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‘Snowpiercer’ Director’s Cut Coming To The U.S., But Only In Limited Release

'Snowpiercer' Director's Cut Coming To The U.S., But Only In Limited Release

They say a good compromise is one where no one leaves the table happy, and that probably best describes the truce reached between The Weinstein Company and director Bong Joon-Ho. After months of rumor, anger and speculation that saw the filmmaker’s fans, key cast members and the director himself lay public their displeasure about Harvey Weinstein‘s rumored plans to cut “Snowpiercer” by twenty minutes and add voiceover, the good news is that the director’s cut of the film will get a U.S. release. The bad news? It might not play at a theater near you.

Deadline reports that the movie will go into limited release only, as they claim a wide release was planned until Bong Joon-ho “turned in a cut of just beyond two and one-half hours.” But as people who have been obsessively following the film know, the director’s cut that is already in release in some territories (and is screening at the Berlin Film Festival) is actually just a shade over two hours long. It’s unclear if they’re mistaken but the site also suggests that the movie “doesn’t deliver what the [sales] agents promised” despite the fact that it has broken box office records in South Korea, and taken home a handful of awards. Hmm….

One has to wonder how much the limited release plan has to do with Harvey Weinstein’s very public declarations of late that he will be more considerate when it comes to violent movies, and will draw down on releasing them. Because it’s not like this doesn’t have the star power to justify a broader rollout, with Captain America himself, Chris Evans, in the lead, and Octavia Spencer, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Alison Pill and more in support. But as our review of the movie notes, the action in this film kicks off from the start and barely pauses for a breath. With Harvey ever increasingly aware of his public persona, taking this to 2000 theaters after being very critical of gun violence might come off badly.

Whatever the real reasons, the bottom line is “Snowpiercer” will arrive as intended. We’ll see how far the rollout goes, but if it plays in the next town over, take the drive to see it.

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My short take on the movie:

If I have to sum the film up, it would be something in the lines of: a visually appealing and emotionally impacting piece of cinema that suffers from unsolvable contradictions and pure nonsense. It's a deeply political movie that wants to attack capitalism and ends up attacking fascism without even realizing it. Basically a 2-hour long straw man attack against capitalism.

My longer take on it can be found here:


F*ck weinstein.

(But I agree maybe VOD options may be better given current market place conditions)

Any weinstein spiders: I will forever more consciously pirate weinstein films for this affront to cinema. You will never see a cent from me and I will tell anyone who will listen about your crimes against art.

Now seriously though- RELEASE DATE?


I think this should be a warning to film makers everywhere not to take B.S. promises by distributors like Harvey Weinstein blindly looking at dangling $ bills.


Please. Harvey didnt squash this movie because of some imaginary perception about violence, what a load of garbage. Django Unchained? Killing Them Softly? Harvey doesnt care about violent movies. He DOES however care about his precious ego. How dare that foreign guy not bend to the will of the almighty Weinstein. No 'Murican cut for them thar 'Muricans in Peoria? Then no wide release for you. The upside is that now the fans can see it without Harvey's fat greasy fingerprints all over it. Doesn't he have better things to do like fixing the Oscars?


This is the reason that filmmakers should forego traditional theatrical distribution for VOD… why not deal directly with the likes of Apple, Netflix, HBO, etc…? and tell Harvey to go spoon a goose! Of course, it's wonderful to see movies on the big screen, but let's face it, until NATO (not that one, the other one, the theater owners) is broken up into little pieces and/or accepts direct digital distribution from independent producers directly to theaters in any size market. Anyway, whatever. I wanna see what the director intended, not whatever Harvey decides is best.


I also give a shit and am thankful it'll most likely be in LA. Now how about a release date?


I give a shit. Glad I live in NYC so I will most likely get a chance to see the director's cut.


Not sure anyone gives a shit anymore.

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