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Rumor: Michael B. Jordan Has Met With Zack Snyder For ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ And Recurring DC Universe Role

Rumor: Michael B. Jordan Has Met With Zack Snyder For 'Batman Vs. Superman' And Recurring DC Universe Role

Earlier this week, Michael B. Jordan was (mostly) confirmed as one of the new “Fantastic Four” over at Fox. And so, while Latino Review are reporting that the actor has met with Zack Snyder for a potential role in “Batman Vs. Superman,” we don’t see it happening for the simple reason that Fox won’t want their “Fantastic Four” lead popping up in a rival franchise. But that’s not the important part of this rumor.

According to the site, it’s a for a recurring role, one that will feature more prominently in later DC Comics films. Given that Jordan is African-American, that is leading to some speculation that the role could be that of John Stewart/Green Lantern or Victor Stone/Cyborg, but of course that’s a presumption. The DC universe is large, and let’s hope that casting is not just sticking to the skin color from the comics to fill in the numerous roles. Jordan as Dick Grayson would be an interesting idea, or even as The Flash who has long been rumored to pop up in the “Man Of Steel” sequel.

All this said, what seems to be clear is Warner Bros. and DC Comics are aiming to expand their cinematic universe quickly, even if just in cameos for now. But with someone like Jordan being mentioned, the hope seems to be landing names that could carry their own movies down the line. Again, this is all speculation and nothing is official until WB says so. And it should be noted, that for all the rumors, WB has been remarkable at keeping things secret—no one predicted Jesse Eisenberg or Jeremy Irons would be cast, or that Lex Luthor as a character would be so young.

And moreover, there’s all kinds of time for WB to plot their moves as “Batman Vs. Superman” isn’t due in theaters until May 6, 2016.

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Lol you guts don't get the skin color thing? Its simple. You want someone who looks the part just like how you wouldn't want a blonde batman if your a comic book fan you wouldn't want a black one. The character is white dark haired its just how he looks. Its not racist. I'm black I don't want a black batman or flash and actually I hate Jon Stewart he is a token character is rather have hal


MBJ would be great as Cyborg as he is close to the age and would be able to make it believable.

That Kid

Green Lantern would be cool, Nightwing and Flash would be great if not fanboy enraging. He'll he'd be a great Superboy.

Calling It Now


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