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Samuel L. Jackson: ’12 Years A Slave’ Proof That Hollywood Still Isn’t Ready To Deal w/ Racism

Samuel L. Jackson: '12 Years A Slave' Proof That Hollywood Still Isn't Ready To Deal w/ Racism

Thank God for Samuel L. Jackson. He’s one of the few big
movie actors today who is always quotable. He always has something interesting
to say – whether you agree with him or not. This time it’s about racism and

In an interview in the International Business Times over the weekend, Jackson said that Hollywood, by and large, still avoids dealing with racism and that 12 Years A Slave
is a perfect example of that.

According to Jackson, the only reason why the film got
made was because director Steve McQueen
is British and not African-American, implying, I assume, that his take on
slavery would be “safer” in a manner
of speaking.

As Jackson said: “I would think that if an African-American
director went into a studio and pitched that particular film, they would be like:
‘No, no, no.’ It is a film about African-Americans – a dark period of
history that they don’t like to explore in that particular way.

He further added that: “Look, I’m glad 12 Years got made and it’s
wonderful that people are seeing it and there is another view of what happened
in America. But I’m not real sure why Steve McQueen wanted to tackle that
particular sort of thing.

I should, at this point, add that personally I’ve always thought and have said that the fact that McQueen was not African-American made him more likely to make a film
about slavery, since I hold that African-Americans are still too psychologically
shell-shocked, and therefore African American directors too, in dealing with the subject. But then
that’s me (Charles Burnett’s Nightjohn and Gordon Parks’ Solomon Northup’s Odyessy, the original 12 Years A Slave, being a few exceptions).

Jackson went on to say that a film such as Fruitvale Station is more honest and “braver” than 12 Years was, in
dealing with the subject of race in America:

It explains things like the shooting of
Trayvon Martin, the problems with stop and search, and is just more poignant. America
is much more willing to acknowledge what happened in the past: ‘We freed the
slaves! It’s all good!’ But to say: ‘We are still unnecessarily killing black
men’ – let’s have a conversation about that.

So what do you say. Do you agree with Jackson, or is he
talking nonsense?

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intrested movie

so called negro

Second comment was from an article the part about moral blindness I wanted to share although a bit harsh again *God bless����

so called negro

mind to what is happening to blacks rather anyone else admits it or not. SLAVERY IS WRONG it doesn’t matter if others were Enslaved outside of America. Whites today aren’t to blame for what their ancestors did to our ancestors. They are to blame for continuing the teachings of there forefathers by hurting us blacks today calling us names and trying to hurt us emotionally financially physically and mentally.. I’m not going to call it out because I’m over it and I know they better start treating us right and leave us alone and stop bullying us and lying about Jesus I wouldn’t have minded if he were white but why do whites steal everything and lie about it? Who cares anymore I don’t. Jesus died for all our sins even White people if we choose him he doesn’t care about our skin color he made us so what if God had skin the color of an olive that’s not a reason to deceive others to make God in your image it doesn’t matter anymore what matters is we can overcome all this and conquer it in love. No more blaming some will change and others God will avenge. Hate no one. God bless Love whites love all people.

so called negro

Moral blindness – this is huge. Every single black person in the eyes of white people is the sign of a terrible crime from their ugly past, a reminder that their life is a fraud, that they are pretty much nothing more than armed robbers. But #1 and #2 make it hard for them to simply own up to their past and make it right. Instead they deny, shift blame, lie, twist facts and make black people into these creatures that they look down on, laugh at and yet, oddly, fear. It is a failed attempt to be at peace with themselves. This is why whites need to give reparations more than blacks need to receive it.

so called negro

Hollywood favors whites and will not let blacks forget what they did to us to make us feel like they are so powerful and important. Ppl dont fret this is the time to get with Jesus Christ . He will be here . They say he is never coming back but it’s just by his grace we have time to rid ourselves of all evil before he comes. They say he is not real because they don’t want to believe they will be punished. Whites didn’t invent Christianity they stole it and what they tried to use to trick us (the Bible)to keep us in a non violent state of mind turned out to work for our good. It kept us humble it kept us strong it taught us to love God more than they did how about that? And most of all it was the true word of God and that’s where they messed up because we know the truth we shall not perish


Leave it to this idiot, to make another asinine racial comment. This guy is such a loser. As long as he is being paid, he will except any role, and any movie.




I agree. White culture has been like this for way too long and that’s why they are "dying out". Truly a culture built on lies, bullying, cruelty, ignorance, and fear… Any and every topic can be explored EXCEPT those that impact black people in a way that makes them look in any way superior to whites; to include them being portrayed as the villains in the story of history. Ask ANY young kid about the Haitian revolution and they don’t know… Why? Because slaves KILLED their white devil masters…FINALLY! But they know about the holocaust don’t they… They know who nazis are and say words like "über" not even knowing the etymology…

P e

All I will say is notice that he called the director british only not African British but when referring to a black american director he said African American . I could probably write a book about why but I just think the act of saying it speaks volumes.


Next time we’re going to invent the cotton combine faster.


Steve McQueen died in 1980. Why is he still making movies?!

    Dilly Bean Cork

    Yeah I was wundering wai or hao the film could be directed by an actor who died like 30 plus years ago?


so literally its once again america going around evily telling countries to submit to them…then getting angry that a British filmmaker does it to them? americans are pathetic…


Bad news


Im not sure if Samuel Jackson understands this. A very big source of racism in US right now is because of black people. They are not ready to move on or be a productive part of the society. The whites living in the country right now had nothing to do with racism 150 years ago. Its time to move and stop flogging a dead horse. Indians and hispanics far outnumber the blacks now and yet they are proving to be a useful part of the society and economy. Maybe blacks are not that important after all. They need to stop acting like they are.

M. Bollers

So what do you say. Do you agree with Jackson, or is he talking nonsense?

I will keep my comment short and sweet. I totally agree with Mr. Jackson!

open-minded thinker

Only in america. happy late 9/11 day :)


America continues to ignore the issues of race we have in this country when you have organization's like the skin heads and the KKK still operating on US soil you know racism is still a problem on our soil. America was built and enriched on the back's of slaves and still let's us get killed by police like it ain't shit. Desegregation set us back 100 years because segregation forced blacks had to be independent and rely on each other we had Black businesses black churches black school's black banks black movie studios black law firms black hospitals. Now we are a powerless race because we don't have our money together.


he cray


Anyone with color should know you cant get darker by adding white.
Therefore anyone who identifies themselves as anything other than white your colored.
We act like back when the civil rights movement was going on they had signs for all different races. Ummmm no im pretty sure it was what?
Whites or Colored.

Know thyself and know God

I think that its funny how every race fight each other over this bull shit.

First of all race and ethnicity is bullshit everyone knows that when the white man was traveling the world he would name off the countries and people that he so called "found". So no one really knows who they are or what they were calling themselves before the white man came and raped every single so called race.


As a verified racist, Jackson might not be a great source of information.


How wonderful. An article written about a black actor who hates white people? Followed by a comments section riddled with racist remarks about Chinese people? Written by at least 2 misguided idiots , at least one of whom is a militant black criminal who seems proud to be on welfare? Nice job guys. My hope for mankind dwindles by the day.


mr Jackson makes good points. and now that he said it I too am glad that it was an afro Briton who made '12 years a slave'. however I don't get mr Jackson saying
__Look, I'm glad 12 Years got made and it's wonderful that people are seeing it and there is another view of what happened in America. But I'm not real sure why Steve McQueen wanted to tackle that particular sort of thing."__…why shouldn't McQueen tackle it? Jewish people will not let the holocaust/shul be forgotten so why should we let the slavery be forgotten.


I hope the real Solomon wasn't this stupid. He has a plush life in the north as a free man, and this idiot gets tricked by a couple of strangers he's never met and wakes up a slave. Then he cries about it for 12 years. And he whips his girlfriend. What a douche.

Very boring movie. The characters are 2 dimensional: all the blacks are angels, all the whites are devils. No plot, no chronology, no transitions between scenes. Poorly filmed. No music. I think the Academy felt so sorry for the filmmakers they gave them an award out of pity.

Why keep making such racist movies? All they do is show black people as slaves. How does that help? Why not show the truth: black people are athletes, businessmen, lawyers, politicians etc…


This dumb Jackson reaching into the barrel of? Look at him Bruce Willis. Pretending. He be with it . Hollywood a product & clowns pretend. Cause if you wasn't there or enlisted your a clown.


To all the suspected white supremacist….enjoy the sunshine

The real truth

The blacks are unintelligent cliche….me thinks the lady does protest to much..

Politically incorrect

He really is such an A$$!!
He is the proverbial angry Blackman and he is the racist one!!

The truth

Blacks need to stop blaming everybody else for their problems and start contributing to society. They require more government assistance and commit more crime than any other race, and it's not even close. The only skill most blacks seem proficient in is using guilt and racism against others as leverage to gain sympathy, and all the while their rape, murder and welfare rates are through the roof.

The only solution is this: controlled breeding. A naturally unintelligent and aggressive breed should not be reproducing at the rates blacks are reproducing. Take some personal responsibility and stop being such a burden on society.


Blacks cry constantly about fairness…. They ruined public schools….. Detroit, Oakland, Cincy, Baltimore and soon Chicago will be laid to ruins by blacks… Thanks for screwing up the land of milk and honey. Soon Whites will run out of suburbs and private schools and we'll all (White) move back to Europe… America will be Africa/Mexico combined in 50 years.. Disease, murder, raper and torture…..


"Every race other than blacks has recovered from slavery"

Uh . . . Black raper? I hope that's a typo.
Anyhooo, you've forgotten a little something called SEGREGATION. During segregation, the racial bigotry and violence against blacks, simply because of our skin color continued, along with BS social norms to impede our process (bigots fighting against school integration, equal medical services, equal pay, for example). And far too often that "violence" included rape to try to keep us in line. Also, the myth of blacks still needing whites to lead continued being spread and remnants of that mindset still exist today. Examples from that segregated time period include the UDC (United Daughter's of the Confederacy) trying to lobby Washington in 1923 for a National Mammy Monument. There was also a "school" proposed to help guide blacks into domestic servitude. You should know that blacks were at the forefront in protesting these aberrations that claimed pay homage to us.

Blacks who got their college degrees or deemed"uppity" no matter where they resided in the US during segregation, were either run out of town or found hanging from a tree (even black women were victims of lynchings). So as far as your "every other race has recovered" you've conveniently forgotten that some people still practice racism, either covertly or hidden. One recent example is the University of Alabama getting busted for denying black females, many of whom had GPAs over 4.0 and other qualifications, to pledge. And their reason? Because the students were black (white students involved in the process spoke out against the practice)

If you Google University of Alabama, the story will magically appear. In closing, it's difficult to "get over" something that hasn't ended yet, that being racial discrimination, which many of your posts chillingly illustrate.

The truth



African Americans are marginalized in their own country, which their ancestors help build and make into the richest country in history. The're still treated as if they're slaves, still totally controlled by the children of former slavers. They still must beg them to even release a picture about their own history in this country from some who arrived centuries after their ancestors trip here on slave/rum ships.

The truth

What white supremacist don't realise is that,the racist white supremacist global beast which you have created,once it devours everything around, guess what,it will only begin to devour itself….only a matter of time.

The truth

White supremacy will ultimately lose to truth and justice,which is why i enjoy hearing racists speak,as you may tell, I get a kick out of it…please keep it coming.


It's not just steve mqueen all the in-work black actors in Hollywood now are foreign mostly british.
They have now worked out a way to get black faces on screen WITHOUT having to give aa's jobs and everyone is happy as most aa's are blissfully ignorant of this fact and are just happy to see a dark face on screen.
Lupita being great example of this, showcasing black beauty and elegance with great acting ability without all the baggage that African Americans come along with -it is also an age old ploy to pit aa against foreign blks with the foreign blks coming out on top.
having said that, steve mqueen is of west indian decent and has every right to talk about slavery but its interesting that the film, was set in America and NOT the Caribbean though lol!

The truth

@blackraper the major problem you have is I know the psychology of white supremacy, how it works and how it manipulates and hides behind the symptoms of its own creation..very very sophisticated. That's why I can't take you seriously, all you can do is point to symptoms which leave an inevitable trail back to people with the same inane injudicious thought process. But I do find you humorous non the less

The truth

I love racists and their racist views,it tickles me pink. Black folk to need to realise that white racism is a necessity in the construct of white western culture,it's the concrete for the foundation of this white western culture and black genetics are the major threat to that construct. The black genotype can annihilate the white gene off the face of the earth,to which they are well aware. To hide or distort african American history is an age old ploy,which generally works on the less aware masses,but is easily debunked by the more intellectual observants of actual historic facts. If the racists want to persist with such erroneous concocted tales of the past, please do so to less educated, that's fine you can fool them…but please not me,thank you


Since the beginning of this country it was founded on theft murder and slaves whites wanting something for nothing. This country taught us how to steal when they took it from the Indians and now you go to jail for it, but if I could go back in time I would show my ancestors what all trouble they caused and tell them to get off their ass and pick their own damn cotton all of this could have been prevented but like since the beginning the majority of the people want something for nothing even today take a good look around at how people really are and you will see

The truth

@shannon your adaptation of history is hilarious,my cheeks hurts from laughing!

black guy

@shannon there are far more whites who recieve food stamps than blacks
@nunya we as black people are the only race of people who have been enslaved in such a way as to totally strip the people of there culture and ancestry.
Not to mention the institutionalization of racism which has just become illegal within the last 50 years, but is still very much prevalent.


This is so ridiculous, I love how 'African-Americans' honestly believe that they're the only people whose ancestors have ever been enslaved and demand reparations


Someone in the higher ranks of the entertainment industry has waged war on the people with a divide and conquer, as well as a fear provoking agenda. EXAMPLE: Drake- a former Disney star that was set from day one and never poverty stricken. However, somehow after he became known as Drake the singer (not the Disney star) he sings about being a drug dealer, why? (Also look into other Disney entertainers mysterious transformations with high influence such as Lindsey and Miley ect. that promote division within family morals.) We can foresee that a fraction of the money from the top 1% (Rockafellers, Rothchilds, Morgans, ect.) would eradicate poverty. This poverty in society amongst the minorities has lead them to the illegal methods of income due to poor education and an abundance of other misfortunes. The reason racism still exists and black on black crime is still relevant is because our government is playing a key role in not helping them succeed. Furthermore, they are making the problem worse with hollywood influence as well as a cluster of other things including our overflowing prison system. Thrive the movie—–watch it/learn it

Antonio riggins

Hell yeah I agree the truth is the light if you dont wanna deal with it build a time machine and change history but since that will never happen deal with it and pay how you stay


Umm.. Actually if you are a black man you are more likely to get killed by other black man, not by white man. So.. White people are not killing black people, they are killing each other


Ever notice blacks are NEVER villains in movies or TV shows?


He's one to talk. Sticking it to the Man while making millions off the man. Why doesnt he tuse some of his influence to make an African-American film hes passionate about? Get off the plane, take off the patch and get serious about race, Mr. Jackson

carlos arguello

I just read that a cure for cancer could be in the mind the dark skinned 21 year old who found ithis way into the prison systems. All implied persecution by the white man. Well how about this… The same 21 year old with the cure for cancer in his mind… he's decided the white man Owed him something. Has become resentful and demanding his rights. He's decided to be an activist and demand rights rather than go to college and find a cure for cancer. In other words, he's been tied down by the division that has been created in America since this administration took office

Arthur J. Matthews

Samuel L. Jackson, has a lot of creditability to it. America, is fascinated with how African Americans were treated as Slaves. It seems as though because the Slaves were freed, that that should be the answer, yet the treatment of the Countries first African American President, is a reminder of were we stand in America. The killing of our young men and women, is an example of how far we have come. In the late 1980's or early 1990's, a film came on HBO, called "Cosmic Slop". A story about space people wanting America, to exchange their darker African Americans for gold. An African American Politician, was used to convince the African American population, that they should go. There was more outrage from the Whites I worked with and nothing from my African American workers. The show was taken off the air, immediately, Why? Fruitvale Station, shows and teaches us how valuable a young African American's life is. The killing of our men of color both by racist police and practices or by young African Americans, who have guns being brought into the community with drugs, no concern or knowledge of the weapon, and killing has to stop. This is how I read Samuel L. Jacksons article. To me racism is a product of fear. The question is: Are we Progressing or are we comfortable living in the Oppressive form of life?


If the truth is told we are all racists, black, white or any colour skin in between. we all feel safer and more comfortable when we are with our own ilk. Why do you think we had tribes!!!!
I would like to see the word racist removed from our vocabulary it is soooooo over used that it has lost its true meaning.


I'm so sick of hearing black people try to cut of white people by just saying one word whenever something happens. Racist. The rest of the world doesn't try get to cut through the forrest and ahead of everyone else that works hard and is not racist by taking gumdrop pass whenever they say one word. The racist pointing the finger needs to be done and away with, you know what they say usually the people that are shouting or blaming a girlfriend or a person for something that they dont know about is usually because they themselves are the ones doing what they despise so much and projecting out to others.


He seems to HATE white people. Let's do a movie on the whole, dirty truth about slavery. NOT just African slaves, but ALL of it. Who sold who? Who owned slaves? Who started the slave trade? Who died to save slaves? Do American black people care about the slaves stolen from places like Ethiopia and sold in the Middle East, today, right this minute? Is he SO messed up because of what happened over 100 years ago? Really? Tell your suffering to all the little girls and boys that will be raped today because they have been sold into sex slavery. I am SO sick of his whining, SHUT UP! Go visit Ethiopia and other African countries. Take up a CAUSE that helps people right this minute.


If my great grandma lived long enough to tell me what happened with her,her siblings and her mother during those times Obviously it has not been long enough for things to be forgiven and forgotten,specially if there are people that think like the hateful people in these comments.
i am 18 if anyones wondering my age >_>

…A lot of you guys make me hate the human race all together-i'd rather have been born rat then human. People are horrible to live with or be around. I am not finding the silver lining-everything has been over weighed with more negative aspects and failures to be proud of human kinds achievements…

Bob Morrison

Who's killing black men in America? Other blacks! The only conversation that needs to be held is in the black community. Blacks run Detroit and, largely, Chicago — 2 cities also which just happen to be run by Democrats! Clean up your own houses, stop the killing and stop the rampant corruption & Socialism. Then let's see all the supposed racism that remains in the rest of America turns out to be fabricated nonsense. Obama was elected president twice! Gimme a break!


@sinbad. Stfu now. Please and thank you :)


I'd like to see Hollywood put out a movie about a black slavemaster in America. After all, a black slave had a 5% chance of being owned by a black. Sold by blacks in Africa (to the Portuguese, most likely) and put to work in black man's field in the deep south. What, no good for the narrative?

Ok, how about this, then: a movie about a family of Whites who are captured and enslaved by black Barbary Pirates. For 300 years, the Barbary Pirates of Africa abducted more than a million white European men, women and children (they didn't purchase them, they stole them) and sold them into slavery in North Africa. How do you think the indoctrinated American idiot consumer would handle that one? What, still no good?

Ok then, how about movie about a modern day black family enslaved in Africa, by other blacks. Still a very common thing, right? But seemingly unnoticed by those who are more interested in exploiting blacks by continuing to villainize whites. I guess I just answered my own question – no, it'll never work.

Blacks aren't the only race to suffer from slavery, we all have. Blacks are just the only race that can't recover from it, despite receiving more help from their former captors than any race ever.

Tammy Noel Smith

All I can say is…Get involved with The Frederick Douglas Foundation!! See the documentary put out by this outstanding group of people,"Runaway Slave".Talk about truth! I am a white middle aged woman and this documentary spoke volumes about what's behind all the continual racism behind the liberals.Having children from Ethiopia,knowing the Ethiopian people first hand,they would be livid if I brought my children home to America and then proceeded to teach them they are victims!!! Every black American NEEDS to visit Africa!! Come back and tell us what you think then of your 'oppression'…..


Movies like 12 Years are important because a well-scripted, well-shot, well-acted film can bring the reality of a situation and a period into sharp focus. For people of today for whom actual visceral experience of slavery is only found in history books, such a movie as this is hugely significant. As a white male living in today's world, I can only vaguely imagine what it must have been like for a slave. Seeing a movie like this makes it a lot more concrete and confronting. I will say only three movies have ever brought me to tears and this was the latest one. The significance of this unspeakable shame in history that played such a major role in the forging of a nation cant be allowed to diminish with time. Too many souls suffered for too long for their memory to fade. I dont like any of the cliche fear to appear politically correct and jump on the anti-racism bandwagon that we're seeing in the media all the time. Many are sincere in their condemnation of it, but many are just trying not to look ignorant. Thats why a film like this is special, because it can really touch you in those deep uncomfortable ways that bring you face to face with your humanity, and the shadow of inhumanity that haunts our collective unconscious. I respect SLJ's viewpoint. As a black man he has the right to such views and his point is no doubt valid, and doesnt diminish the timely importance of 12 Years.


Lissa Chase? If you're Jewish then you are NOT white!


Carliey? If you're Jewish then you are NOT white!

Sabir Bey

The point Jackson was trying to make was that there are two sides to slavery and until America's Colonists can deal with the other more cruel and accurate side to slavery then racism will continue to exist. And that more cruel and accurate side is the truthful kidnapping of our people in our own land here in America not Africa. We are not from Africa we are the original Copper color indigenous people found here when Christo Colombo arrived. The real "indians" that were not killed by European colonists by some stupid bio-warfare and rampant disease spread are us so called black, negro, colored and african-american people. Over here We are the Moors we aren't black. Most of us were simply stolen from home (in America) and taken to another part of the continent and labeled black for the sake of servitude. 90% of those enslaved were already here in America. That is the other small quick message Jackson wants people to pick up from home boy's "enslavement" Kidnapping.
Btw No the people they show on television are not the real indigenous americans…they came like a couple thousand years ago. We are the Ibhri or Hebrew (those words do not mean black at all) or those who crossed the river (atlantic ocean now) in ancient times.


Slavery in American and European was a holocaust against Africans. Face the facts. If we can watch Jesus Christ getting whipping and crucified for our sins. Maybe it's time everyone to see a more brutal slavery movie. I agree with the fact that Hollywood can't show the reality of what a bunch of people, yes they were white, did to slaves. But here's the big part. If all African Americans, or Blacks which ever you want to be considered, if you really want to move on and heal. Then you gotta forgive the sob of the 1800's. That will be hard. But don't blame those of us who want equality for everyone.
I am white. I am proud to be white I also am Jewish. I am not a villain, I do not go around saying things like why do black people hate whites. It clearly understandable why white people are still look upon as the "bad guy". Rights to blacks were given about 50-60 years ago. So yeah there is a lot of animosity towards us. So the truth is we gotta give them time to heal. How would you feel if a race your part of had millions of deaths and suffered. I know my family has being Jewish and all. Not a lot of my family came out.

So someone make a real slavery movie, and then let's try improving our world for the kids we have now.


How about everyone in this heated debate give a minute of thought and consider a Anthony Johnson (Virginia colonist) dramatized biopic / screenplay should go, and turn it into a movie. Put whatever director and actors you want with your ideal choice in pedigree. It's all about the raw truth, right?


i tried to send the book but i dont want yous to get spammed


hollywood and those that run it plain do not like the truth of slavery period. They will have everyone believe that the white adamic british God s Actual Chosen Ones called Israel are british covenent men. and By truth. the British were the first ones to end slavery and america following suit . If you want the truth you will never get it from hollywood, In my opinion Hollywood is very unforgive, harsh, and cruel people, and I am not referring to the actors but those that have money that backs it. To me they seem oh so judgemental, and say such harsh things like Nicolas Cage being a joke. or just how washed up certain actors are. To me they seem like they are totally stuck on themselves and is the best thing since sliced bread. I mean look at the movies about God s Word like Noah, perfect in his generation and some nitwit has noah pegged as a murderer. these people are sick in their heads and need a good talking to. I know who they are, I know what they are . and I am not the only one that knows. Tell me , samuel , have you ever heard of a book entitled ," who really brought the slaves to America and else where, Google it , you are bound to find it some where its author is not known but its a shocking information might just open your eyes and ears to the Truth Of Almighty God.


SJJ is an Ignorant man when it come to Racist Israel a European/ US Jewish Colony which is an insult to to the human conscience.

ken williams

To suggest that Mr. Jackson's observations and commentary is " nonsense " is totally insane or
racist or both depending on who wrote that suggestion . It is my sincere hope that sucessful black film stars and movie producers would unite and start movie productions that would help
to destroy all the consistant ,negative , and historical white racist images in Hollywood that has
poisoned the mindsets of both white and black Ameicans about themselves . The protrayals
of both Ancient Africans and African Americans historical contributions to the entire world needs to be shown to help usher in true equality and racial understanding . The status quo in Hollywood has
been always against that concept .


I strongly agree with Samuel Jackson.

Frederick Delk

African American Homeland Association
The key to Political, Economic and Government Power is control of State Institutions.
I claim North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee the African American Homeland.. To Acquire these 8 Southern State Institutions, I suggest we make a modern day mass migration back to the 8 Southern States.
36 million Black Americans flooding into the eight states would create disorder, causing 75% of the white population to flee those 8 States. We will have 80% majority of the population. Then we will vote in 8 Black Governors, 16 Black Senators, 66 Black Congressmen, 688 Counties are under Black control, 3,299 incorporated cities and town will mostly have Black Mayors, We will have control of the State Court and local court Systems, most of the judges are Black, the Prosecutors are Black. Duke Energy, Georgia Power, The Southern Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, Louisiana Power, Arkansas Power are all Black owned. Regional Fix line Company Black owned, regional Cell phone Company Black owned control 80% of the market, and so on. For More Information goto African American Homeland


Except 12 years was about a couple of white savior nice guys. The rest of the time was just seeing black people grovel and "endure".
The main character never had any agency. He was kidnapped, then had to wait for the nice white Brad Pitt to send his letter out, and then finally his couple nice white friends came and saved him. So , it was basically a movie for white people to say "See! NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE LIKE THAT! WE TRIED TO SAVE U TOO!"

And that was why the movie was allowed to be made.

I'm still waiting on a film about Harriet Tubman. She was a badazz. Now that's agency and holding central power in black slaves and their own liberation.


I totally agree with Jackson. He makes a great point and it is true.


Slj has a point, where are similar films to boyz in hood and that 90s period that are being made now? Racisim of the past, now that's something hollywood exs can sign up to, hey it's even popluar. But is it groundbreaking? No. The help… Oh please.
The idea of authorship of black american history isn't new, I don't why people are surprised slj has an issue with a white, non american, director telling the story of black history.
Not to say i agree with slj but he has a point.

Btw to make reference to the Jewish community is a joke. Hollywood is run by Jewish exs. It is in no way a similar experience to black americans in hollywood.


African slavery didn't just happen to African Americans, Steve McQueen is of Caribbean decent so like Jackson he is descendants of slaves too but their owners where British rather than white American. Jackson words just display higher level of ignorance African Americans have about history and world that leads to British Black actors and Directors taking their jobs in Hollywood. The worst critics of 12 years a slave are African Americans, because they seem more embarrassed to admit they were slaves than the white descendants who treated them that way. You need to know where you are from to know where you are going. Jackson is right slavery had psychologically damaged African Americans, where they don't want to associate themselves with Africa or Slaves and live in denial about their history. Jewish people don't do this which is why the Jewish community has more togetherness and more influence.


MICHAEL JACKSON…SAMMY SOSA!!! get the hint?Lets get the Rudolph process started post-haste! Then poor people of color can live with poor white people of color (Oh Joy) and those that are smarter that have been successfully Rudolphed can live with congenital white folk. It'll be Hell all over again. YaaaaaaY YiPPPPeeeeeee!!!


When will all the mean&cruel hearted people, learn to quit being mean and cruel? Learn to accept DIFFERENCES!!! Humans need to realize that we are each just as worthy of love and acceptance, as everyone else: Black, White, Asian, Mexican, French, Irish, German and all the others. We all need to be kind to each other, and embrace differences, and not allow our children to go out in public until they get it through their heads that we are all special and unique…and deserving of kindness, and learn to BE kind, not hateful.


I CAN'T STAND the way blacks have been treated in history! I still occasionally hear/hear of people being rude and unkind to blacks, and ANY people who are in any way different than them, and it makes me FURIOUS!


SLJ is speaking the absolute truth.


this is not a place that allows you to write a whole statement even bu splitting it into sections i couldn't paste something I wrote. In short SLJ you suck as an actor I hope you never get to butcher the original "Nick Fury" ever again and eat shit and die. (had to save like 500 words just now because they are limiting free speech for fear of spam *eye roll*)


He is speaking the absolute truth,the hate for african american males is sooooo bad in this country my family is trying to kill me and my son because we can't pass for Latin or white or anything but black

Mr T

Isn't SLJ in a slave movie directed by a white man? (Django, Quentin Tarantino)


This entire comment section is a wonderful example of white peoples 'beliefs' on racism and utter denial of the trickle down effects of centuries of abuse and debasement.
"look at how you dress"
"you people don't listen to real music"
"only racist people seem talk about racism"
"black people love to useth race card"
"black people today arent slaves so why care"
"there were white slaves too! (even though they were murderers an thieves and debtors)"
"I'm not racist my toasters black"

Keep pretending. Your head can only fit in your butt for so long, gotta come out for air eventually.


In the past the blacks had founded a music that showed their sorrow. Hint hint it wasn't Hip hop it was Blues and i really respect the whole direction and its meaning. It was sadness and it made a whole image of the situation they were in and was an outlet of sorts. When was the last time you wanted to listen to blues, and wtf are you listening to atm. And now for the movie aspect. I don't like the black characters in all the movies as of late. And I only find partial fault in the director because if you have to be "correct" in not insulting some group you have to get a representative and usually he brings nothing to the table and only takes up screen time. SLJ i am looking at you! You are one of my least favorite actors. You don't know how to act you are just screaming your lines and are one of the reasons why the so called "racism" in the industry exist.


What gives you the impression that people are nice to each-other. I do not believe that America and the people in America are any decent representatives of the human race. I am not black, I don't care for the division by skin color because if you call someone a racist do you in fact believe that you are a special kind of race, are you not human, how is slavery a factor today when you have not the slightest idea of what being a slave is? If you have a problem that happens today check around to see if you are in fact oppressed. Are whites treating each-other any better or Asians for that matter. Take music for example it usually is a good indicator of how you are doing.


How to get respect — First put a t- shirt on saying I resolve to have one kid only. Date somebody from your race ethnicity only . All the other usual stuff .


Seriously? Trayvon did not get shot cause he was black calm down now.
And I hate racism and the tendency of human nature to want to bully or harass each other for something but also we need to view each other as equals and put an end to diversity because this is ridiculous. From republican to democrat or White to Black WE ARE AMERICANS! And this country is gonna go further into shit if you folks don't throw your childish bullshit away and come together and fix this country! You're all whining and bitching like children!


Sure are alot of proud people who descend from property.


I do not see how black people complain about white people not liking them or being racist. The most racism I see comes from those who keep talking about racism. There will always be racism within every race it is not right but it is something that happens unfortunately. Everyone does have an opportunity to make something of themselves. It is also what attitude you have. You can blame it on racism or you can do something about it and take responsability for your own success. The blacks of the old days were heroic and courageous and the best way to honor them would be to be courageous instead of whining and complaining. Yes whites are racist very much so but not all of them. Blacks are also very racist but not all of are. That could be said about every other race. So what???!!! Leave the haters and racist people alone and surround yourself with positive people who can look beyond race. Why worry about them? This is just trying to create division. Do not feed into that. We should be bigger than that.


Black or white it doesnt matter who directs a movie about slavery because the blacks of today have no idea what is was like to be one, so they are equals to whites now and they both can have an opinion. It is about knowing your history and really knowing from the slaves point of view.


Weez negroes beez inferiorz to ALL Whites.

The Peoples Luciferian

African American talking about the history of white slavery:
Ok so I can't post a youtube link. Go to youtube and look up
"White Slavery 101* what they never told you in History Class part I "

He talks mainly about the history of white slaves in america or on islans close to americas[such as in Barbados}.
He does'nt tocuh however upon the history of white slavery in africa. Between the 16th and 18th century 1.5 million whites were sold into slavery to black north africans[and elsewhere} by the Arabs. This was mianly a Muslim oppression according to what I've come acrossed. The muslim arabs sold 1.5 million whites into slavery in north africa for a couple centuries duration.
This is something you'll never heard talked about in academia{schools, universities,etc} or by our politicians, media, or anyone who talks about and against racism and slavery or by pseudo-progressives/pseudo-antiracists…they will focus SOLEY on white americans slavery of and racism against blacks[as well as how the europeans that come to the americas treated the natives, and all other crimes committed by white people as a method to demonize and scapegoat whites alone for all racism and slavery…but the facts of history prove them wrong and show that their dooing this comes from a motivation of racism against whites}. It's sad that ALL the blame gets cast onto whites alone and that no other race is expected to take responsibility for the racist and oppressive/slavery crimes of their ancestors. The white slaves in arabia and north africa and in the barbados/americas and their decendents have NEVER received reparations, an apology, or even attention/mention. Millions of white slaves and their decendents have never been aknowledged by mainstream media, academia, politicians, or the pseudo-anti-racist mainstream that tends to blame whites and whites alone and not even aknowledge that whites too have been enslaved and victims of racism and that blacks as well have enslaved whites. Yet every white person today is expedted to have white guilt and to be apologetic to blacks and others, and Muslims, who won't do the same for whites. This is PROOF that there is a pseudo-progressive/liberal conspiracy AGAINST WHITES{and especially white males, and of course the feminists war on all males in general as well}
Anyways, this informed, intelligent, objective black guy in this video[and the part 2 to it} explored white slavery in the americas at least. Kudos to him. He probably gets accusations of being a race traitor by some other hypocritical, ignorant, racist blacks for talking about this stuff,


I'm white and I've never been guilt ridden over racism. I'm not a racist, didn't own slaves, wouldn't own slaves. And I didn't liberate the slaves, I didn't enslave the slaves. I've got my own shit to worry about.

The Peoples Luciferian

Blacks don;t know how good they have it in hollywood. They should try being a native north american. Natives plight is largely ignored by hollywood, inclouding by all these multi-millionaire black actors/musicians/etc who complain that they are so oppressed, ignored, or misrepresented in hollywood. Not only have Natives rarely if ever had a movie done that shows what happenned to them, how many native american actors are there in mainstream hollywood{movies, t.v., music,etc}? Next to none. There have been a few of course, VERY FEW, and they are ALWAYS typecast into stereotype roles{whereas blacks, whites, and others are'nt always}, very few native actors have been allowed to strike it big in hollywood{actually NONE have struck it "big", a few have made smaler roles and so on}, yet where are the white guilt ridden whites and blacks and others standing up for native actors and demanding more roles{including big ones} and more striking it big musically{musicians}, they whine that they are so oppressed and underrepresented and yet few to none of them seem to give a shit about native north american actor/muscian artists and the serious underrepresentation of them in the entertainment arts. Blacks think they have it so bad, guilt ridden white pseudo-progressives think so too, yet neither and no one else is standing up for natives? Why is that? Why is that blacks only care about their own and pseudo-progressive whites only care about blacks and every issue in hollywood and in north america in general is cast as a black and white or black versus white issue? What about native north americans? Where are your voices for them hypocrites?
Blacks are completely equal in hollywood and the arts with whites and asians and others, but no one seems to give much of a shit about native north americans and their lack of representation in the arts and entertainment community{and hollywood} or the fact that every native actos or musiucian that make sit barely makes it that big and is always typecast as native stereotypes?

Whites and blacks perhaps need to stop being so self-involved it seems. Both are very hypocritical in this. As thrash titans ANTHRAX state in their song "Indians" put it
"We all see black and white
When it comes to someone else's fight
No one ever gets involved
Apathy can never solve"

So racially self-involved millionaire and billionaire blacks and pseudo-progressive whites, stop your whining, you have it pretty good. Perhaps you should start speaking up for nati8ve north american entertainment artists a little instead.

rebeca brown

Ok……im a little confused.

1. you state that 'African-Americans are still too psychologically shell-shocked', Steve Mc Queen is of African heritage, so I agree correct me if I'm wrong but I assume he is not the descendent of slaves. So I'm totally with you on that one. However Samuel L. Jackson is a fool. The issue of Steve McQueen not full being able to grasp the plight of African Americans or those who are the descendent of slaves, I agree with. But do you not find it strange, that Samuel L. Jackson has an issue with McQueen and yet it ok for Quinton? Samuel L Jackson was only the other day trying to convince a news reporter to say the 'N' word. Who does that? There are debates to be had about, why Hollywood seem so interested in churning out slaves movies. But please lets not use Samuel L, Jackson as our spokes person.


I am so happy to hear Samuel L. Jackson's comments on "Twelve Years a Slave." It is wonderful that someone who is deep into the "industry" nonetheless understands why some of us (especially black women and black academics who study "Enslaved Black People") found the movie troubling. It was not about the collective struggle of slavery, but about the individual will of one man who was depicted as different. When will Hollywood allow African American filmmakers to creatively tell an authentic narrative on slavery that reveals how people resisted physically and created a culture that is still with us today. Where was the collective triumph of the human spirit over adversity in "Twelve Years A Slave"? The depictions of slave life were not even true to the actual autobiography.

The Peoples Luciferian

I wonder if Samuel{and all the other people who scapegoat whites, males, and esp "white males" for all racism, oppression, and slavery} knows that 1.5 million whites were kidnapped and sold into slavery by arbas and blacks amongst each other in the 16-18th centuries? I guess those 1.5 million whites{and their lineages}don't matter, their suffering does't matter. Ironically it was blacks in africa who sold other blacks in to slavery to North America, whites did not seel whites into slavery to blacks/africa, blacks and arabs raided their lands{mainly muslims did this} and kidnapped them to seel them into slavery, yet you won't hear the mainstream anti-racism/slavery/etc crowd in the west even mention these white slaves sold into slavery by arabs to blacks in africa{some of the whites in south africa likely are the decendents of those white slaves}, nor will you hear mainstream academia mention the injustice of white slaves.

People like Samuel here{and many mainstream pseudo-anti-racists} also likle to blame whites and whites alone for racism and not take responsibility for their own or for racism by others of non-whites. They act as if racism is soley whites being racist and that north america is whites intolerant of racial, gender, ethnic, orinetation, religious, and other diversities. Yet in North America today[and much of wester Europe too} you will find 1000 times more diversity{and tolerance for it} in these afforementioned things than anywhere else in the world; is racism by whites non-existant in thw west? No, but neither is racism by non-whites. Go to the middle wast or northern africa or asia for example and you will find very little racial, gender, orientation, religious,etc, diversity{or tolerance of it}- you'll find mostly racial, gender, religious,etc HOMOGENITY and intolerance{brutal intolerance at that in most, not all, of these places}.

Many of them point to black slavery and colonialism of north amefica by SOME whites{not all white cultures were part of this, but they will blame ALL whites in general nonetheless}, or the Aryan supremacists of Nazi germany{and some fringe, not very prevelant white racists in north america/the west}- and again, NOT ALL WHITES{or all white cultures. nations,etc} were part of Germany's aryan supremacist oppressions of others nor condoned it; whilst they conveniently ignore arab/black slavery of whites, and the many good whites who were not and are not racist and ignore the racists who are non-whites and the oppressions and slavery and racism of cultures that were/are not white historically- all races and genders and cultures{or most anyhow} have particiapted in racism and oppression and sexism.

It's so easy for pseudo-anti-racists and pseudo-anti-sexists to blame whites, males, and espececially "white males" alone for racism, sexism, oppression, injustice, and slavery. But the objective historical, global facts prove them wrong and prove them to be the real racists and sexists and bigots.

Stop scapegoating whites, males, and "white males". Facts prove this scapegoating to be racist/sexist and prove that whites are not alone to be blamed and that whites have also been victims. This demonization of the white male devil is getting old and is full of rank hypocrisy.

Joe The Messanger

Here's an idea… A blockbuster film featuring a majority/exclusively black cast that ISN'T about us having been enslaved. Maybe portrays a POSITIVE and EMPOWERING image of us, rather than lamenting this portrayal of us being treated as dogs.

Oh wait.. That can't happen because it's not in the white establishments interest to empower blacks in any way. 12 years was allowed to be widely success because it achieves an agenda; consciously or subconsciously reminding blacks that they are powerless to the white oppressors and delivering a psychological blow that only serves to etch away at our self-esteem, while angering us and make us look to the past, rather than looking forward to the now and the future in order to reach a point where we control the very images portrayed of us. So if indeed we decide to make a movie on slavery, we make on the many slave revolts wherein the notion of the indomitable black spirit may be depicted.

We must truly be responsible for making, producing and distributing our own entertainment and everything else for that matter. The establishment seeks to deny us this because if we do, then we truly become free- because when you scratch the surface, you'll see that we're still otherwise enslaved. It's just disguised better these days.


Friends don't let friends build or live in ghettos.


E.L.E. Everybody. Love. Everybody.

I think Morgan Freeman said it best when he said you stop racism by, Stop talking about it. "I'm going to stop referring to you as a white man, You can stop referring to me as a black man. You know me as Morgan Freeman, a man…"

Pulling the race card in any given scenario, weakens the people in which the race they represent. It shouldn't work that way but it does. We should be judging people by the content of their character. That's what MLK wanted.

Saying that white people need to make up for and own up to the atrocities that their ancestors did years ago is absolutely asinine. Yes, Racism does still exist, on all spectrum's… It goes all ways. But the whites, blacks, browns, yellows and red who treat everyone with the respect and compassion and do their part with helping evolve fellow mankind, why are they to make up for such atrocities in which they work so hard to dissolve. So once again, "I just want to be judged by the content of my character, not by the color of my skin." – MLK. That should go with all spectrum's. Blacks, whites, browns, yellows, reds etc.

You can't say all white men are evil, slavers and racists, just as you can't say all black men are gang-banging thugs etc. I don't see color I see a human. A human who deserves the compassion, respect and opportunities as any other human.

Notice I did not identify my race. Because does it really matter? All you need to know to understand my point is that I am a man and that I. AM. RIGHT.


People like to blame nebulous groups of other people sometimes when they don't realize they have the power themselves.

Samuel has made lots of money to fund any movie venture he pleases. He needs no permission from "Hollywood"… he just needs to write a check.

He's got to be rolling in money, he's in EVERYTHING these days.


Slavery should be brought back in as long as they are treated well.Most farmer's look after livestock it is in their interest.This would help unemployment in the hood and teach respect for their betters.One other bonus would be eliminating rap so called music.In the long run they will have purpose and feel better within themselves with a firm guiding hand.


He isn't Irish either but he directed the movie Hunger and it was exceptional.

Dan Kauffman

" 'We are still unnecessarily killing black men' " for every Trayvan Martin about 500 get gunned down in Chicago yearly, not to mention other ghetto battlegrounds. Big silence among the African American community about that detail massive demonstrations about a solitary incidence, Oh by the way Zimmerman has every bit as much African American ethnicity as Obama.


Movies like this just keep blacks chained to their history and they just fuel a sense of resentment. My ancestors, Europeans, were raped and murdered by Turks and Mongols, for almost a thousand years, and, no one really gives a shit. None of the movies nor books about European history explore what was really happening during those times, such as, who raped whom. I don't give a rat's ass about any of that stuff.
Some of the biggest atrocities were committed by Japanese, against the Chinese. Guess what, the Chinese have moved on.
We have a black president, and I'm not sure what this movie was trying to achieve.
And before you start saying that racism is still existent in America, make sure to look at your own race. I lived in and attended highschool in black neighborhood in Chicago, and guess what, I got called all kinds of names, and they were trying to incite fights whenever they could. But guess what, I'm way above those petty things!!! No one will ever chain me to the color of my skin!

Jack Radey

Bingo, right on the money. There was no way Fruitvale Station was going to get an Oscar, because it would say that, "Yes, Virginia, cops gun down young Black men all the time, for no good reason." Something that is as obvious as yesterday's (or, alas, tomorrow's) headline, but for Hollywood to officially acknowledge it… well, that is not about to happen any time soon. Look at the Senate, where 7 Democrats voted with the Rethuglicans to reject Obama's nominee for Civil Rights enforcement for the DoJ. Because he was slightly involved in Mumia Abu-Jamal's appeal against his death sentence. The arguments were all bogus, but it was "solidarity forever – with police thugs."

M. L. Johnson

I totally agree with Samuel Jackson, but he put it better than I did in trying to explain it to a friend of mine. Although I have yet to see the movie, my take is that "12 Years a Slave" was far enough back in history that today's generation could divest themselves of any blame for what happened. They could hold that "I am not to blame, I wasn't even born then. Another generation was to blame." By the same token, "The Butler" portrayed closer history in that Forest Whitaker was in the Reagan White House so it's closer to today's generations and they still don't want any part in it when it comes to recognizing superb acting by Forest Whitaker. Yes…racism is still alive and well in Hollywood and it's difficult for black writers, producers, directors to get their project greenlighted if they have "too many black roles" or deal with the continuing racial violence in America today. They stop with MLK and the civil rights era in terms of perhaps accepting responsibility for racial bias that is still endemic in America. Until we have a real conversation about racism things will remain the same. We can't continue to advance as a country while still looking "side eyed" at millions of its citizens who worked, bled, died for America, only to continually be shunned daily and at almost every turn. This is what African Americans have endured and continue to endure, and I'm certain that other ethnic minorities have their own stories to tell.

Kathleen Wills

I agree totally.

Besides, Jackson should know. He was in that TERRIBLE, travesty of a Tarantino film "Django Unchained"!


My wife is black (from Africa) and I am white. I thought "12 years a slave" was a stupid movie. It makes black people look pathetic and stupid and weak. "Force me into slavery massa and beat and rape and whip me and I wont fight back as I would rather live a slave than die a free man and all us hundreds of thousands of slaves on the plantation cannot do what Spartacus or the Native Americans did and fight for freedom even if it means we die with pride as freemen." The United States has a black president which shows how much America has changed yet the movie wants to keep prejudice alive and makes a new generation of black people look at themselves as pathetic and stupid and weak and then hate a new generation of white people. It is like the director feels there is nothing about black culture that is strong and good. Could he not find a story about the accomplishments of black people that has nothing to do with prejudice or racism? He couldn't because the director has a slave mentality of his own. If you keep looking back you will never move forward. My little mixed daughter will learn the good of African culture and heritage and the strength of her people. She will not watch a movie that makes black people looking like pathetic week failures.


I find it interesting that a movie about American slavery set 170 years ago, received more acclaim from the established media and the Hollywood community than a movie about American bigotry set some 30-50 years ago ("THE BUTLER") and a movie about American bigotry set a little over 4 years ago ("FRUITVALE STATION"). Please don't tell me that "12 YEARS A SLAVE" was better, because I don't agree. It's a very good movie. But so were "THE BUTLER" and "FRUITVALE STATION". Is it easier for Americans to acknowledge this country's repression from nearly two centuries ago than any repression that happened several decades ago . . . or a few years ago?


I am curious about why Steve McQueen, a British director, did not do a film about his own country's participation in slavery and the slave trade. Recently, McQueen admonished Hollywood for not releasing much films about American slavery. The American press lapped it up. And yet . . . no one has bothered to say the same about the British film industry, who rarely produces movies or television projects about British slavery. I didn't say never . . . just rarely.


I agree with Sam Jackson 100%. Blacks from other parts of the world have a totally different take on this country than someone who was born and raised here. McQueen being British probably helped a whole lot with in this film being green lighted. White people love this kind of movie. You can't make enough movies about slavery. They can sit back and feel superior for two hours. Lee Daniels said he couldn't get funding for Precious (2009) or The Butler (2013), the studio bosses said, "Nobody wants to see that," but this got pushed through. It shows you the state of mind of the studios. I for one, have not seen 12 years a Slave. I will see it when it hits dvd. I don't care to spend $13.50 to sit in a movie theater for 2 hours and relive the time when Blacks were treated like animals. I'm sure it's an excellent movie, full of fine performances. I just want to see the day when there are more variety of roles for black actors in Hollywood. It's not coming fast enough for me. I want to see films about everyday life that have Black actors in them, Sci fi, comedies, romance, adventure, horror and more. There's a whole world of genres to explore but Hollywood keeps taking us back to slavery or the ghetto.


Africans from the continent of Africa can identify with the African slaves in the movie but not with the African Americans of the inner city while African Americans of the inner city cannot identify with the African slaves in the movies and cannot identify with Africans from the continent of Africa today.


What am i missing here? The selling and buying of Africans in Africa was started by Africans, and then others joined in. Not saying its right that they carried it foward, but they are the facts, why not make a film that fully covers how the African slave trade started?

Small Fry

The only thing I disagree with is that Steve McQueen's version wasn't safer because, like Sam, he too is descended from African slaves. His family is from Grenada, which has the added benefit of not getting independence from the United Kingdom until 1974. While he may have a different perspective than African American directors, he's shown that he's not one for kowtowing to Hollywood.


Divide and rule is in action here open your eyes.


What planet is this admitted former (?) crack addict living on? And is the author there with him? Angry Black Man entertainment is a well established American genre, going back to Melvin Van Peebles' Sweet Sweetback. The more explicitly and unapologetically antiwhite the movie the more the politically correct msm will praise it and pretend to like it. See Spike Lee, Public Enemy, Ice Cube, etc.


The book will be a part of the Public High School curriculum. Where's your receipt Jackson? Nevermind.


There's no bigger racist than African-American.


Black people of Africa were not treated better than african-american by the european powers.Look what happened to people from Congo, South Africa,Namibia,Botswana,Tanzania,Zimbabwe or Angola.Some black people were sent as slaves to north-south-central America ,others were enslaved on the african soil.Women were raped,hands cut, etc All black men have the right to share their visions on what happened in the black men history.We are from the same familly!

Kathie Briegel

By and large I do agree with SLJ. Fruitvale Station deserved recognition as one of the best films of the year – and was overlooked. Sad state of affairs.


It is nonsense.
White men are still being unnecessrily killed in America too.


he's talking nonsense and is a virulent racist. end of.


I would challenge Sergio/Tambay to contact Jackson and press him on what HE's doing to help black indie filmmakers move up the ladder. As far as I'm concerned Jackson could be considered part of the problem, not the solution. … He makes millions of dollars for his films for shuckin' and jivin', but I don't see him producing anything memorable or worthwhile. Or contributing to the uplift of the race. Or trying to urge/help young black writers/directors/actors.

He's all talk, no action, and would never come to a forum like this and answer REAL, thoughtful, critics who would take him to task for the drivel that oozes out of his mouth whenever he speaks. Screw Sam!!! I wish S&A would stop reporting on his non-interviews
as if they were important to the larger conversation when it comes to control, race, and cinematic ownership and opportunity in Hollywood.


Sergio I have to disagree with you on american black filmmaker being shell shocked to direct a movie about slavery, that's some bs. The truth is hollywood doesn't want black filmmakers to have control and direct a real story on slavery because our perspective is to truthful. The opressor doesn't want truth from the people they being oppessed, it's a threat to their power. Sergio you don't think Spike Lee, The Hughes Brothers, Melvan van Peebles, Charles Burnett, or any great black film directors from past or present couldn't do a real story on slavery if they got the budget and control because they are shell shocked. Your comments that we are shell shock feeds into to white supremacy. As far as Samuel L Jackson goes I'm tired of these black celebs running their mouth about the racism in hollywood but they don't do anything to solve the problem, when have you seen Samuel L, Denzel, or Will produce or star in a small black indie film. So how can he and the rest of these black celebs talk about racism in hollywood when they don't invest in black films themselves, these guys are worth upwards of a 100 to 200 million so I don't want to hear that bs they don't have the power to greenlight films, what they need a billion to start investing. With their name attached to a project, the million of twitter followers they have and the money they are worth these guys can invest in a least one black indie film a year in the 1 to 4 million range if they where really about change and cared about the future of black films.


Shouldn't this fool be promoting Robocop: The Return anyway?


This is coming from one of the lead actors in Django Unchained? What a hypocrite.


Samuel L….my Man! Truth to Power.
As for all the hate being spewed. As an ex-pat living in the Republic of South Africa, I would just say. Black Britains, Black Americans… Just should spend a portion of their creative time and Branding efforts to establish "beach heads" on their countries of choice. Develop the industries in those areas… piggy-back on the Nollywood distribution system, even as they continue working with the Hollywood types.
Nuff' said.


Just for the record I still stand by what I said and anyone who has a problem with that sould check out the works of black psychologists and historians such as Alvin Poussaint, Amy Alexander, Chancellor Williams and Dr Frances Cress Welsing among others who have written extensively and quite persasively about "post-traumatic slavery syndrome"


Someone else said this down below, but I'll reiterate it. It was Sergio who played the "African Americans are too shell shocked by slavery" card. If you want to call Jackson a "crab" make sure you hurl that insult at Sergio as well.

What's being missed here is Jackson is not actually making a statement about African Americans, or non-American blacks. He is making a statement about white Hollywood and how they choose who will make what films. Its about their perception of black people as a whole and how those perception drive their choices of what films will be made and who will make them.

"According to Jackson, the only reason why the film got made was because director Steve McQueen is British and not African-American, implying, I assume, that his take on slavery would be “safer” in a manner of speaking."

Here Jackson is clearly making a statement about Hollywood. Sergio goes on to add his opinion about Jackson's implication. But note it is still Sergio's opinion. It would have been better to provide more context than to just add an opinion. I guess that asking too much.

Why do that when you can get a nice non-American blacks vs. black Americans thing going in the comments section. And like clock work most of the commenters bit the bait.


Idk, maybe McQueen is getting so much attention because…he's a great artist with a unique voice!


"I hold that African-Americans are still too psychologically shell-shocked"

This line just made me throw up


The film was produced by confessed Israeli-spy, Arnon Milchan. Perhaps the real question is, does HE have a right to make a film about American slavery.

Will Wright

As talented as Mr. Jackson is, I find him obtuse here. To some degree, I find him self-serving, for lack of a superior descriptor; he's hungry for attention.


McQueen was chose because his lizard handlers wanted to see some good torture porn along the lines of his first two movies, only applied to slavery in America.


Tarantino yanks Jackson's chain, Jackson barks.

Tarantino then throws Jackson a bone.

There you go.


I've returned (yet again!). This discussion has troubled me.
Leaving the visceral and emotional reactions aside, I found that to understand slavery, I had to find out about its origins and what drove it. It just can't be understood on a national or regional level, you've got to read economic history to see the thing in context. The Atlantic trade system of c.1650-1850 unites black people on three continents and it pains me to see that we don't understand it. Find out about Eric Williams and read Robin Blackburn.

And next time you see Ocean's Eleven with the weird "British" accent Don Cheadle does, remember London is 35% black or brown – despite what movies would have you believe!

Steven Brookes

Appropriate that Sammy played an Uncle Tom, house ni**** in "Django Unkempt", given his propensity for slavish devotion to his white master, QT.

Steve McQueen may not be 'African American', but he's still Black and has had to deal with racism (which is still present here in England, for everyone's information), and not all American slaves came from Africa in any event. This is such moronic criticism that one is not sure how to address it.

Frankly, I also don't believe that African Americans are 'shell shocked' by the events of two hundred years prior. That's another outlandishly stupid statement. Humans tend not to even feel events of the generation just prior to their own, FFS.


I think his comments overlook the fact that slavery happened (and happens) all over the world and the British were the first people to perpetuate slavery. I am descended from slaves and Steve McQueen is descended from slaves.


It's a little more complicated than S.J. makes it. After all, the same story was told, and quite well, by Gordon Parks in the mid-80s. I totally agree with him about "Fruitvale Station," though, which is why I think it was shout of the awards season. It's an excellent film, but there is no happy ending where whites are shown to be helpful as in "12 Years" (or "Amistad," or "Cry Freedom," and so on — all good film, historically accurate, etc., but there was still room to criticize America and have some redemption, too. "Fruitvale" makes it raw and plain and notes there has been no redemption for this type of act, and that's uncomfortable for Hollywood.


The writer of this article flat out stated that African Americans are too ‘shell-shocked’ to make a movie about slavery. So for all the people criticizing Samuel L. Jackson for having a ‘crabs in a barrel’ mentality, can anyone of you honestly say that Steve McQueen even considers himself a crab for Samuel L. Jackson to pull down?

What I’ve observed of Steve McQueen is that he first and foremost sees himself as a director. And that’s perfectly fine but let’s not put him in a category he doesn’t fit in. He is not a man occupied with racial politics. He in the past has stated that 12 Years a Slave is not about race and doesn’t even consider it an African American film. No person that’s conscientious about race in America would make those remarks.

I also refuse to dismiss the significance of him being British. Descendant of slaves or not, Steve McQueen is a British Black man and British Black people are not like African-Americans. They’re just not. Understand that unlike African-Americans a lot of them know where they came from and some of them are not even descendant of slaves. Europe for centuries has been more tolerant towards Black people than America ever has.


Steve McQueen's parents are West Indian. The British West Indies (English speaking Caribbean) had brutal slavery. To suggest that McQueen is any less connected to slavery because he is not American is bullshit.


Slavery and racial issues were also horrible in many countries from latin american, for instance. Slavery and african exploration did not happen only to americans, although it seems that they forget that sometimes.

The fact that you are black/white/red/yellow/brown shouldn't have to do with anything, the important thing is that you are tackling the issues in a respectable manner. But we can't crucify a good artist just for being born the way he is, specially if he understands the problem and wants to help change the paradigm.
Therefore, it is quite shocking that McQueen is being accused of something, he is black, he has slave ancestors, he is a great artist and he was interested in the story!

In my humble opinion my last two comments are the only thing that should matter, but even racially McQueen was adequate!

Not to mention Jackson's last film about slavery was Django, which in my opinion did a horrible job honoring the tragedy of slavery and was just bad for racial representation/aesthetics. Dumb, hypocrite, illogical comment – Samuel L Jackson missed it hard.


Jackson would say anything as long as the good white folks let him wear the watermelon rind on his head after he finished eating it.

Accidental Visitor

Jackson didn't give a damn that a white America tackled the subject of slavery with Django. If he is being honest and consistent he would also claim that the only reason why Django was made was because a white guy (Tarantino) would both write the movie, direct the film and present one or two favorbale white characters in order to ensure that audiences wouldn't be threatened by it. But Jackson didn't go there. And that is to be expected. As a result this comes across as territorial. Jackson (who was robbed of an Oscar nom last year) and Jamie Foxx, who were so public in their support for Fruitvale, were equally as silent in regards to 12 Years. Could it be because they both really loved Fruitvale more or is it because in their minds it is a Battle of the Slave Epics and thus they must protect the honor of Django? Not to mention Harvey Weinstein, their friend, also purcahsed Fruitvale from Sundance. Not to mention that Jackson and Foxx may both be ticked off that British guys like McQueen and Ejiofor have invaded their turf and appeared to have been lauded individually with more acclaim and praise. Tarantino went this route when he took a not too subtle jab at 12 Years A Slave over a year ago by boasting how Django's cast was made up of Americans playing Americans.

By the way how many white Americans actors and directors ever ask what the motives were for white British filmmakers to make a movie about what they see as an American subject? Jackson's insecurity and immaturity are on display. I can respect Jackson without having to agree with him on this one.

The Law

Let's not all be too quick to judge Samuel L here, as it seems there is more to his words than supposed inflammatory speech. His questions point to the very problem in our country, and he's right in saying that no one here has really tackled the issue of slavery honestly. What's even more revealing is that not only have few African Americans approached the subject, but whites, or otherwise, haven't touched it either. Yes, I'm aware that Spielberg did Amistad, but can we really call that an honest film on the institution of slavery, or a was it a heroic tale of mutiny? Instead of debating whether McQueen or anyone else has the "right" to make a film like this, let's look at the objective truth of how we as Americans deal with our painful and violent history; Which is to say, not at all. Anyone recall that Native American genocide, oh yeah, we haven't really dealt with that much either.


I don't really care that a British filmmaker got the green light, I only care that the film got made – and it was made well. Also, I agree with others that having a convo about in which region was slavery harsher, or if the movie was poignant or not misses the point. SLJ does have a fair argument as far as relevant films not getting funded. But instead of saying "I'd rather" why not say "Now lets make space for the other films…." So how does McQueens success give space for that??? I know Django didn't do that. I hope SLJ puts his money, influence, and not just his words behind filmmakers like Coogler to produce the opportunities that he knows are not present today.

patch neck red

Crabs in a barrel we can never lift each other up always finding flaws.SMHSLJ!


Yeah, coming from the man who starred in one of the most racist movies to come out in the last few years. Oh, and to suggest that Steve McQueen's take would be "safer" because he's British is all levels for stupid. First, the man is West Indian / Caribbean of background. In other words, he comes from a slave-descended background, an area where slavery was arguably harsher in certain ways. So what the f*ck is Samuel L. talking about? Second, the man adapted a book written by another man about that man's experience. He didn't create the source material. This isn't Django. This is a film based on a true story that was written by the person who experienced it back in the 19th century. So, again, I ask: what the f*ck is Samuel L. talking about? Maybe, just maybe, Steve McQueen was one of the only ones with the guts to make such a brutally honest film about slavery. Maybe that's even because he's British – but I digress.

All this is to say, Samuel is so far off the mark it's not even funny. And, honestly, his credibility went out the window for a while when he defended that nonsense Django. But that's neither here nor there – I am past that. This right here, however, is just foolishness he's spewing and I rather think I'm done supporting his career.


Just to add – the author's comment:
" the fact that McQueen was not African-American made him more likely to make a film about slavery, since I hold that African-Americans are still too psychologically shell-shocked, and therefore African American directors too, in dealing with the subject."

This is every bit as silly as Sam Jackson's comments. Why would Caribbean people be any less shell-shocked?

The history of abduction, rape, incest murder and mutiliation is every bit as real. For example, the Church of England branded its Caribbean slaves with the word "Society" on their chests. In the 1950's, their descendants – our parents and grandparents – were not welcome to attend churches in London. The US Civil Rights movement was key in winning race discrimination legislation here. Malcolm X, James Baldwin, Stokely, all visited London.

What's sad about it is I can see the only reason you've haven't become aware of the importance of this link is that white people don't want you to be. When you naturally see Latin and Caribbean and African black people as family to you, you will be in a stronger, healthier position. If not, you may as well be just another redneck flag-waver. And there's a reason there ain't no black in Ol' Glory.


McQueen has given numerous interviews explaining his motives, including the fact that he is a descendant of American slaves in Grenada.

Sit down, Jackson and find something productive (as opposed to ignorant) to do with yourself.


Assuming he's being correctly quoted, I think its clear Sam Jackson has little idea about black people in Britain, despite numerous visits here. Worse than that, he seems not to understand that plantation slavery was the norm in the Caribbean islands governed by European countries – identical in every meaningful way to slavery in America.

The migration of black people from the Caribbean to Britain is broadly speaking analogous to the migration of black people from the South to the cities of the north in the US.

In short, Jackson is part of the same history as McQueen – they may even have originated from the same tribe.

It's great that he has the guts to be outspoken but what a shame he has exposed such ignorance on a matter that you'd expect him to be well-acquainted with. There's just no excuse for him being so poorly-read. Did he do no research for his role in Django? Has he heard of Burning Spear or Bob Marley? No wonder Tarantino's film has been so thoroughly outgunned by 12 Years.

Sam, the next time you come to London, leave the luxury hotels and the Groucho Club out and try talking to a brother, you might learn something.


His IBT quotes aren't that inflammatory. It's how the quotes were framed by IBT's writer and this site that are the issue. The only thing that gave me pause was his questioning of McQueen's motivations, and I have a feeling that IBT intentionally left out whatever he said next to get tongues wagging.


1) Slave trade didn't just affect African Americans.
2) Django did pretty well at the box office
3) The African Experience should not be defined by slavery. Black history did not start with slavery and it's time we see more diverse stories told on screen.


Mcqueen is from Grenada so has every right as any African American to make a slave film. Slavery on the west indies was actually worst.


Was this negro saying that shit when he was playing house nig for Tarantino in Django? A white man made that film and it too was about slavery. GTFO with that!

blah, bah

This intra-racial bitterness and jealous has got to stop. I swear that was a very Stephen-esque thing to say. Crabs in a barrel.


Clearly no one told him that the slave trade affected not just people in the United Staves but millions of other people world wide. Steve McQueen had every motive/right to be interested in a story about slavery since he's obviously a part of the African Diaspora. I'm glad he made the film and hopefully people will keep making more. I'd love to see a film truthfully tackle the history of African slavery in Brazil or in Cuba or in Mexico or in any of the other Latin/Caribbean countries that were just as scarred by the slave trade. Someone needs to remind Samuel L. Jackson that African Americans don't have a monopoly on the slave narrative.

This quote by Trinidadian politician/historian Eric Williams says it all "Slavery was not born of racism; rather, racism was the consequence of slavery". So even though slavery as it once was is over, its after effects are still being seen and felt today, so more films need to be about this time period in order to foster further conversation/understanding in regards to its impact. The more stories about that time period we tell, the better we can understand why Trayvon died or why Oscar died and how to stop such unnecessary deaths that came as a result of ingrained racist imagery from the shooter's pov.


why is he questioning steve mcqueen's motive on making the film?
why are we so comfortable with movies about the holocaust and not american slavery?
why is ann frank's story more recognized than solomon northrup's?

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