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Watch: John Cusack and Robert DeNiro in the Noir Trailer for ‘The Bag Man’

Watch: John Cusack and Robert DeNiro in the Noir Trailer for 'The Bag Man'

Universal has released a second trailer for “The Bag Man” — the upcoming John Cusack and Robert DeNiro crime thriller slated for release at the end of the month.

Set in a seedy motel, the film centers on John Cusack’s character, a criminal hired by Robert DeNiro’s character to retrieve a mysterious bag.

At just a minute and thirty seconds, the trailer features a montage of fight scenes rather than a narrative recount of the film. As if the femme fatale stripper character played by Rebecca Da Costa wasn’t enough of a clue, a voiceover provided by DeNiro’s character makes for an eerie aural backdrop that demonstrates the film’s clear noir aspirations.

“Y’know something I don’t like surprises,” says DeNiro’s character. “I mean don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the unexpected. But I don’t like surprises.”

Check out the trailer here:

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Mary Benham

Love your acting, John Cusack

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