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Watch: Cinema History 101 As Told By Animated Egg Heads

Watch: Cinema History 101 As Told By Animated Egg Heads

Cinema studies has never been so easy…or cute. In a new video, Brazilian art director Pier Paolo presents iconic film characters in a little animated clip that goes through the history of cinema. Starting with Charlie Chaplin, it evolves into “Singing in the Rain,” then “The Godfather,” then “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones.” Paolo then takes a slightly bloody turn with “Freddy vs. Jason” and “Kill Bill,” before bringing it to a heartwarming finale with the old man from “Up” floating towards the top of the screen and out of sight. Set to various film scores and the music of Aphex Twin, this video has enough charm and eggheads to induce an “awww” from even the most taciturn of film buffs. 

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I liked it, the transition from Singing in the Rain to Clockwork Orange was perfect. But I wish it had been a bit longer, going from Chaplin to Singing in the Rain is skipping a lot of cinema history.


Yes. Because that video taught me so much about the history of cinema.

Your headlines are turning into Yahoo headlines. Please stop it.


Yes is cute, but has to much focus in the 70's and 80's


Because whoever made it sucks.


This is cute, but really random. Why these movies?

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