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Michael B. Jordan in Alleged Talks for ‘Batman vs. Superman’

Michael B. Jordan in Alleged Talks for 'Batman vs. Superman'

After news broke last week that Michael B. Jordan will indeed join the cast of the latest Fantastic Four movie along with Kate Mara, Miles Teller, and Jamie Bell, looks like another superhero pic could be on the horizon for the Fruitvale star. 

Latino Review is reporting that Jordan has met with director Zack Snyder for a possible role in Batman vs. Superman.

The part is described as a physically fit black male in his 20s, and there’s speculation that the character is either cyborg Victor Stone or the Green Lantern. In any case, it would be a small role in Batman vs. Superman with potential for a larger role in other DC Comics films. 

Jordan’s career is on the rise and his name has been in the mix for a variety of action roles as of late, so it’s all speculation at this point. But as Latino Review says, “Zack doesn’t just meet with anybody. He targets certain actors.” 

So we’ll be watching this one closely as it develops. 

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@Glass half Full. You make an excellent point about Lupita and the fact that NOTHING has been announced and she is superior in her acting abilities to Jordan. Additionally, Idris and Chiwetel, who have both received major buzz this awards season have, also, been signing deals left and right with announcements made. …So why can't a beautiful, talented sister get some love?


In regards to CareyCarey's observation about TIm Story, I'd like to point out that both FF movies he directed were horrible. That's more likely why he wasn't asked back. And count me in solidly as an African-American who would prefer to see great actors like Jordan cast in an upcoming Black Panther film, a Miles Morales Spider-man film, or hell, an ORIGINAL black superhero character, instead of "blackwashing" traditionally white characters and expecting us to be satisfied with that.

Glass Half Full

While I am happy for Michael, I can't help but wonder where are all the parts for African American females. Lupita has yet to be attached to a single new project. Not one! She booked Non Stop right after 12YAS. This is very disturbing to me because not only are her skills superior to that of Jordan but she also has greater buzz around her name. The parts are just not there for Black women and it is rather disappointing that a talent like Lupita may never be heard of again because of the racism and sexism that exists in Hollywood.

I celebrate with my brothers but the party is incomplete if Black women are not invited as well.


"Jordan's career is on the rise and his name has been in the mix for a variety of action roles as of late" but where is Tim Story? I know, I know, this post is about Michael B. Jordan (I'll get back to him) but Tim was the director of first FF movie and now that job has been given to Josh Trank as his SOPHOMORE offering. Why, and where is Tim Story? Oh, that's right, he's turning huge profits on meager $12-million budgets (7-to-1 box-office-to-budget ratio). That's a rare feat indeed, the kind of success that normally catapults a director onto the A-list of filmmakers. Normally, yeah, that's true, but can I say it, he has one big strike against him…. **drum roll**… he's African American, and Hollywood is a very segregated world.

Anyway, I had to get that off my chest and put it on the table because now we have other rising stars like Lupita Nyong'o and the subject of this post, Michael B Jordan. Will they ride the crest of their new popularity and then be used up and cast-aside like a dirty dishrag… because like Tim Story, they're "African Americans, and Hollywood is a very segregated world"

"But CareyCarey, Hollywood has given Michael B. Jordan a great opportunity to shine in this next Fantastic Four movie, so shouldn't we leave the past behind and count our blessing of today?"

Well, be careful what you ask for. Michael's career… well… he should get all he can while the getting is good because the film (FF reboot) is headed straight for the flop rack and his career may soon follow because… " he's African Americans, and Hollywood….

Listen, not only does an actor's skin color play a significant role in whether or not a person views a film, in reference to the FF reboot, we're talking about Comic Book purists. Comic book characters to them are like one's newborn baby. They are loved and cherished and not to be messed with without their permission. So here we have Michael B. Jordan (a black man) messing around with their baby. That's a NO-NO, they'd rather die than say yes.

Aside from that, this production has other problems. Who are these actors and what have they done lately that would make this a must see film? None of the names are quite as high profile as the actors we’ve seen in other upcoming superhero flicks. Kate Mara will play Sue Storm. Quick – what has she done lately? Michael B. Jordan? Well, only a few whites saw Fruitvale, I doubt they were comic book geeks. Miles Teller as "Mr. Fantastic" and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm ("The Thing")?

I don't believe their names rings the same bell as the stars in Walt Disney and Marvel Studios Guardians of the Galaxy which includes the gun-toting raccoon Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) and the tree-like Groot (voiced by Vin Diesel).

Nope, ain't happening. Fantastic Four Reboot in is big trouble and Michael's career could be singing the same blues if….

Well, The Fantastic Four will hit theatres on June 19, 2015.

And, Tamron Hall has been named a co-host of "TODAY's Take," the 9 a.m. hour of the "Today" show. Where is Sergio? I wonder what he has to say about that?


It's Michael B. Jordan's year!

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