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Ricki Lake to Explore Dangers of Hormonal Birth Control in New Doc

Ricki Lake to Explore Dangers of Hormonal Birth Control in New Doc

I don’t know of any woman who hasn’t seen Ricki Lake’s The Business of Being Born. The Abby Epstein-directed documentary from 2008 exposes how our dysfunctional health care system has resulted in the second worst newborn death rate among developed nations and the overall devaluation of the birthing process as a medical, biological, and familial experience. 

Lake and Epstein are teaming up again to make Sweetening the Pill, a new nonfiction feature that focuses on the underreported dangers of hormonal birth control. Based on the upcoming book Sweetening The Pill, Or How We Became Hooked On Hormonal Birth Control by Holly Grigg-Spall, the documentary will “take a look at the dangers of the Pill and alternative options available in the wake of recent civil lawsuits over oral contraceptives Yaz and Yasmin, as well as health complaints over the Nuvaring, which have been shown to cause fatal blood clots in some women,” according to Deadline.

“In the fifty years since its release, the birth control pill has become synonymous with women’s liberation and has been thought of as some sort of miracle drug,” say Lake and Epstein. “But now it’s making women sick, and so our goal with this film is to wake women up to the unexposed side effects of these powerful medications and the unforeseen consequences of repressing women’s natural cycles.”

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It’s about time we women star standing up and taking care of our bodies.For years we have been putting poison in our bodies just for men it’s time they start taking hormones to stop pregnancy if they are not ready for children , women have done if for years and it has caused so many health problems for us I think it would be a great thing for men to start taking there part in preventing unwanted or not ready for a child so please men stand up and do your part.It would actually be to your advantage in a way then you don’t have the worry of relying on a women’s word saying she is taking the pill and she can’t get pregnant just to find down the line she is pregnant unfortunately some women do this just to get pregnant so they can trap a man for what ever reasons they may have so here’s your chance to protect yourself and to also let women not have to be the one taking the hormones that do do much more damage to there bodies then it would ever do to a man.


Will anyone cover the new non-hormonal and easily reversible birth control methods for men?? they are RISUG and Vasalgel.

RISUG is now being administer in India thanks to a large bit of help from the indian government and its newer versions have been shown to help fight agains prostate cancer as well hair loss!

Vasalgel is undergoing clinical trials here in the US and is scheduled to begin its human trials phase late 2014.


Aw. Common, I heard a male doc on NPR saying how this was just a great breakthrough in fighting the disease of pregnancy. Why, a woman could use this poison all her fertile life and skip happily along without a care. It was on NPR for crying out loud. It must be good for women.


The book is actually already out. Available since around October 2013.

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