, 18 or older, I see no problem with it. Some people may think it is sexy, some will see it as skanky. It really does not matter when grown females are the ones dancing, does it?

The problem is that in the black community where 20% of teenage girls become pregnant and 20%-33% of pregnant teenagers have been pregnant before, people are making excuses for the sexualization of children. Excuses being made by single mothers. Haven't they learned their lesson? Do they want to doom their female children to live their lives as single mothers?

White. red, yellow, brown, or black, it is wrong for mothers to do this to their children. I doubt it has very little to do about the children and the "life lessons" these people are claiming that the kids are learning and more to do with the mothers wanting "to win" for once, in their sad lives.

A few cheap pieces of plastic, cast metal, and imitation marble with a generic first-place bracket is worth more than your daughter's future. Shame on you ugly, ugly souls.


BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who ever wrote the blog named "PORN" dated March 28, 2014 @ 1:50 am is a possible HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKER. Please DO NOT call the phone number listed (it is an overseas telephone number), DO NOT look at the website, and DO NOT RESPOND to the blog. These predators look for easy targets and I am worried a young lady or man that reads that blog could become a possible victim. I am going to notify Indiewire to have them delete the posting. I will also notify the feds. I am an advocate to stop human sex trafficking and this blog looks extreamely suspcious. If this saves just one life we are winning the war against this heinous crime.

Miss . sympathy

Wow!! It's crazy how even today racism is so much alive and people want to get on here to talk about these dance moves that these young women are using…first off may and I mean a lot of dances teams and cheerleaders incorporate these moves in their dance and routine no matter if they are black or white. or poor…educated or not…people want to get on here and talk bad because they still want African Americans at the bottom of the pole but if it was any other race they will support what they doing…simple fact is these dance teams actually teach respect and help these girls stay on a good's not about what u watch that makes you who u are I grew up around negative things and watched a lot of negative things in yet here I am 22 yes old in college a good job on the deans list and saving myself till marriage ..from the way I see it.. One person chooses their own action…This is positive not negative…remember that next time u want to put this show down…it's helping many of these girls in ways you don't understand. ..


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Shavon collins



Just…niggish!!! And I'm AA. More blacks embarassing our race!!!!

Ophelia Keith

Oh look, another show that hypersexualizes eight year old girls. Greeeaaaattt. And yes I did watch the first episode at the request of my daughter (who is fifteen and hated it too), that's how I know it's unfortunate that this is what passes for TV nowadays. In a world that idolizes Snooki and barely knows who Neil deGrasse Tyson is, it doesn't surprise me but it does make me sad.


OMG!!! Let those girls DANCE for Christ sake!!! It's good to see those girls doing something positive with themselves. They are doing something collectively and doing a great job. The parents are involved and I think Ms. D is phenomenal. It's hip-hop mixed with African, some slight ballet and majorette type of dancing. If you guys are looking at those beautiful girls and calling them FUTURE STRIPPERS well you have a VERY SICK TWISTED MIND! I love the show and it's very entertaining. Go job "BRING IT" hope the show remains a hit.

Snow King

This show is AWESOME! It is like going to the zoo and watching the monkeys chase each other, all day long. I love being visually entertained while learning a second language, namely ebonics. Also, who would have thought that so many blacks have long flowing hair? You learn something new every day. I am recording this on my DVR! How come there are no dads in the audience? Are they at work? I fenna wach dis sheet! It be ratchet!

Who is this "Alisa" person that has taken it upon herself to defend this show against all negative comments? Does she work for the show? Is she an internet superhero, wearing some weird unitard costume with a multi-colored weave, ponding 40s, while she taps away on a stolen laptop with her 10inch long fingernails? lol!

"Brang It" is the best show ever! I can't wait to see the follow up, "Teen Dance Moms"!


This is an awful tv show …. Discrimination, no whites, and the little girls dance like strippers and rich parents that think their shit doesn't stink!! What a joke!!! And you wonder where the kids get their attitudes from !!

Mz. Unknown

Also, for those who are trying to compare it to tap, jazz, and ballet…This is African Style dancing so it wouldn't be like tap, jazz or ballet…Traditional African Dance uses all or most of the moves that you see these girls performing…So, you really CAN'T compare it to tap, jazz and/or ballet…Totally different styles…It's like you're comparing apples to grapes…Yes, they're all fruit but they have different colors, smells and tastes…

Tramora Swinney

I just read some of the comments everyone has their own opinion but Dancing Dolls is not the only team that dance like this I mean if you watch it they go against other girls, The Dancing Dolls just made it to TV. My little cousin is a dancing girl for Yazoo City High School and yes they do some of the same things and so do the girls they compete against.. I just see Haters, don't get mad stop hating so much and maybe one day you will make it on TV.

Mz. Unknown

For those of you who don't understand this show or this type of dance, stop trying to…This style of dance is along the lines of professional cheerleading…Laker Girls, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, etc…And don't say, "Those are adult women who are professional cheerleaders" because I bet you like the kid's pageants which ALSO mimic adult women…And for those of you calling them future porn stars and other derogatory names, YOU'RE the ones sexualizing them by calling them those names…Meaning, you're projecting your probable pedophilac tendencies on to them…I can almost bet that most of the ones who are saying these things are of a caucasian persuasion…which is where history teaches us that sexual abuse of black females began anyway…I know you can't help identifying porn stars…White ppl make the best porn stars anyway…Right? They can't even make up enough names for all of the depraved, sexual crap YOU all have created…Change your channel…Watch Little House on the Prairie or something…It's not meant for you to understand…

Tramora Swinney

I love the show but why do it only focus on certain girls and parents


I love the show and for those who have negative comments should just stop watching. If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. Just because you may not understand this dancing and it's different doesn't mean it's anything wrong with it. These type of dance moves are often seen during half time time at historically black colleges football games. The dancers are called majorettes and enjoy dancing just as any other dancer. Dancing is diverse and does not have to be one way. There are plenty of other shows that I can think of that are extremely inappropriate for children I'm willing to bet children watch them and the parents commenting negatively don't say a word. Let's not forget that Abby curses fights makes all the children cry and is extremely unfair to everyone but I guess this is on because their dancing styles are lyrical and ballet. We must remember that they are all children and I think both teams are great. They could very much be doing something else besides something positive like dance.

Cheree Cherry

My Twins have been dancing for 8 years, in ballet, tap, jazz & hip hop. Our director & instructors would NEVER put that gyrating, humping & booty shaking in any routine, let alone a competition piece. We are also an African American dance group and our kids routines are classy, graceful and artful. That's why we have won numerous competitions and have danced for several community events and area programs.

Future porn stars

DD4l doing dick 4 life


Well, this show is so so wrong in so many ways. Starting with the Coach and ending up with the parents. WHY must WE always emphasize a point with neck twisting, and cursing?? When will we realize that this is not cute? Oh, I forgot, this is for the "kids" what was I thinking!!!!! Life-Time you really should be ashamed, but but then again, it's about the money. Shame shame shame!


Wow! I'm amazed at some of the comments. Just…wow. It is an even greater shame that some of the people that complain about the way these girls dance, in the same breath, talk about how they speak. If you got on here to complain about how these girls speak then you don't in no way care about who and what these girls stand for or the kinds of people they may choose to grow up to be. Those people might want to go look in the mirror because they may find a racist (blacks included) staring back at them. This isn't about how they speak. Not liking the dances is understandable. No one can deny you your opinion of that, but to talk about speech is another thing entirely. Personally, I like the show and see no problem, but I can understand how others might not. The speech thing is another issue entirely, and just because they don't speak proper English. I hate to break it to you, but unless you are from the Midwest, you don't speak what many linguist would consider 'correct' English either. I'm so tired of people, especially black people, criticizing the way black people speak. We are our own separate culture, though we are all essentially Americans, and that means different ways of thinking, speaking, acting, worshiping, whatever. But that is in no way reason for scorn. I just cant stand all of the hate bashing. Please remember that no matter the dance moves, these are little girls and deserving of respect. If you feel the network is disrespecting them, wouldn't it be awesome if you took it upon yourself to give some of it back by telling how you may feel AND keeping it positive. Be the change you wish to see in the world…no I didn't make it up, someone else did. ;-)

A Good Mommy

The program is disgusting! As some of you stated in the comments, yes they are dancing, nothing is wrong with dancing, HOWEVER, they are dancing extremely proactive for little girls. Why do little girls need to be gyrating, humping the floor and popping there butts?? Someone tell me, what is this type of dancing teaching them?? How to be a stripper?? There are several other ways to dance that are their age appropriate. There are other ways to teach a child to work hard than to teach them to hump the floor for some sick pedophile to sit and enjoy.. People are so lost & uneducated to defend this program! No one knows if these children are respectful truly because u don't know these children when the cameras are off! Lifetime should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this on their Network! Lastly, yes, on Dance Moms the girls are less dressed at times but when have you seen Maddie pop, locking & dropping, twerking, or humping the floor???? I'll wait…….


These girls are dancing. They are choosing to engage in an activity other than sex and boys. She teaches them to work hard and put your all into everything you do. Look beyond the surface! Their outfits are a little provocative but these girls are doing nothing wrong. Those girls are very RESPECTFUL and polite. It's a shame that some people are so discouraging. Get over it.


Its a shame how ignorant some of the comments are…they are more covered up then some dancers from dance moms! I watch both shows! Learn what the origin of the dances are before you go typing ignorant , horrible comments!

The word J-Setting is an informal word or slang that means to dance like the Prancing J-Settes or J-Settes, the dance team of the Jackson State University(JSU) Marching Band.
J-Setting has evolved to also become the name of the style of dance and dance culture that is modeled after the dance formations, movements and dress style of the JSU Prancing J-Settes. It originated in the late 1970s from African-Americans in the Jackson, Mississippi area of the United States.
This dance style is characterized by a lead and follow format where one dancer initiates a series of dance steps, and the other dancers follow or join in the movement. J-Setting features specific dance steps based on Prancing J-Settes marching techniques including the “J-Sette Walk,” the “Salt and Pepper,” the “Strut,” and the “Tip Toe”. In particular, the “Salt and Pepper” is a type of prance step for which the Prancing J-Settes are named and known. It is a high-knee lift or “high step” style of marching. Alternating legs lift with a bent knee to bring the foot up to the height of the opposite knee before returning the foot to the ground.
The JSU Prancing J-Settes typically march and perform in rows organized by height. J-Setting dancers also typically perform in a line or in multiple lines. While performing, dancers may also change dance formation similar to the way that marching bands change formation during shows on football fields.
The J-Setting style of dress is modeled after the dance uniforms of the JSU Prancing J-Settes. It normally includes a one or two piece bodysuit or form-fitting garment that covers the torso and crotch; and hosiery with knee high boots on the legs. However, other types of garments are also worn during a performance.


Had to say this again: As Hip-Hop's cancerous tentacles continue to poison… we keep shuffling to the cultural ovens; true slaves to the rhythm. Time to wake the f*ck up!

wake up...

Wake up people!!! This show is only helping young girls in one way and that is telling them sex is ok for your age. Yesterday in our clinic, we diagnosed a 9 y/o with a 13 week pregnancy. Nine years old! When we talked to her and asked how this happened, she said all her friends were doing this. Children are no longer children when they are exposed to adult seeings and sayings. We dont need this show with young females almost naked and shaking their butts. Kids think if its on tv then its ok. I see why my parents use to cover my eyes and ears. This 9 y/old's pregnancy will continue as the childs grandmother has religious beliefs and will not allow abortion. Im quite sure there will be more 9 y/o girl



Heres a news flash…… Everything on Lifetime is garbage. Pure trash at the expense of small girls. Dance moms, Bring it, Kim of Queens, etc…

Everyone of them is trying to over sexualize young girls. This show is just the worst of them all. If you watch this, you are garbage. The people who create this, are garbage. The people in this are the SCUM of the earth and need to stop.


Heres a news flash…… Everything on Lifetime is garbage. Pure trash at the expense of small girls. Dance moms, Bring it, Kim of Queens, etc…

Everyone of them is trying to over sexualize young girls. This show is just the worst of them all. If you watch this, you are garbage. The people who create this, are garbage. The people in this are the SCUM of the earth and need to stop.


I was just watching Lifetime and the commercial for Bring It came on. Even Lifetime makes them appear ghetto. It shows the coach and of course they have to advertise her cussing(she said the word 'piss'). Then they show the plump captain speaking and you can barely understand what she is saying. Then, they show one of the parents-you know the one with the clownish red wig and actually the wig is WEARING her!!! Then, right behind that commercial is Dance Moms. They don't say a word. It shows all the girls dancing up gracefully behind Abby Lee. I'm just sayin one show looks classy and the other show looks sooo lower class. Come on Lifetime, we know you got money in the budget to make Bring It look better. I bet Bring It people dont get paid nearly as much as Dance Momd dtars do. What yall think???


From an educators point of view, this show is horrible; and yes, I'm black! Why are we still teaching young ladies these Rachet dance moves? There are more dance genres than twerking!! Also, their outfits are too little; most of the girls have little tummys and it's not cute to show so much skin at an early age. I'm not going to talk about the parents being loud and ghetto with that red hair!!!


Dont stop, get it get it, let me c that coochy pop!!! Should b they group song


And plus, they need more appropriate outfits when they dance. Also they need to stop doing all the nasty dance moves, that's only going to lead them to be a stripper or prostitute.


The show, in my opinion is not entertaining at all. They're obviously trying to copy dance moms. And plus there are dance teams like them all over the country. They need to put something more entertaining on like devious maids, or something not so ordinary.


These comments are amazing to me. On the one hand, people can harbor opinions about whether it is appropriate for girls that age to dance that way. I cannot understand, however, how people can comment on whether Ms. Williams is teaching these girls properly (for whatever genre of dance you prefer). It is clear that these episodes are patched together for effect, and it is in no way apparent what the teacher's course of teaching is. Similarly, we only see performances by the girls, which may not reflect what they learn or how far along they are in learning it. As for the societal impact of these dances, I find it very conclusory to just say that, as a matter of fact, they lead to the downfall of young ladies in general. There certainly is value to their being in a structured, safe environment which encourages hard work and performance on demand, just as there is value to their being taught to speak, act and dress in a certain manner. Having grown up and attended grade school, college and professional school in the south, I know first hand that the overwhelming majority of girls who danced as majorettes/drill teams/performers had very good grades and reputations. Even at my college, just about every other year, the reigning campus queen was a member of the dance team, which specialized in dances just like these.

The bottom line is that there is room for criticism and praise on all sides. But above all remember that this is TELEVISION – set up, formatted, edited, and picked apart to maximize ratings and ad sales for LIFETIME – so I doubt that the total picture is ever being told anyway.




Nay, nay!!!! And she look like a man too.


That coach looks like a horse. Couldn't sit and watch that big mouth run for an hour. What is Lifetime thinking?!

Stephanie Sims

Ah yes – just what we need — Yet another program on TV showing young girls how to act like ANIMALS. It's plain to see what these girls are being taught here. Is this what Martin Luther King, Jr. had in mind for Black America? (Oh no she di'ent !!)

Ruth Jones

For all the negative comments about these young girls, please notice that many of these dance routines and black females' movements, including the butts, are being copied by a lot of other racial groups. As far as "Dancing with the Star," this show is not going to select black winners in a heartbeat anyway, so please don't even go there saying that these young ladies will not be selected on that show. Every thing that black people have done and are doing is criticized, only to be used by other racial groups later on. Look at the music world now. All you critics, wake up!


Trifelin on Lifetime


I personally like the show. There are many people out there that have never been exposed to this type of dance, so therefore they say negative comments about what's not normal to them and that negativity is so unfortunate. I see a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and drive from these young ladies and there is nothing wrong with that. I wish them a lot of luck with thier reality show and hope that this negativity will not bring them down, but unstead give them more drive! Good Luck Ladies and coach D… Just Bring It!! :)


Personally I don't see anything wrong with how they're dancing. I love this show. The girls are doing a good job and are passionate about what they are doing.


Lakeisha, honey I'm sorry the other girls give you a hard time. It's great that you girls have found a outlet and a place to stay out of trouble. But please don't forget how important school is! No matter what your situation is or what people say believe in yourself and excel in what you do. Remember a triple threat is brains, beauty and body but we will say healthy because you're young. Dance will only get you so far. Education will get you a far as you want. Wishing you all the best.




I like Miss Salina and her daughter on the show. They is some beautiful women and young girl. I think Sunjai is so pretty and she is like me. We both tryin hard to be on the team but the othrr girld dont like us because we so pretty. My mama gets piked on by my team mamas like miss Salina does bcause they not so pretty like me and my mama. They thinks Ima threat so they dont trys to help me with the routine when i have troubles. Matter of fact when i went to my capt house for help i herd her mama on the cell phone talkin about my mama sayin my mama was drivin this mans bmw and had another mans psy our rents. Well im gonna keep tryin to dance and bes on the teem noatter if im pretty and sos my mama. We always get prejudice on causea we skinny with a good shape have long hair and light skin like mis salina and her daughter Sunjai. My mama was a majorette in college like miss salina


I just read that lifetime is gonna do a show with abby lee miller and mrs diane. I can c it now. x porn actor and free willy. I dont think abby lee would do filming wit someone in porn. And mrs diane dont like fatness.


What's next weeks show entitled, Lifetime? Let me guess-'COUNT THE PIMPLES ON THE BOOTIES'???


When the "dance teacher" says the other "dance team" is dancing 2 provocative, kids shouldnt b doing these moves. I saw the slow dance moves they did last week and felt embarrassed that those kids were ALLOWED AND CHEERED ON 2 do this!!!! U can do hip hop, jazz, tap, ballet etc and not b over sexual!!!! The dancers r WAY off count, dont move together, NO TECHNICAL MOVES AT ALL!!! U would find these moves in a basic strip club! This show is a epic fail!!!! GHETTO & PROVACTIVE…the parents should invest in another dance studio that actually teaches the kids DANCE, CLASS, POISE & TECHNIQUE!!!!!


Dance moms aint nothin butt a bunch of white nurotic drunk pill poppin white bitches who be tryen too live they lives threw they skinny no asses daughters. Except the one thst dupose be black. She mixed anyway and lookin stanky. Every show need they token. Abbie lee could nevrt do not her own or are dance cause dhe a fat bitch looky all welfarrish and shit. Just cause miss d was a porn star dont make her bad cause she stop and gave her self to the lord.if you white people didnt take are jobs she wouldnt have to do porn. Move on over white people cause we runninthis now


Wow.. Reading some of these comments are breathtaking! The young ladies on this show are kids, please remember that before being disrespectful. The style of dancing isn't no way inappropriate. Some of you most not be from the south because downsouth having those skills could get you a scholarship to colleges in the south. Our college football games aren't just about the game it's also about our marching bands. Most people stay in their seats at halftime to see a battle with the band and dancers on the field. Even our bands pop,lock, and drop it!!! Keep bringing it girls!!!! FYI Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Montana is twerking on tv!!! So what now!!!


First off wtfever has negative remarks MUST BE MAD!!!!! Gtfoh, we too good for tv shows now?!?!?!?? Ijs a black crew come on tv and now ppl have nothing but negativity to say. Well check this out da haters can kiss da deepest part of my ass bitch and to da saluters, i definitely SALUTE! Ok……


Overall, I like the show. As black people we can be our own worst enemy. They're learning values,not give up. You have teenagers reading these comments. What does it say about us as adults? What happened to being positive. Some of you aren't trying to give are youth a chance,without cutting them down. How would you feel as a kid reading some of these comments. Is this it ? Really ? … smdh . The coach is great. Young ladies much respect. Found the show by accident. I am a fan


these are very talented young ladies. All of the things they are doing i bet any of you can't even attempt to do. It is a HIPHOP team, thats what hiphop is ! Shaking hips, popping backs, rolling necks… whatever. its a different type if dance. different from ballet and modern. No, it is not a poor representation of dance. Dance is dance. No matter what kind, who does it. All of yall thats saying bad things about their hair.. how they talk and what not. lol yall just some haters . atleast they are not afraid to be THEIRSELVES and not fronting to be someone they're not. i respect their team, the coach,amd the dancers. But hey, everyone has their own personal opinion.


Y they gots sooooo many fat girls. I mean they stomachs all hangin out they suits and stuff. Even they captain fat.


Lifetime, you are losing class and your loyal audience. Cancel this immediately. I spent my time trying to understand what was being said instead of watching the team. And Lifetime, is there not enough money in the budget to hire hairdressers to make them presentable?


This is a HORRIBLE REPRESENTATION OF ANY TYPE OF DANCE! Not to mention, how EMBARRASSING this is to black women, and the black community!
These girls are being FOOLED if they think this type of dancing will ever take them to a TRUE dance competition. Classic example "So You Think You Can Dance"… they would not make the first cut, with this so called "BUCK" dancing!


If their clothes or lack of is your problem take a look at gymnastics even in the highly respected olympics. Those girls have on next to nothing having to pull their body suits o7t of the crack of their behinds every 2 seconds so their buttocks' won't be exposed. Get a grip on something else besides passing judgement or hate.


The comments here are really interesting. This show is naturally going to be compared to Dance Moms, because they are on the same network and are both about dance. And yet, these young girls are being compared to porn stars and strippers when the girls from Dance Moms are not. Why the disparity? Why are we objectifying and sexualizing this form of dance (and these girls), and not the kind on Dance Moms, where the girls are also prancing around wearing practically nothing? Why is the technique on Bring It being compared to simulated sex, rather than simply artistic expression and what the human body is capable of? It is how you choose to see it. And, if you choose to look at a group of young girls dancing and imagine them having sex, that makes you some kind of creepy predator. Black culture has always been relegated to "other than" and "less than" and women have always been objectified and sexualized. It is time we start looking within and understanding our own drives rather than blaming others for our own thoughts, as if they put them in our head. Leave these girls alone and go talk to a therapist about your weird interpretation of what they are doing with their bodies.


I've been looking fora dance studio like that for my daughter… I live in houston texas ,hopefully someone can let me know about a studio i can take my daughter to.


Bottom line to me is this — Those young girls, whether they are black or white or whatever — talented as they may be, have no business shaking their hips and gyrating their pelvises on national television for all the pedophiles and sickos out there to gawk at, just so their parents get a check. It's not right.


As Hip Hop's cancerous tentacles continue to poison… we keep shuffling to the cultural ovens; true slaves to the rhythm.


This show breaks my heart. I don't understand why our young girls would be training to be future strippers and porn stars. So disgraceful and disgusting. Shame on Lifetime, the parents, and the so called teacher.

Ole School

Wow, those young ladies danced their butts off on Bring it, loved the show. We all know the saying"Dont judge a book by it's cover". As I sit here and reminisce about my younger days growing up in Washington, D.C which was known as, "Murder Capitol of the World" during the 80's due to the extremely high murder rate, I survived and excelled. I 'm actually very proud of my accomplishments, and to think, I danced and cheerleadered the same way those young ladies did in dancing dolls, to include wearing those cute little outfits. Moral to story, I retired from active duty in 2011 as a senior noncomissed officer in the US Army with 22 years of service. I deployed numerous times to Iraq and also other military campaigns and operations. I have obtain numerous awards and decorations throughout my career. I hold a B.S.B.A (Magna Cum Laude) and a MBA 3.8gpa. I also love my tats, burgundy hair, sportsbike and swift tongue if I need to use it. I even love my current job in the Federal Goverment. I quess I turned out to be alright.


In this instance race is a big deal bc this show perpetuated racial stereotypes. In just 1 hour of programming.


How come when a show comes on that is predominately black everyone starts on the race of the people on the show and not the show itself. When dance moms came on I don't remember getting on a review thread and seeing all kinds of comments about how the little white girls are dancing. Can we please get passed the fact that the girls dancing are black and just focus on the dance aspect of the show.

dance girl

This is a completely different world than what you see on dance moms. Unless you are a part of that world, it is extremely hard to explain. Go on youtube & pull up all kinds of dance groups that have "babies" wearing skimpy, sexy costumes while "bumping & grinding" just as much as these girls! Check out Asia's solo to control at only 5 or single ladies & who runs the world group dances. Those of you that love dance moms, have forgotten all about the stripper dance w/ the feather fans or the group dance for electricity which both crossed the line even in the dance world. The type of dancing that the "dolls" do is normal in that genre & while they do shake their booty, I have not seen them cross the line or look trashy. (unlike the olive branch team, who were taught to do moves that looked trashy & degrading!!) The only thing I think Miss d should change is to get her divas more rounded by teaching them all other genres and how to execute them properly, especially those that want to have a dance career, like her cap. Kayla! Otherwise, they will be very limited in finding work!! I also think Miss D. should teach abby's girls how to get down & funky as they do not have a clue!! Don't listen to all these clueless haters & do what makes you happy & fulfilled!! I was a dance student for 10 yrs. and the best times & most fun was when I was on my H.S. dance team & even though we had more white girls than black, we won almost everytime & like the dolls, we were the team to beat! I will say that it was our black girls that really brought it & taught us white girls how to throw it & slam it down!! I look forward to watching these girls & their Awesome coach!!!


This show is terrible, gives a horrible name to 'dance' it's a bunch of young teenage girls out shaking their ass, bounce their breasts and performing sexual dances. There is no real art form in any of it, put a fork in the toaster and you could pretty much copy it. I watched this show once, and that was enough for me. Terrible disgrace, and straight up ghetto' as all hell.


Can Someone Tell Me How I Can Find Info For These Type of Competitions ?

Bracaijah king

hi i just wanted to say that i love the dancing doll. dd4l is a great team And i love the coach i love how she go hard on the girls so they can be the best and go hard as a team.


As a well educated, college graduate with a successful career and two educated well behaved children, this apalls me. These girls speak like they stepped straight out of the ghetto. Makes black women like me sick. Grow up and quit grinding an ax from something that happened to your great great grandfather. This is the present, stop living in the past and get a life. This show brings out the ghetto in these black girls who should be trying to better themselves.


Why is it whenever a white person has a opinion were racist. Hmmm

Kayla, they will go far doing what, for whom? That's not going to get you accepted into college and or help you in any respectable position. Think about it.


I just find it funny that people don't consider this real dance just because they aren't doing ballet techniques when they are not ballet dancers. However, they do have technique. On the Abby show, you barely see them do any hip hop because that's not their speciality. Even with all the technique in the world, has anyone notice that it's the same moves over and over? I enjoy the show dance moms but, her routines look all the same to me. The solos look the same just with different music. That's where it gets boring. I have been dancing multiple styles of dance since I was 3 and I never understood the argument on so called "real dance" it is all dance, many different expressions and movements. Do not hate on something you cannot do or understand. In our African culture this is nothing new. This is how most of us dance. Rump shaking did not start from strippers. Try looking up mapouka


Im white and I LOVE, LOVE the show!!! I love the dance technique on Dance Moms, too. I LOVE DANCE. You have to appreciate how these human bodys are able to jump, twist, turn, etc. What talent they exhibit. Miss D…Keep doing what you do best. YOU ARE a positive person and an assett to your community. I cant wait for more episodes and a new season.


White people stick to your 'dance moms' stop watching shit you don't know about


As a mother of a high school senior I find this very sad. Let's teach our children to act,dress and conduct themselves in a way that is respectful and warrants respect. Kids need to know that the way you present yourself WILL affect your future and possibilities. I can say this, my daughter is half black. She is in high school and attending community college,while maintaining a 3.8 GPA. These kids are going to have a very very hard time getting ahead and it's not because of race it's because they act ghetto. Very sad because the cycle of poverty,ignorance and dysfunction will continue.


Great job girls! At least they are not sitting around idle doing nothing, like on cell phones and video games all day but using their energy in a positive fashion. Society have something negative to say about our little Black girl regardless, no matter what they do. Dancing is performed in all kind of styles and cultures, and certain styles are not for everyone, stick with what you like and leave the others along. Our young children have enough to deal with in life then to have adults put them down. Be respectful when it comes to how one deals with children, they are God's delicate possession and He will hold each one responsible who offends one of them, so be very careful. Continue on coach D what you are doing with the girls, your time, talent, wisdom and patience, a job well done. Looking forward to continue supporting of the program and will keep each child in my prayers that they will not allow all the negative attention they are going to hear about the show to hinder them from moving forward, walking into their destiny God has already planned for them. To become productive young ladies who will make a difference in this cruel world, God bless.


Sad. The adults on the show don't seem to know any better. Therefore, how can you expect the kids to know better? The blind leading the blind. If you don't agree then you're probably blind.


And, it is a shame to hear the overwhelming display of substandard iq here, and to realize that subtitling is needed for what seems to be an.attempt at the English language. Wow.


Interesting, where are the fathers?…many children, few or no marriages. Huge cultural problem that perpetuates generation to lost generation.


…painful to read…
I watch this show with my daughters…I watch Friday Nite tykes with my sons.
Our family goes to the Capital Classic Football game every year.We see the product of the hard work from these youngsters on the field from football players to majorities and dancers. 100% of the young adults on that field are college educated. .who started young…and worked hard. Don't insult them because your view is different.

M. Cole

The comments on here are amazing to me. I'm not on here to argue with nobody but I see some true ignorance on here. I see racism is still on most of y'all mind, but whatever. It's easy to judge a culture when you're ignorant about it. Most of these dances these girls are doing are dances that Africans have been doing for centuries and for does not make these girls future hoes or strippers. Futhermore, hip-hop dance is an entire culture and is respected whether you accept it or not. You're entitled to your opinion even If it is ignorant but Don"t be nasty and insulting about it. As for it not being like Dance Mom's well duh, I think that was kin of the point. Most black girls don't dance the dances Abby teach, they dance hip-hop. Also what exactly makes the show uneducated and trashy? As far as I can see from her teachings Dianna is preparing them for the real world. People are going be hard on you and critique you all your life , all Dianna doing is preparing them for that. If you don't like the show; that's fine then don't watch it,but don't be a rude ass about it. I not singling out one particular person, I'm speaking to anyone with a rude, racist, and ignorant comment. You can take it how you want it.


For the ones calling little girls "future strippers & hoes", saying "more loud mouth nigs" on TV and hoping that Lifetime cancels this show….Watch Abby Lee, who is abusive to her students, who are white with the exception of 1, and whose mom's, who are white with the exception of 1, brawl in the streets in NOLA and get arrested for fighting the dance teacher…Prop your feet up on your igloo cooler coffee table in your single-wide trailer and watch that show with a woman who is quite harsh and abusive to her students and their parents…If anyone is trash, it's toothless cousin-marrying ppl like you who continue to spew your hatred and spotlight your ignorance…Or…Kick back in your electric-taped recliner you got from MeeMaw and ask your husband/uncle for a Bud Light while you watch the Monster Truck Muddin' Show…Ok? Thanx in advance…


Just like "Dance Moms," what makes this show a turn-off is the adults. I love dancing and these girls on "Bring it!" can really dance! It's awesome. But when I hear the mothers going crazy outside, making drama out of nothing, etc. and the coach yelling at judges and administrators a competition, I just want to switch the channel. Seriously, enough with trying to increase ratings with petty drama, just let all these kids on the dance shows dance, their talent is more than enough to keep me interested. I will agree that some moves are a little inappropriate but the same goes for "Dance Moms" (though usually on DM the inappropriateness is more about the costumes and themes than the actual moves, also a problem).


As an African american teen, these comments are really hurtful): . I see that no matter what, people will always judge what they don't know. It's like people forget that we're ALL HUMANS.


Ladies & Gentlemen…Lifetime presents…the future hos and strippers of America!!!


Very disapointed in this show. Would never allow my daughter to publicly display dance like this let alone pay someone to teach it to them. Abby lee may lack some manners And wouldnt pay someone to treat my child that way either, but dancing dolls is completely lacking class, morals, And any kind of real skill seen on dance moms. Think its absolutely heartbreaking that these girls are being taught this as a high standard. Such a shame that these girls do seem to work very hard, just sad they are surrounded by adults with such low standards.


I think this show should be banned from Lifetime. It is awful, uneducated and teaching young girls nasty moves. I would be damn if my daughter dances like that. Dance Moms is the show that portrays what the real world for profesional dancers looks like. Abby is more classic and her dance moves are technical, not like Bring it.


Oh Jeezuz, no. More loud mouthed nigs on TV. The girls costumes make em look like whores, the coach is an overbearing loud weave wearin' ho. The Moms are equally as loud mouthed, black trash. Give it one season before the producers wanna gouge their eyes out. They'll be "axeing" themselves why would anyone wanna watch this garbage ? I gave it a try… nope, just too many loud trashy nig hos on the screen. Trash talking can now commence. It'll be as Un – entertaining as this train wreck program.


Does anyone know any videos she has??


Cris whites make majority of the population you dumb broad! Blacks make only a small portion and for the record I'm not black u stupid idiot! I bet you get food stamps, got budget billing, paying vontage for phone and watch others cable. Ha ha all blacks don't get assistance. I will sit back at my desk and laugh at you for being so stupid. Someone please come and adopt this idiot!


This comment is to Crystal, I will never be a cunt u piece of garbage! your mom was the cunt that had a stupid cunt like you. I bet you are one of the ones that lie about paying your bills?? You are a piece of trash! Cris who said anything about minority? How many kids were shot at school by blacks vs whites? How about food stamps? My suggestion for you is stick to what you know. Whites have killed minorities than any other race. Yes, black kids do have shootings, killings, etc. But it will never compare to Whites killing people over centuries. I love all races but I call it how I see it. I only address idiots that post things like nigglets or slurs about kids!


I love this show. It illuminates a subculture, within America, that is little known. The DOMINANT culture in this county IS European…so miss me on the feigned discrimination. Who cares about the parents' grammar? How about care about the fact that a woman has opened a business that provides an outlet for young girls to express themselves, in a safe environment. These girls are off the internet, staying active, not using drugs, experimenting with drugs, or off having sex – these are things that ALL teens will do when left unattended. I have taught high school for ten years…I know what happens when teens are not channeling their energy into constructive activities.

My best advice to those who think this show is tasteless – don't watch it. DUH!


Omg why all the nasty and racist comments! You people type these awful things but would never say them to someone! It's no need for any one to stoop so low. You all should be ashamed but you probably don't realize how awful you are!

Ms. T

I know we (meaning all cultures or races) have the right to say what we want. The problem I think is the fact, some of us don't know or possibly it's don't understand. First of all if you know anything about African history, dancing along with the attire is a big part (and not just for African culture). I love Ms. D, she is taking that knowledge and is showing it to all. As well as using the power of dance as it is still used in Africa. Yes, we are in America, which is a country made up of various cultures (races, if that work for those). I learned about my African history not just from my classes but from my dance teachers (who are from Africa and are professors at the University of California). They taught us never to hide ourselves and how to express ourselves with dance. If you look for something negative you will find it. Josephine Baker knew this and was viewed by many the same way. Of course now many of those same people have changed their views. I love the fact that Ms. D and the parents support this young ladies. I remember my first day in my afro – Haiti dance class and being told by my teacher that I quote " I don't know what your mothers have been teaching you! You don't even know how to use you bodies! You should know how to move like a lady!" I was moved to the back along with others (and there were various cultures in this class). I made it back to the front after she taught us to be confident and strong along with how to show it not just with dance. Please lets educate ourselves and listen.


First off F&!K YOU! I'm Hispanic with natural curves and full lips so don't even. I live in a beautiful town home worth more than your cheap weave. Wanna talk shit? Let's go. Change my life to be like you? Hahahhaaaaaa a minority who brings attention in a public place just to make yourself known? I actually graduated from high schooll, went to college and have a career! I didn't grow up in the projects, abuse my kids, and only have a fat ass because of all the unhealthy shit, I not only give my children but give myself. Black kids are constantly shooting up at schools ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Honey, do some research and look at the statistics in black vs. white ratio in violence. Black people smoke crack, marijuana and whatever else they can somehow get in their possession. You are noooooo one to talk. I speak the truth. No ignorance.

You don't know shit. Ready for more? Bring it.


This is racist against white people!
I guess only black people can dance?




I thought the show was great as far as showing different types of dance, not just jazz, lyrical, tap and such. Also it was great to see different types of dance competitions. I personally did not know that there was even a dance competition for majorettes, I thought it was an activity like cheerleading that was available once a person went to college, or a person had to be enrolled into high school and beyond to participate. As far as the dancing and competition part I thought it was great to see something different. I was not too alarmed by the outfits that were worn because I thought of them to like a costume, something that was necessary for the team to win participate and compete. I did not associate their way of dress to be any different than that of pageant girls, or even the girls of Dance Moms, because everyone mentioned has to dress according to what they are performing even if it is a little more on the revealing side. I know it seems like they were showing a lot of skin and the outfits were very adult like but, I liked how in practice they were not dressed as such they had on shorts and t-shirts that left everything covered. Even if they did have on short shorts they were over leggings or they had longer shorts under. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal but that is my personal thought. I do not think that the parents of these girls let alone the coach would allow for the girls to dress provocatively outside of the competitions, especially with her background she wants to be the role model and Mentor for the girls. I feel like for this particular competition it required the girls to dance a certain way just like jazz and lyrical require specific way of dance. I don’t think that this way of dance defines the girls, and makes them out to be anything less than children with a passion for dance. Now although they are dancing hip hop the studio that they are dancing at teaches more genres of dance. Now after all that has been said I think my favorite part of the show thus far is the support system that has been created by the moms and the coaches. I like how the moms make it their business to make sure their daughters know the routines and are willing to help other girls who may not be as advanced as their own child. I love how Coach D encourages and almost required for the families to support their children no matter what. This touches my heart because it showed black women coming together for a greater good, not just for stereotypical purposes. That is what makes the show great it is encouraging the young women as well as pushing them to their limits.


I'm very upset there are no Caucasians on the team!! If they don't offer it to Caucasians and put them on the team I'm going to petition lifetime to remove the show..I'm so tired of it being one sided!!

Uncle ruckus

I'm from jxn-ms so I can understand what they're saying. I am surprised they didn't subtitle this for the rest of the country. Before I get called a racist again, they subtitle honey boo boo and duck dynasty so the audience can understand.


We as a people should always remember that we are judged by the way we speak! If you cannot speak the correct English, we are viewed as being UnEducated! I must admit that it was very difficult to understand what was being said on the show because of so much slane forms of the English Language that they were using!
My Mom Always taught me to make sure that my Subject and Verbs Agree, in addition to never when in public to remember to, "Not Be Loud and Wrong " ! Tonight this entire show was all LOUD and completely WRONG!


As an African American Educator, it is very disappointing to see our young ladies portrayed in this way! Their Parents clearly are not Educated and don't have a clue as to how to encourage their children to speak the correct English, when the Parents themselves don't speak the correct English! It is so sad that in 2014, Blacks still don't know when we are being laughed at! Lifetime has put a spotlight on a group of Blacks that clearly don't know any better, to demonstrate how Blacks still have not mastered the Art of Reading, Writing , Math, and Speaking the English Language! It's very sad as an Educated African American to see this portrayal of us in 2014! However, I do feel that the Coach has good intentions for the girls, but she really needs to go to school to learn the English Language and not to use Profanity, and to learn the art of Professionalism! No matter what her past has been, she can continue to push forward to make herself more polished in order to really be an affective Dance Teacher, Mentor and Role a Model!


It's such a shame I see so many comments about nigglets,and black faces. We'll let me me be the first to tell uncle ruckus and crystal's dumb asses that if we are so beneath you, then why do you want to be like us. You buy booty pads because you want what we have been given by God. You do Botox to make your lips fuller because we have been blessed with big sexy lips. Did I mention tht we have natural curves that your people do Not have. One thing about black people I know we don't have to change our ways of life to be like you. Look back in history and see how many of your fathers and grandfathers use to sleep with our Black women, cook for your family, watch your kids cause most of the parents back then we too lazy to raise their own. how many Black kids do you see shootings in schools. Your kids are rude and disrespectful to their parents, cook meth in your homes, smoke mushrooms etc ! Do your home work Bitches ! news flash we are are here to stay.. Now go watch tv in your mobile homes and pay day your dam cable bills.

La'Shawnder Bland

Just like anybody that have a real life ; Thats why its called lifetime. If people actually see its a teacher trying to mentor to the young african Americans. So that they will have a better life for themselves. You must not watch Dance Mom's. THE MOMS UP THERE FIGHT THEIR INSTRUCTOR. YAL ALWAYS QUICK TO JUDGE SOMEBODY AND PROBABLY NOT LIVING RIGHT YOURSELF.FOR ONCE STOP JUDGING PEOPLE. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DNT WATCHBIT! It alwqys people trying to put other people down to make themselves look good.I wish I would of have somebody like this around my area.Some people don't understand how blessed they are. And plus if you watched this show you wouldn't see These young ladies have a passion for dancing.You shouldn't be watching what they are wearing. Look what other types of dancers wear this.

shuckey duckey quak quak

yall dumb ass f8ck dance moms is just the same I didnt here nobody drop f bombs here and dance moms look very trashy and all these klan statements where I live will get you shot up Im just saying

Ray Landrum

If these girls had fathers, I am sure they would not want them dancing around like, whores…


To comment on pedophilia: a pedophile will be a pedophile whether or not he or she is looking at little girls do acro or jazz on Dance Moms or whether or not it's majorette on Bring It. (hell they can get aroused looking at them play in the park.) I do wish, however, that the moms & instructors on both shows, or any show for that matter, would have sense enough not to curse and act a fool in front of the children. That is tacky and uncalled for & whatever the matter is, can be said in private. We do have a lot of dance & reality shows now & I wish it was more originality in that industry, but I know I can't say too much because I will be tuning in to this show too just like Dance Moms. (Oh side note: ADULTS have that bad calling little children whores, but you go on vine, twitter, instagram, Facebook, or worldstarhiphop and all you see is ass and breasts hanging out JUST for the followers and the likes GTFOH!)


The show is entertaining,& I liked how the coach was encouraging the one girl that was having doubts about her solo. I'm not getting why some are being soooo defensive over any criticism of it, being like 'Well, Abby Lee does such and such!' or 'Dance moms this and that!' or 'Honey Boo Boo blah blah blah', like as though those shows don't get their share of criticism as well. Plus whatever happens on those shows, it doesn't negate certain things about THIS show, which is the topic at hand. But after watching it, I hope if these girls have aspirations of having dance careers that they're taking other styles of dance, because the style they're doing is just such a niche type of thing, & if that's the only thing they're trained in, I don't see them having much of a career in dance. Like the one girl said she wants to go to a performing arts school, & she specifically said for dance. Sorry, but I don't think she'd get in just based on that, it's not the most versatile. If a job that just said 'dancer wanted' came about, or an opportunity for a dance scholarship to a performing arts school was available, who do you think they'd pick-a girl that's trained in more technical styles of dance like ballet, jazz, lyrical, etc., or a girl that's mainly trained as a hip-hop majorette.


When did Lifetime stoop to such low levels? I was first appalled with Dance Moms. Abbey Lee and those mothers are atrocious. Nothing good is coming from any of it. Now we have Honey Boo Boo and Bring It. What is the purpose? All 3 shows emphasize the stupidity and immaturity of the parents and teachers. The daughters hear all this and it's heartbreaking to see their faces as their mothers rant on. All they are doing in all of the shows is proving the stereotypes. Sad


I just finished watching "Bring It" and although I was hoping for a better show, it is pretty much what I expected. The coach is loud, arguing with the mothers but she seems to care for her dancers and spends time encouraging them, to develop a more positive attitude. One young dancer seemed doubtful of her dance solo and Coach Williams spent a lot of time helping her, encouraging her. Now the dancing and costumes seem a little risqué. The costumes reveal a lot more skin than I would have expected for a girl dance team and the dances were too extreme. Some of the dance elements these girls were performing, I have seen college dance teams perform and they seemed a little racy. Seeing GIRLS doing booty pops, twerking, double pelvic thrusts, bump & grind moves, was a little unsettling. However their Mothers' were there cheering for them, and that is a choice they made as a family, so it is their business. My concern is that this is Porno for Pedophiles and puts these girls at risk. I bet this will be new prime-time viewing for all the child molesters in the entire country and also plays into the stereotype, that Black girls are sexually easy, they are not pure and are not worthy of protection from adults who would want to sexually abuse them. This is the first episode, so I am hoping for an improvement in the show. On a positive note, these girls are working towards a goal; they are not out in the streets doing negative things and their coach seems to care about their well-being. There are worse things out in this world.


I think it's ridiculous how parents cry when their kids are sexually abused or raped, but allow them to dance provacitively like this? Men are going to be aroused by this. This is sick. I can't believe lifetime is airing this! I don't care what color they are! I'm sure there are men jerking off to this as we speak. What is this world coming to? Tv is getting disgusting.

Jalundreyha Brice

Why are there so many comments about how loud coach D is or how these dancers are shaking what God gave them dancing is a talent these parents aren't exploiting their children i am a dancer and i think that the girls have an amazing talent and they should be able to showcase it if i wasn't enjoying being on my school dance team i would join this team these girls work hard and the parents most likely paid alot of money for their kids to do this and coach d push these kids to be the best they can be


As soon as there is a Lifetime show with ALL sistas, they have to be shown scantily clad, shaking everything God gave them, getting ghetto, arguing with each other and whatnot. It's bad enough the adult women are doing it but they have the little girls doing it too; ;-( with no qualms might I add. Is just me or do all of the women and girls look like strippers. Take them out of the competition and put them on a pole and Wah La, Watch "Champagne" pop it, twerk it, wiggle it and jerk it. All jokes aside I love black women, I am a black women. I just want to see us in a positive light. Is it too much to ask to see beautiful black women, like the ones we see on Black Girls Rock, being shown in a positive light that makes ALL black women feel positive and proud.


Nothing lower than exploiting ur children to make money!!just as bad as that lady who sold prom queens underwear to perverts on the internet..No amount. of money would be worth having my daughter on some pedophiles dvr list


Wow! I can't believe all the ignorance and racial slurs being said on this blog! It's either you watch the show or you don't! Sadly, I know the negative comments are coming from older adults! Find a second job and grow up!


Fatty boo boo's parents are trash too just like the dance mom parents..but they don't have their kids doing a "booty clap".. the problem. is the pathetic people that watch these shows


If Honey Boo Boo can have a show I dont see anything wrong with this show and lets not forget about Dance Moms. People please get your life!


Pedophiles !!! Set your DVR's…disgusting, exploiting your children because your too lazy to get a job…makes me sick..just as bad as rap music turning kids into thugs and drug talent garbage!!every word is uh, uh…yeeah, yeeah, word, get dat money…i buy gold grills and 300$ sneakers but don't pay my child support


Only distgusting animals would let their daughters be seen by the whole world, acting like lttle whores.. what a shame..squatting and jiggling their asses?? They'll all be pregnant by street thugs by age 12! I thought some of these other dance/child exploitation shows were bad…at least its better than my tax dollars supporting these kids!!


I don't feel this show Bring It is appropriate. Once again we are having our children grow up to fast. Why do we feel that our children have to exploit themselves with the seductive dancing, make up and revealing clothes.


I can't wait till this show comes on. Some of these comments are so stupid. Some folks crack me up still so racist. We watch all those other shows, we need he show to do good. To shut y'all up.


I can only say this.I haven't watched this show yet because it hasn't been on .But I will say
this as an explame not long ago when I was on city bus .A wheel chair was parkered on
One Side of the front of the bus and on the other side was a African American lady and her two
sons maybe teenage maybe in her 30's an elder white women got on with a walker she's was
Have enough trouble getting onto the bus and looked probably in her 70's or 80's.The
Lady asked if one of the teenagers could move because the only empty seats where in the back
Of the bus and she couldn't walk that far.The teenage began getting up maybe more polite
Then his mother who began screaming no don't get up for her.The only seats available are
In the back of the bus and we would have to stand so let her move her white ass
to the back of the bus.Me and my boyfriend moved to the back for the elder lady so she could
Have closer seat to the front as we got up the African American lady yelled that's right
whites only In the back move on back.I turned and looked at her said no it's respect for the elderly And kept walking.She stood up and said o you trying make yourself look good by
moving To the back you racist white bitch keep moving .I said nothing to her at that point the
driver who was also white had enough her and asked her to clam down she began yelling that the driver was a white racist and she was going to call the bus company as she began approving him.She And her sons were then asked to leave the bus.She did yelling at the driver saying he was a racist.i am not saying very African American person acts this way or that white don't act this way either but a group of African American still act this way and yes so do some white.But it this kind of behavior that gives people wrong impression of each other.

Kiya B

girls are pillars of the community when other dance companies and troupes dont even reach out. its something positive even though it wont be portrayed as such. I hope they last.

Kiya B.

Im concerned that the show wont last long because the black community and american society wont accept this type of majorette dance as a sport, No one said that majorettes had to be a tap-dancing, baton twirling sport especially for one sport, like any other in the beginning, shut us (African Americans) out, it really is a structured dance, these children are not strippers. When you get past the outfits and type of dance which is African/Caribbean/Latin influence, you can see that these kids work hard. I live in Jackson where these girls come from and these


Will there ever be auditions to be on your dance team!!!?!??


I love the sideburns on the niglets

Jennifer annie

This remind nothing more then one of those cheerleading shows.Don't we have enough of those already on already?


One thing I like about dance moms is the girls they are so polite and present themselves are wonderful young ladies. You get a break from the drama when the girls are dancing you fall in love with their sweetness. Yes evan the African American girls evan through some people didn't care for Black Pasty her daughter was a delight .Very sweet well ,mannered ,and polite from what I saw of her.Holly and her daughter Nia are both very nice wonderful people.I know lots of African Americans who are just this way .Good hard working people raising their kids to be good people .I am sorry if this comes out wrong but just watching some the previews of this show the girls seem kind of smart mouthed and full of attuide. We really don't need another Honey boo boo on TV teaching kids to be smart mouthed and giving adults a lot of attuide .I think the girls themselves are cute don't get me wrong.


Didn't the Miss D lady do porn in the past I think I have a video with her on it getting all the way down!!!


You ppl kill me with the racist comments. This is no different from dance moms or toddlers and tiaras, the only difference is these young ladies are African American. It's funny how when it's done by one race it's trashy or they're called whores but when another does it for some reason it seems to be ok. What's not ok is completely judging ppl when you know absolutely nothing about the culture. I am an African American woman and I was a majorette for years in Houston for both black and white or even mixed troops. My coaches loved us and we were never called whores. Here's an idea, if you don't like it don't watch it.


Yay. I'm making my calender. Yall should stop hatin n start appreciating.. YOU PPL ARE WHY WE ALL LIKE THIS. WHO CALLS LITTLE GIRLS WHORES? ! ?

Marvin Wilson

I am so proud of Ms.D & The Dancing Dolls they have came a long way I am 16 years old I am a male& I am a die hard fan i have always and forever love Dancing Dolls I love them so much everytime I see them I SCREAM DD4L BRING IT!! Ms.D & The Dolls, I am so proud of yall I have been telling everybody even at school & friends from out of town and they was like I got to watch because Ms.D DO NOT PLAY!! Be once again I am so proud!!! Hugs and Kissess #DD4L #BRINGIT


Regardless of how some people may feel about the show. It is still coming on and I'm glad for Mrs. Dianna and the dolls. She is a excellent mentor and she loves those girls. All she want them to do is succeed. Welcome to the Mississippi Dance Life!


I can't wait to see everyone call these black children whores, while the white beauty pageant contestants dance the same way, albeit with less rhythm. Nonetheless, all of these shows exploiting little girls are endless entertainment for pedophiles—and it is legal. ALL these mommies, BOTH the white and black ones, should be ashamed of themselves–and the spineless fathers that allow it.

dani carlton

This show looks trashy and the way these girls are dancing is NOT OKAY! The way the instructors act is trashy as well. I would NEVER allow my daughter to dance looking like a hooker/stripper. This is ridiculous and what is it teaching our young daughters?? TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!


Majorette?????? Where's the baton ?


all I can say is damn

that is along way from being a Majorette…
when I was in school and was a Majorette it was nothing like that what so ever…


Well, I'm definitely going to tune in!

this shit light!!!


Pretty speechless except to say there will be no room in my life for this.



Not at all.

Miles Ellison

A blackface Dance Moms. Yay.


Do we really need another show for white America to see how crazy we can be? That's exactly what they're selling by showing a couple of moms getting ready to throw down with one pulling her wig off. I guess it's all fair game (e.g. Swamp People, Duck Dynasty) but when is enough enough? I'd rather have dead air then more crap like this on TV.


the girl in the picture has the most beautiful smile. And is very pretty!

Joe's Jook joint

If this means there's going be fine positive black women dancing on my tv screen once a week and I DONT have to watch idiot rap music videos, this can only be a good thing for the us all.

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