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Virgin Atlantic’s Animated Flight Safety Film

Virgin Atlantic's Animated Flight Safety Film

Check out the coolest in-flight safety film ever made. Virgin Atlantic has used animation to try to lure bored passengers to observe the safety procedures before – but never in such high style. 

Created in six months by London studio Art & Graft, the animated film takes you on a journey through Hollywood history combining hand-drawn images with 3D techniques – with music and sound by Brains & Hunch. So put your seats in the upright position, stow your tray tables, buckle your seat belts. . . and enjoy the flight!


Creative Directors:  Clement Bolla & Mike Moloney

Producer: Dom Thompson-Talbot

Executive Producer: Mike Moloney

2D Animation: Stephen Middleton, Stephen Vuillemin, Jim Wheeler, Joe Sparkes

3D Animation: Michaeljohn Day

Compositing: Clement Bolla, Abel Kohen

Music & Sound Design: Brains & Hunch

Voice-Over: Morgana Robinson, Ben Roberts

For Virgin Atlantic:

Producer: Leon Trigg

Safety Supervisors: Mary Gooding & Jonathan Jasper

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Dan Bessie

Loved the design, but found the production a very lame attempt at "being cool." Tedious to watch, and though I stuck with it to the end, I feel that stylistically the film actually distracted from the message and could have been much more clearly imagined. Entertainment is a fine way to convey important information but not if it leaves the viewer (as it did me), saying "huh?" at the end.


I don't want to be "that guy," but for all the impressive animation, I tuned out at about the two minute mark — then saw there were four minutes to go. Oy.

And are there no American actors they could have hired to do the voice work? There's little that's more annoying than hearing Brits do "'merkan" accents.

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