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Watch: 6 Minutes Of Clips From Emma Roberts’ Unaired TV Pilot ‘Delirium’

Watch: 6 Minutes Of Clips From Emma Roberts' Unaired TV Pilot 'Delirium'

Every year, TV networks typically order about a dozen pilots, then later decide which shows should be made into a series. These networks never have more than a handful of timeslots available, which means the majority of pilots ultimately never see the light of day. Last spring, “Delirium” was one of those pilots. It starred Emma Roberts as a 17-year-old girl who lives in a dystopian future where love is outlawed. Her character, of course, winds up falling in love. The show was based on the young adult novel by Lauren Oliver and it was rejected by Fox in favor of “Sleepy Hollow” and “Almost Human.”

However, if you’ve been curious to find out it looked like, six minutes worth of clips have landed online. The video was posted by the talent agency of actress Jeanine Mason, who plays Emma Roberts’ best friend in the show. While it’s interesting to see the first episode, perhaps it would have been best for Mason’s talent agency to keep this hidden away forever. Bad acting, cheap production values, and cheesy dialogue makes this six-minute reel a chore to get through (and no one comes out of this looking good). Fans of the novel may have cried foul when it was decided that the show would never get made, but after watching this video, it may have been for the best. If you ever wondered why so many pilots get rejected, watching this video should help answer that question. Check it out below. [Page To Premiere]

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I would of totally enjoyed this show yet again another good show being cancelled or rejected whatever, It sucks. :)


Please tell me this isn’t serious, I feel like they could have done such a better job. Please consider making a movie I would prefer it over hunger games and divergent.


I’m a little late because I just found out that this was made into an almost TV show. The fact that they even attempted to fit the entire first book into a 40 minute pilot was their first wrong move. and they changed half of the story line. This story line should be given the justice it deserves by being made into an actual movie. VERY DISSAPOINTED.


The TV show was HORRIBLE. I didn’t see it, but I can see the way Lena acts. It’s so off. I think they should make movies. They would become so popular. I think the actors should be: Emily Browning as Lena, Claire Julien as Hana, and Alex should stay the same, he was good.


The acting isn’t that bad I wanted to see more. I wish they would turn it into a movie the books were really good


I would love a series about delirium but I really don’t like the cast. It’s not a bit like in my mind


I found the only full episode and watched it. It was really interesting, and had the BIGGEST cliff hanger. Which is really annoying. If this were a TV show I would have definitely watched it!!


I loved the books and they REALLY need to make a movie or tv series like please


I really don’t like it. I read the book , and it’s exactly nothing like the book. It goes too fast. And they act weird. It’s all awkward. My opinion the book was better


It’s me again… I decided to re-watch the entire thing and I kid you not that literally 5 seconds in its already off plot. LENA LIVED WITH HER AUNT NOT HER SISTER


Ok…..just no. Let me just list all the things wrong with this

2.)Julian isn’t even in the same city
3.) He never meets Hanna
4.) Lena is poor
5.) terrible actresses
6.) Alex is supposed to be super hot
7.) Julian isn’t even in the first book he’s in the second
8.)Alex was hardly even portrayed in this ‘pilot’
9.) It should be a movie
10.) When the $&@?!$&@!?$& did Alex show up at her window until the end
11.) Lena and Hanna talked about their results in person
12.) The entire thing

Wow. That trailer sucked. Really and truly just plain sucked. Follow the book. You see all these people going on about how you should find a blonde actress for Hanna (which really any actress but whoever played her would be fine) but if they didn’t want to change her then how hard is it to get a wig?? #go away Hollywood the fan girls can make a movie better than you can


I would still watch it but it doesn’t follow the book at all. Maria’s right they could have done better. I mean if you’re going to do something do it right.


Emma Roberts reminds me of Kristen Stewart and Katheryn Heigel — there’s just something unlikeable about these women, I am never excited to see anything they’re in. Roberts and Stewart got into show business through their family connections, which always makes me a bit suspicious of their "talent." They also have messy private lives, but whatever, they’re just a huge turnoff.


okay I love the dilirium series and this is horrible compared to it I can already tell that I would dislike this show it does the books no justice and the actors are not good for the characters in the book

Teagan scurry

That sucked so much. The book was so much better. I mean what’s up with Lena and Hannah? They didn’t even look like they were running and they were just talking about the disease as if it was nothing. Why????!!!


Abc family really should pick this show up but without putting the entire book 1 in the pilot and with better people. Also, the cw might pick this up too


i was really sad when i heard they weren't going to make the show but I feel better without having the show at all than having this! the cast and just everything is so far from the book ugh


This basically took the book, spit in the author's face, tore the pages out and scribbled a bunch of absolute all-American-teenage-first-world-problem garbage all over it. Whomever scripted this should be ashamed.


Omg this was so awful. It looks like something a middle school film student made. So so so so awful.


Seriously….just the simple fact>>> that Hana is blonde!!!!!!!!! …STICK TO THE BOOK…why would you cast emma roberts???terrible decisions on all cast!!! They could have made something beautiful…..There is a whole world Ive created in my head throughout these 3 books…..and sadly it will not be translated……like wtf really you would have a black haired girl play hana ……is it that hard to cast a blonde…..


I love the book so much, but this is awful…. They could actually make a beautiful movie or series based on Delirium…


This is absolutely terrible- not even 2 minutes into the clips it's already so untrue to the book I don't think I would've recognized it as "Delerium" if I wasn't notified before hand.


Watched it this weekend, didn't even know it was made into a show so long ago. Was not impressed at all, the acting was mediocre, her friend did not turn her in, it did not seem like the future, I don't remember, but did they get their results in the mail? The whole first book was condensed into one show. I like Emma, but this was so not her role.


For so long I wanted them to make a film or a TV series Delirium, Pandemonium and Requim, but after seeing this 6 minute clip just just angers me that it's nothing like the books and is probably the reason it was never aired! – if they stuck to the books then it would have had a chance of getting popular! And I also think the casting is all wrong!!!!




I'm so happy that this wasn't aired.


That girl looks nothing like Hana!!!! This doesn't look like Delirium at ALL. For one thing Hana is a blond, and why is Julian in the story now!? He doesn't come in tell the second book. In my opinion this looks more like a story about teen drama.


MOVIE PLEASE. And re-cast too :))

Reno Garcia

Thank Jesus that wasn't aired I would've hated it


That was horrible.. a big hanks for not airing this. I was like WTF! Emma Roberts is not the Lena material.. and Hana JUST NO! The guy picked for Alex is just no!
The actor for Julian was actually pretty good… but like WTF he is not in the first book and he never ever meets Hanna. They screwed up the whole plot. That was WRONG!


That was awful. I love Emma Roberts but I don't think she's right for that role maybe more like Emily browning or something? And Hannah??? That looks nothing like the Hannah she describes in the book! This one isn't even pretty?! I agree with Paula Blake lively would have been a good choice. The Alex they picked really isn't good looking either. I think Julian's character was a good choice. But he never even met Hannah in the book? And Hannah was alright with the fact that Lena got the delirium. I agree with pretty much everyone else. This "show" doesn't seem dystopian at all more "American teen" they really screwed up an amazing plot. This would have been great as a movie trilogy.


That was so, so bad. Nothing like the book. More like a typical teen drama than a dystopian society. I bet you CW would've greenlit this. So glad Fox chose Sleepy Hollow over this.


Okay, I am so glad that this didn't go through. Obviously the book was not considered when this was made. Julian isn't even in the same city! Hana is supposed to be a beautiful blonde, who the hell thought that what's -his-face would make a good Alex? And those are just the character flaws……SOOOO glad this was not actually released as a series.
One Word to describe it:


im thankful they didn't go through with this and i agree that it doesnt seem like a dyspotian government, Hana is blonde, they are both bad at acting especially Hana's actress


I am certainly 100% sure that Hanna is a blonde. It isnt that hard to follow a novel, is it? There are plenty of blonde actresses in USA. And alex didnt throw rocks at lena's window. Hanna and Lena talked in real life about their husband matches because they couldnt reach each other through phone. Its like the director is deliberately changing the setting of the book. Why did Lauren Oliver even agree to the cast in the first place?


Seriously? This was not to look books AT ALL. It more seemed like an American teen life show, not a dystopian future. Didn't seem like there was really a "crazy government" and "forbiden love" at all. :/ Very glad this didn't go through.

Freddy rose

Aggreed with delirium lover…I felt as if Hanna should have been Gabriella Wilde (she played sue from Carrie)..and Lena should have been Mae Whitman or shaliene who played in divergent …the casting was wrong the story plot was wrong it would have only ran one season with less views …it was for the best that fox rejected the show…it would have gotten lots of bad press…plus the acting was pitty…like the acting on a porno! …future advice would be to go by the book and make it movie like the hunger games…way more income and better press!


First of all, that's not Hana. and second: Since when did Alex start to throw stones on her window and a lot of those things didn't even happen in the book. It's wrong. But I really think they should concidering making a movie or tvshow of the books BUT with other actors and they should really follow the book a little moooore. This really disappoints me. How could Lauren even accept this crap? o.O


Delirium lover

Okay so I'm just going to say that Hana was not supposed to look like that omfg, I'm so glad they didn't continue doing this, it looks awful. I like Emma Roberts but she's not my Lena. And Alex, in my imagination was like the most beautiful guy ever and ???? I can't. I'm mad. What the hell was going through Lauren's Oliver head when she accepted this??? Oh my god. Done.


That actually looked really good. I read the book, but don't remember too much about it (other than I did like it). I wonder what the next step is…a movie??


WHY LAUREN, why did you do this to me… Look Hana PLEASE.
Books ♥ :(


Those 6 minutes are nothing like the books and Lena is meant to be from a poorish family! This was way to American high school and the fact it's meant to be set in a dystopian future didn't come across at all!
Would love to see the books made into a film though!


Very happy they didn't go through with this, the trailer did not follow the books at all. I would much rather like to see these books be made into movies like the hunger games, Harry potter, divergent, etc.


I prefer a movie than TV show, I don't like to much Emma as Lena. The books are amazing.


I'm very very glad they didn't get a TV show, the books are sooooo different, and Hanna is blonde! not like that girl. but I'm kinda sad too…


I could hardly make it through half. That being said, I've seen worse. .


Omg I'm so sad they didn't get a TV show.. it was the best book series


I'm way happy they didn't go through with this. The delirium series is one of my favorite dystopian series, and this pilot sooo does not not do it justice.


I would totally watch this show. I would prefer the Hana character to be different, but all in all it looks like a show you would see on ABC family.


This show I love I would of total watched it.


It's not THAT bad haha. Maybe I'm biased because I love Emma but I'm sure there are worse shows on air.


Isn’t there going to be any show or movie at all? Can’t another company take it on instead, because I think it would be very successful, considering how many fans the books have, I mean they are really good books, and it’s sad if they can’t be made into a show or movies.

that one person.

I know I’m late to this, but I must say, I agree with most of the people here. This trailer is literally nothing like the book. I could list it, but just read below. Plus, like most people are saying the actors didn’t fit their roles. Don’t get me wrong, I love Emma but she wasn’t exactly fit for Lena, nor was the actress for Hanna or Alex. Furthermore, this should honestly be a book, you can’t really mess with the order in which things happen. Julian isn’t supposed to be in the first book so why was he in the first episode? Overall, I think that the Delirium Fandom should be noticed. There are many of us, in which really just want the same thing. A movie that is actually based on the book and a different cast. I really hope that a movie is made, for the fans, and for whoever directs it. Let it be known, there are many of us and if you follow the book, your movie will most likely be a hit. Thanks for reading! :)

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