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Watch: ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’ Spoofed by Funny or Die

Watch: 'Blue is the Warmest Color' Spoofed by Funny or Die

Winning the highly coveted Palme D’Or can give independent films a much-needed boost into mainstream culture. But such hype may not always be the most advantageous scenario for a film. The most recent proof of this is the sharp Funny or Die parody of the 2013 Palme D’Or Winner “Blue Is the Warmest Color,” aptly titled “Vagina Is the Warmest Place.”

The approximately three hour-long film starring Adele Exarchopoulos and Lea Seydoux depicts the love story of a confused young girl whose sexual awakening leads her to an emotionally wrenching relationship with a much more secure (and blue-haired) woman. But beyond the emotional ups and downs the couples experiences throughout their time together, the film became notorious for its epic sex scenes.

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The parody pokes fun at the sex scenes, the film’s straight male critics, and the controversy that erupted when the film’s two leads spoke ill of their director to the press.

Watch the video below:

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This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen.


It is evident that no one involved in this parody saw Blue is the Warmest Color. Also, the only people who have tried to say male film critics liked it only due to the sex scenes were a very few older straight female critics who seem ticked that a movie about female sexuality doesn't focus on their desire for men.

All 4 women on the Cannes jury (Nicole Kidman, Vidya Balan, Naomi Kawase, Lynne Ramsay) chose it their favorite film of the festival. Among the famous women, of many, who have said they loved the film – Evan Rachel Wood, Tatiana Maslany, Kate Mara, and Tegan and Sara. Type Blue is the Warmest Color review on Youtube and there are many reviews from women who loved the film. Among prominent film critics, the following women loved Blue is the Warmest Color – Stephanie Zacharek, Betsy Sharkey, Susan G. Cole, B. Ruby Rich (the most prominent lesbian film critic in the world even wrote the Criterion essay), Jessica Kiang,
Evangeline Barbaroux, Stephanie Belpeche, Stephanie Lamome, and Ann Lee.

As for L's comment, I can say the sex scenes in BITWC are dead on. Those few women who don't think they are don't define the many women who have a more varied sex life. Worth reading is Jodi Savitz's article which points out how the few lesbians in a video complaining about the sex scenes don't speak for her.


The problem with this parody is that it's obvious that nobody involved in it watched the film. Aren't parodies supposed to immitate the work? Couldn't you at least recreate one or two scenes from the film?


This was the lamest parody I've even seen. It didn't even comedically try to skewer the original; it had no bite or slap.


The problem with this parody is that its sex scenes are decidedly more realistic than those in BitWC.

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