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Rumor: The Wachowskis Prepping New ‘The Matrix’ Trilogy

Rumor: The Wachowskis Prepping New 'The Matrix' Trilogy

When Keanu Reeves picked the red pill in “The Matrix,” he kicked off an adventure that became bigger than anyone could have imagined. Not only did the Wachowskis‘ breakout 1999 blockbuster become a massive hit, it spawned a huge franchise with two (pretty bad and borderline-incomprehensible) sequels, video games and anime prequels. It was a major a pop culture phenomenon and if these reports are true, Warner Bros. wants the world to plug back in.

Latino Review is reporting that the Wachowskis are already at work on treatments and outlines for a new trilogy of Matrix films. Whoa! But hold up, these will apparently be prequels, and won’t take into consideration the stories created for “The Animatrix.” Warner Bros. apparently wants these movies ready so they can slug it out with “Avatar” and “Star Wars” in 2017. There are no other details, though LR say “one of the early outlines was about the birth of the Matrix.”

Again, this is a rumor, so treat it as such, but there is some logic behind the idea that WB would want to give new life to one of their most valuable franchises. And certainly, after “Cloud Atlas” and “Speed Racer,” the goodwill and big budgets the Wachowskis are still able to get may be running out (especially if “Jupiter Ascending” tanks). Thoughts? Let’s just hope there are no rave scenes this time.

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Jana Bess

Well, 2 & 3 were at the very least ambitious and brilliant failures (I think more). But I am not arguing either way. I am ranting a bit about the tired criticisms parroted by those who don’t care one way or another, except trying to look smart by criticizing something brilliant. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people like that on the internet. Sometimes I just have to get out my trusty internet fly swatter and clear a path.

face facts

Sorry, Matrix 2 & 3 sucked and yes, the original was brilliant. #facefacts

Jana Bess

I maintain and curate a website about the Wachowskis new project (Sense8) and encounter every day people who think they have opinions but have no need for manners, among other things. Basically, it has become hip to rip on the Wachowskis. If you’re hip enough to know what "We don’t need no stinking badges" or "You talkin’ to me?" then you also have to show your towering intellectual status by criticizing the most intellectually breathtaking filmmakers out there… and show it by a) Matrix was good, the other sucked b) the Wachowskis keep failing, quit giving them money, and c) making reference to rave scenes. I would like to advise all these wanna be Wachowskis to get their own franchise, and to create creative props on their own dime.


wow dude you really said the matrix sequals were bad LOL. #noob


How can they plan a trilogy on a franchise that the brothers were convicted of stealing? Or rather I should say, they lost the plagiarism court case. (Or did they only steal the original Matrix?)


What they should do is go back and thoroughly "re-imagine" the sequels so that they live up to the potential offered by the first film. Not just a director's cut, they should streamline the cut, develop and execute new sequences digitally, and basically use 20/20 hindsight to revise the sequels so that they are actually entertaining and work. Yes, I am actually suggesting that Warner Bros./Village Roadshow should pay everyone to go back in for 60 days and fix that hot mess.

Those monstrosities are an anchor around the Matrix brand and until someone figures out a way to erase them from history (or fix them), any future Matrix sequels will be unable to monetize the full potential of the series.


haters gonna hate


I really don't underpaid why people say the sequels were bad? :s

jorge carreon

The fact that "you"didn't understand the sequels doesn't mean they're incomprehensible, let alone bad. You are entitled to your opinion, of course, anf if you didn't like them it "is" ok, but it is as clear that the Wachowskis don't give a shit about what critics think about them, and for that I'm thankful, so they can continue making great films like cloud atlas for me to love and for you to loathe.

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