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News Anchor Mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

News Anchor Mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

If the whole being his own genre thing doesn’t work out, Samuel L. Jackson can always make a living holding clueless journalists’ feet to the fire. You may recall about this time last year he stuck it to a reporter who wanted to discuss Django Unchained‘s use of “the n-word” without actually saying the word, and this time it’s a local news correspondent who wants to congratulate him on his big Super Bowl ad. One problem: The Matrix-themed ad actually starred Laurence Fishburne. You can see the reporter turning sideways as off-camera personnel desperately try to rescue him from the gaffe, but Jackson catches on, and resists the reporter’s attempt to pivoty to the more value-neutral subject of the RoboCop remake, in which Jackson plays — irony alert! — a TV talk-show host. 

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Peter Veerhoven Sam? I think you mean "Paul Veerhoven". I guess all white guys run together in your head….


Wow dumb mistake, and Sam was less than gracious about it. The problem is when somebody makes a mistake like this with someone Black there is an extra level of "offense" that people read into it. As if to say it couldn't JUST be a dumb mistake – it's obviously RACISM, because after all, he's a straight white male and we don't like them much.


OMG, I think I just fell in love with SLJ. :D That was hilarious.


White folks calm down. He was joking with the reporter. Dont cry. smh

Clara Bradford

Don't blame him at all…never should've called him Lawrence, and knowing Samuel L. Jackson's ability to 'diminish' and 'decimate' with his tongue…the guy did well to come out of this match with his skin still covering his body. Samuel L. Jackson was "supposed" to burn the skin off his bones…oh well… Maybe next time he'll realize who he's addressing and he won't NEED to apologize in the first place.


I think the biggest problem is that the interviewer is an entertainment reporter, that is his JOB to know Hollywood celebrities be they white or black and to NOT know that Samuel Jackson wasn't in the commercial is just sad. That's like a sports reporter getting Tom Brady confused with Peyton Manning. Oh that's right…they're WHITE.


The reporter was ignorant for not being better prepared beforehand as to who exactly he was interviewing. Having said that, Samuel L. Jackson did NOT seem the least bit angry. Annoyed, yes. Angry, no. Like all good actors/comedians, he simply milked a funny moment to the fullest. I guess had he been a White actor/comedian talking to a Black reporter, people would be criticizing the reporter instead for making the mistake. Proof that race does determine our perception.

Steve O

Come on Samuel beat it to the ground give the guy a break, he apologized and said he was


Big effing deal. This really seemed like newsworthy to you twits?!


gee Sam… taking it a liiiiiiiittle too far aren't wee? there's a thing called class… when someone exhibits a faux pas and tries their best to be apologetic and move on, it's a little undignified to keep harping on it like a scratched record. In fact it made you look like a much bigger fool than the guy who screwed up to begin with… not to mention your holding on to it took what would have been a funny, rather small awkward moment and turned it into a tedious, hugely uncomfortable rant that hardly anyone would want to sit through. Congratulations on making 90% of the public feel bad for the other guy.


Miss Wall, calm down…He was being comedic, not angry.

bill e. bobb

Gee, here I thought Sammy Jackson looks just like Snoop E. Dogg……..

Miss Wall

KINDNESS PEOPLE, KINDNESS….. Samuel Jackson has a lot of anger in him and he could not even accept the apologies. Like he's never made a mistake in his life? or maybe he just wanted to hold on to the race part. I think if TMZ wants to steer it, Sammy Rubin needs to stay on it and keep reminding the audience, how many times he DID apologized for the mistake on the air. Jackson did not accept the apology.

Jerry Driggs

WIRED420, you're a moron. When people don't agree to your stupid political ideology, doesn't make them racists. It makes them intelligent.


Who cares? They are both racist pricks. Go back and look at their tweets from during the Second Obama election.


Lol!!!! Wow . They don't even look alike, I guess some ppl think all black folks look the same. LMBAO!!

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