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NBC Brings ‘Heroes’ Back As 13-Episode Event Series ‘Heroes Reborn’

NBC Brings 'Heroes' Back As 13-Episode Event Series 'Heroes Reborn'

For some, the first season of NBC‘s science fiction television drama “Heroes” might be remembered as one of the best seasons of broadcast TV ever. That’s a huge stretch, really, but it was beloved by many early on: the critically acclaimed first season run garnered an average of 14.3 million viewers per episode in the U.S., receiving the highest rating for an NBC drama premiere in five years. But what followed was a train wreck of serialized time travel, amnesia, characters losing their powers, weak premonitions, dreams, a critical exodus and plummeting ratings. Even some of the most ardent fans soured on the show and saw the cancellation as a mercy killing (though many wanted a more satisfying finale that would wrap-up the series and mooted movie idea never materialized).

Even after the show was dead, creator Tim Kring felt the show could still live on in other forms. “We never posited a single ending or a single premise,” he told EW in 2010. “We told stories in volumes that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Those volumes could go on and on and on with many different characters. As a result, that Heroes universe is something that can be tapped into again in many ways.

It’s getting tapped into again alright, but as a “new standalone story arc” for a 13-episode event series. This limited-run revival sounds a lot like what Fox is doing for “24: Live Another Day.” NBC is planning on resurrecting the show for 2015 with a big digital tie-in. Titled, “Heroes Reborn,” before the show debuts on TV in 2015, the network plans to launch a digital series to introduce the plot and characters. No cast members have been announced, but it sounds like a new cast will be used; though some from the original series’ four seasons may return. “Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy, but we won’t rule out the possibility of some of the show’s original cast members popping back in,” Jennifer Salke, president of NBC Entertainment, said in a statement. Actors who got their biggest break from the show included Zachary QuintoHayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia, and Adrian Pasdar.

Will the audience return? Does NBC see an appetite for this genre now that ABC has “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.“? Well, a cult has certainly formed as 10 million “Heroes” DVDs have been sold, which isn’t chump change. Check out the new teaser below. For more television coverage check out our 20 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2014 feature. 

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I was such a big fan, but its kinda like, would I give a friend a second chance after a huge disappointment. Duh yeah.

Rob T.

Yeah well I just finished watching the last episode on Netflix and was looking for more… I ish


Just saw the cast list…… extremely disappointed, I do not see Claire, Peter Petrelli, or Sylar, these aren’t just characters that you can forget about.


Just finished watching all 4 seasons and I loved all of them!! I wish they would pick up where they left off, with Claire plummeting from the Ferris wheel in front of the news crew, it was just the start of a new volume.

Tana Williams

It has to come back I love this show so much. But I hope it comes back with the old characters!!!


I an so excited. I would like to see some closure. I am a big fan


I love this TV show heroes it was awesome I like to see more of it


I would absolutely love the new show, Heroes Reborn. I can’t wait.
I did LOVE the first Hero’s, to the last episodes.
Thank you for answering my wishes to bring Hero’s back. Thank you, thank you, thank you…


I’m excited just finished the entire shoe my 3rd time!


Omg I love heroes I can’t believe its coming back bring I hope all the main heroes come back in in love with peter and sylar i love all of them though


I have just watched all the four seasons and wanted more. I dont understand why people hated it so much. I love the twist and turns. Sort of reminds me of revenge just with superpowers. I cant wait for heroes reborn


It is 2015. When is the first show?


Honestly, I dunno why everyone soured on season four. No ideas, awful plot ? Personally, I loved the show and I was watching it in one gulp . Also, I was quite disappointed with Peter’s minor limitation in his abilities and as well as in his character cancellation in heroes reborn. Hope it won’t dissapoint

Kristy Cooper

Love Heroes!!!!! Very excited!!!


I can’t wait, this is gonna be awesome! Sure hope Hayden is still in there. :D

chevonte mauro

I’m super excited to see heroes reborn season 1 was awesome


I loved ALL 4 seasons and will certainly watch the new one. I loved them bringing in the carnival and seeing the alliances that formed. (hope that's not too much for those who aren't finished watching season 4.)


I'm so excited that Heroes is coming back. I love it! I'm watching every episode again and I'm so enjoying it! I can't wait!


this is great!!! I started watching the show 4 days ago and loved it but really hoping they give the original cast some closure, we want to know what happens with them!!


I cant believe its going to be heroes reborn i am so excited I want to act in heroes that is my dream To Actually Act in heroes because im such a big fan but I really want to be in it though I cant wait to see it omg I am so excited because I knew heroes was coming back


What they should do is fix every mistake they made with Hiro's Time traveling, then give the original cast "closure" and reboot the next season with a much younger cast "Kids really" to give the show longevity. Please not Teens!!! That will drive me batshit crazy, it's way more interesting coming from the prospective of a child "They got more to worry about" and don't have the tedious responsibilities adults have. "Yes, have some adults mixed in". Think of what could be done with a young version of Sylar or Peter just barely discovering their powers incrementally as they get older. Throw some plot twists in there, maybe the kid everyone assumes will become the new Sylar doesn't and some other kid we thought would be a goody two shoes ends up that way or has some sort of twisted sense of justice that leads him to hunt other "Specials" or have adults be the main protagonists…. So much you could do with that.


Great lore…………

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In my opinion, the show fell apart when Peter lost his powers. He still has never gone back to find the girl he lost in the future. If he can somehow get his original powers back, I think it will really help the show to thrive.


I'm happy that Milo and Hayden have confirmed that the will be returning. Especially Milo…

Sylar is the BEST Heroes character EVER!!!

I really really hope they keep Sylar and Matt. ESPECIALLY Sylar/Gabriel, he is my favorite character ever! Then they changed him in Season 4… I hope he goes back to Sylar because right now it's like he's more Gabriel than Sylar. If you get what I mean…


This is probably the best news ive heard in a while. After Heroes i started watching Alphas, not knowing it was also cancelled after the 2nd seasons. Then i watched Kyle XY which was also cancelled. Been a pretty big let down, i dont know why people stopped watching heroes either or why they cancelled it instead of giving it one last season. The entire series was great, even the first season.

I do hope that they bring back the old cast though. You can't just expect to start some brand new story even if you said it was their kids. The old cast needs to come back and if theyre not staying they need to be PHASED out not just cut out after one episode. And if it really is only 10 episodes then they should be there the whole time, 8 episodes at least.

If anyone who liked heroes is looking for a good show to watch i would recommend Warehouse 13, Once Upon A Time, and Continuum. Warehouse 13 is basically about artifacts with powers that have to be recollected. Once Upon A Time is basically all the fairy tales joined together into a big story, its a lot better than it sounds. And Continuum is about a future with highly advanced technology, but with a terrorist problem. The terrorist group goes back in time to try to change things, but a cop goes with them and trys to stop them. This is show is actually my favorite right now.

Warehouse 13 and Continuum have new seasons in April (Final season for warehouse 13), and Once Upon A Time has a few episodes of its new season already. I would also recommend Alphas and Kyle XY if you dont mind cliffhangers. The Alphas cliffhanger was WAY worse than Heroes, but the writer posted a thing online that sorta tells how it shouldve ended. Kyle XY had an ok cliffhanger, but it was still worse than heroes. And that show seemed a little weird, it actually might not be the best show out there.


I just starting watching Heros last Saturday, and I am already on Season 4. I try to watch this show 2 years ago, and it didn't keep my attention because it started off really cheesy. But once you pass the first two episodes, you can fall in love with the show! Especially, Sylar/Gabriel. #heisgreat! I hope this show stay alive.


FINALLY! My prayers have been answered! I legit cried that they canceled the show in the first place! I swear if they pull the plug again, I will go insane! The show has a great concept and is just the most amazing show I've ever seen! Let's go Heroes!!!


A lot of people hate this show for some reason,but this is the second show I have gotten my husband to not make fun of and to sit down with me and watch all 4 seasons OnDemand in 2 weeks.He loves it and so do I, also we were both disappointed when it ended with a cliffhanger and a preview for the next season and they just canceled the I'm hoping when they bring this one out they will tell us what happened to all the Original HEROES.


I watched the first two seasons, but didn't after that because it took like over a year to get new shows and lost interest. I believe that was the reason the ratings drop. So if that happens again I'll be gone again.


They have to bring back Nathan somehow. Undo his death, bring him back as a clone, have him alive in an AU version, whatever. Just have him there and interacting with his brother and his (now teenage) sons. So much can be done with his character, he could be a mentor/teacher to younger heroes. Anything. Just bring Nathan back!


If Hollywood would stop being afraid to cast Black Heroes in TV series and on the Big Screen, this would go a long way toward changing the current trend of making approximately 99.9 percent of all Movie and TV hero's white.


I love this show. I hope to see Ali Larter and Adrian Pasdar again. I enjoyed all the characters. I wouldn't mind seeing Mikah and the others too.

Hope they make new characters as well, strong plot and orderly episodes. So they won't be cancelled again.

I own all 4 DVDs.


"limited-run revival"?? Yeah right. if it's any good, they'll get greedy again and try to drag the story to 10 seasons of crap. Peter Petrelli or Hiro could've been the best superheroes ever on TV, but instead became the whiniest and always got their butts kicked by the villains.
Loved the series at first, completely lost interest halfway through season 3..


Yeeessss!! I can't wait!!! I'm sure is going to be awesome, BUT what I MOST want is to SEE. ALL the SAME CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAYDEN PANNETIERE AND ALI LARTER!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I own all 4 seasons on DVD and i'm really looking 4wrd to "#Heros Reborn"…hope it's good. Would love 2 C the character Hiro return.


Heroes was the TV show that gave me back faith in regular network programming. That faith left me quicker than it came back when NBC cancelled it.


Hopefully this is the end of reality tv and the networks will bring back smart tv … Consider journeyman, 666 park ave and/or awake…Great shows that didn't even last a season …..


Entertainment Weekly refuse to face the FACTS & TRUTH that everyone with a BRAIN already knows.
Heroes & Heroes Re-Born is Copyright Infringement & All the Artists that hack & criminal copyright infringer TIM KRING tried to rip off, will NOT stop until TIM KRING goes to PRISON for Criminal Copyright Infringement.
REMEMBER U heard it here First.


I hope they use the same actors for Hiro and Ando. They were hilarious.


Pity they don't do this for Stargate Universe and finish it properly rather than this crap..

Heros Fan

I just nutted!!!


I loved the entire series!!! Yes, the first season focused on one may villain, Sylar, but the other seasons had a lot of greatness too! I actually think the very last episode was a good ending. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE WHERE THEY GO WITH REBORN!


I look forward to this.

Also would love "Chuck" rebooted.

While you're at it, fix Lost!

Kevin Huffman

They act like everyone loved the first season the most. My favorite was ACTUALLY the FIRST part of the 2nd season. I didn't like the part with where Nathan was rounding everyone up – that season.

But I LOVED the one where they brought Mr. Petrelli back from his coma.

He was probably the most powerful hero / villain they EVER had on the show. And loved they losed the actor they did for him – sorry, forget who (though I remember that he was the bondsman in "Jackie Brown".)

I always thought that they'd somehow bring him back to life. Always liked the white guy Japanese hero (actually villian too) – been too long – as I've forgotten his name too. Always found it funny that he referred to Hiro as "Carp". I don't even remember what happened to Ando. Was he still around in the final season? I think he was as Hiro was dealing with "mind meltdown".




I hope they take this opportunity to wrap up the hallway scene with Peter and Sylar. It just seemed like they were going somewhere big with it… what a letdown it was to see the show cancelled!


Only be good if they use the same characters otherwise it's not Heros. It would have to be a lot better then the original with different characters or it will be a flop. What people want is not a new show, they want a real ending with the old people.


This is the best news ever… Cannot wait for this finisher… I was looking up to see if they had made graphic novels to tie it all up just because i felt like i was left hanging. It was an unfinished quest to me. MUST KNOW THE ENDING!


heroes was beyond coo, the best series ever!! i just hope they bring back the old characters as thats what cemented the entire show.


heroes was great,but if you save the world in the first season,what's left? i think they bet on only one season,and when it took off,the writers scrambled.many missteps happened and it is sad that a greater story and plot line never materialized.that is fine when a sophomore season seems a bit confused.but again and again,it seemed rushed and poorly thought out.although,like "lost" it is ripe for spin offs and specials such as this. i always though a prequel would've been great as far as providing insight.the scenes with young angela,deveaux and linderman were my favorite.a peek into the origins and a story about the developement of primatech would've really added to the story and provide more possible story arch for current plot lines.but again,like lost,too many great ideas and not enough focus.the notion ofr a travelling circus hiding and collecting "mutants"is a great notion and an excellent vehicle for a super nemesis to gain strength,but the final showdown was a final let down.basically two human bulldozers in a pissing match.i certainly hope this new go round is much more fleshed out so it can really generate a buzz.television has and continues to be in a state of flux.writing,budget and audience is completely different than when the show initially aired. i hope they're ready…i know i am.

Patrick Gelsthorpe-Robinson

I cant believe this show was ended and SLAGGED OFF and called a Train Wreck, I loved every episode, all of what was Aired on TV was Fantastic!!! All the old cast must return, it wouldnt be Heroes without them, by all means bring in new Acters but the original must return


I wouldn't mind a new cast, but best bet would most likely be to continue on from the end of season 4. Have the original cast for the first few episodes to help transition the new ones in the story… and get back to the damn virus! I was so pissed when they basically took it from being a worldwide epidemic to more pussification than the common cold.


I really hope they are able to reunite the cast, being that we spent the entire time learning their quirks. My favorite–Hiro Nakamoto (played by Masi Oka).


why do we have to wait so long :(


so happy I almost cried


Yazzzz! Ohmigosh, I literally cannot wait. That was the BEST show. Honestly, while not as good as the first season, I didnt really mind the 2nd and 3rd. I loved the show all 4 seasons so I dont really get why people disliked it SO much…I mean, yeah, it could have been better…but still.
Anyway, yeah… cant wait! Yay! :D


I wish they would bring back Firefly instead

Art Scott

WOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO! I LOVE it. I loved that show when it was on, grieved for it when it was over.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for even ONE more episode!!!


Series canNOT drag on forever! One or two seasons of this would have been great. If this one-shot works, I hope they do the same for the reboot of V.


the first season was awesome. the 2nd and 3rd not so great. but the last was back on form and then they dropped it just as it was getting back into its stride. stop mucking around with the powers. ditch sylar. hes far too powerful an enemy, and the back an forth is he good or is he bad was just annoying. and everyone doesnt have to be related to everyone else either lol.




Can we have a "Chuck Reborn"?!




Thank god! This was the best show i hope they continue the story and return the characters!


Why? It started out good but stopped being good do to lack of plot. I mean if they managed to develop a decent plot and story for it to stand It could be good. But I am very skeptical. I was a fan, then it just got old fast.




I made it to the end of the awful second season before giving up. The first season was great.

I don't hate the idea of shows returning though (this, 24, Arrested Development). Bring on VERONICA MARS REBORN!!!! :D Oh, and maybe someday, HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!



Matthew McCooke

this is awsome

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