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Watch Halle Berry & Phylicia Rashad In New Trailer For ‘Sybil’-Like Drama ‘Frankie & Alice’ (Opens 4/4)

Watch Halle Berry & Phylicia Rashad In New Trailer For 'Sybil'-Like Drama 'Frankie & Alice' (Opens 4/4)

A film I’d pretty much written off for *dead* was resuscitated by Codeblack Films (a Lionsgate subsidiary) last year, when the company acquired North American distribution rights, for a spring 2014 release.

Leading up to that pick up last September, it had been a long while since Halle Berry’s Sybil-like tale, Frankie & Alice, had been mentioned on this blog. Almost 3 years.

Codeblack announced that it will release the film on April 4, 2014, which is a Friday, meaning a theatrical run. It was originally set for a February 2011 release, after what was said to be a 1-screen Oscar-qualifying run in Los Angeles in December 2010. It didn’t garner Halle an Oscar nomination, but she was recognized by the Golden Globes for her performance (nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama)

After it didn’t open as announced, in February 2011, I figured it would head straight to DVD, but it never did, and the film was forgotten, until almost 3 years later, when Codeblack rode in to save the day.

And 5 months since the announcement of that pick up, a brand new release trailer has been unveiled by Codeblack/Lionsgate, which is embedded below. Clearly, expectations are high for it, given the *grandness* of the cut.

Inspired by a true story, the drama centers around a young woman (Berry) with multiple personality disorder who struggles to cope with her disease. 

Stellan Skarsgard, Phylicia Rashad, and Chandra Wilson also star in the film.

Berry also served as producer along with Vincent Cirrincione (Lackawanna Blues, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge).

“Halle Berry delivers a spellbinding performance in Frankie & Alice,” said Codeblack Films President Jeff Clanagan. “Codeblack is thrilled to bring this important film to theaters nationwide delivering on our commitment to bring more quality films to the marketplace.”

It’s been a busy last 12 months for Codeblack; most recent releases for the company include Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, the romantic drama Things Never Said, starring Omari Hardwick and Shanola Hampton, and George Tillman, Jr.’s The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, starring Jennifer Hudson. Up next, will be the thriller Repentance, starring Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie and Sanaa Lathan, which will be out next month.

Halle Berry’s Frankie & Alice will open on April 42014.

Here’s the brand new trailer:

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Lucy Parsons Haymarket Affair

There should be a database of screenplays with diverse characters where black females are (as CAREY CAREY says below): not maids, not streetwalkers, nor a white man's do girl (think Scandal)– where they are: leads, diverse, complex, professional, etc…


I saw this movie when first talked about a couple years ago. The trailer is MAGIC, and makes the film look much more interesting than it actually is.


I'm very excited about this film.

Joe H.

this looks incredible


I'm sold. I'm gonna watch as soon as possible.

Dave's Deluxe

Wait wait wait WHOA ho ho ho hold ON a second here, now… The above picture has CHANGED. Earlier today on this esteemed page, the above one-sheet had an image that focused on Ms. Berry's exquisite rear-end. The bootylicious. The money-maker. NOW there's some new, boring checkerboard picture. What gives, S&A? Why the editing? JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE, PEOPLE? THE WHOLE DAMN SYSTEM IS OUT OF ORDER.


It does look like the may have edited it…the trailers look different then when it came out in 2011. There are parts in the original version that are dragged out..but that may have to do with all of the different 6-8 writers that had on it. The film is still meritorious.


Can't wait to finally see this!


I saw the movie when it first came out, and it's a good film and performance by Halle. I know so many people who have seen this on bootleg though i'm not sure how it'll do in the theaters.


WOW… did you hear that!? It's the constant roar of S&A's readers clamoring for more diverse roles starring black actresses. Well look no further, we have one. Halle is not a maid, streetwalker nor a white man's do girl (think Scandal) , she's playing the part of a young woman with multiple personality disorder who struggles to cope with her disease. The last time I saw a black actress in a similar role was Diana Ross (1994) Out of Darkness. I don't think most of S&A's audience has seen that film, with the exception of Sergio, of course. Maybe he'll give us the "back story" of that movie? I don't know if he has seen it, but odds are, he has. Anyway, I caught it on YouTube about a month ago. Let me tell you, Diana Ross played the black professional woman suffering from paranoid schizophrenia, to a tee. In other words, she killed it – Oscar worthy. Now granted, schizophrenia is not the same as someone with multiple personalities, but when Diana's character (Paulie Cooper) wasn't under the siege of her illness, she was a completely different person, similar to Halle Berry's Sybil-like tale.

So I am excited to see Ms. Berry bring us something different. Hey, Halle has proven (to me) that she can be quite convincing in dramatic roles. She has done so in The Call, Losing Asiah and The Things We Lost In The Fire (my personal favorite). So I look forward to an enjoyable, entertaining experience.

So come on y'all, let's support those things we've been clamoring for… "more black faces in diverse roles".

Dave's Deluxe

Whoa. Codeblack knows how to serve Halle's audience: the focus of the one-sheet is on *dat ass*.

I have no complaints.


great, now actually watching the movie is unnecessary. pretty much told the whole story in the trailer.


Damn good trailer! Much better than the crappy first one! Im curious to see how it is pressed and how it does!

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