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Watch: Mark Romanek-Directed Video For U2’s “Invisible”

Watch: Mark Romanek-Directed Video For U2's "Invisible"

We live in a weird time now where rappers sell albums via cell phones, and humanitarian Bono and his band U2 use a Super Bowl ad for Bank Of America to debut a new song. So much for rock ‘n roll being dangerous (though in fairness, they did raise $3 million for charity by making the song available to download in advance for one day, so that’s pretty cool). But anyway, Ireland’s biggest export is back with a new single “Invisible,” and the only reason we’re interested has to do with two words: Mark Romanek.

The filmmaker has made a rare return to his music video roots to helm this video for the band. The black-and-white video finds Bono singing into a halo and striking poses (which is par for the course these days) as the band plays to an audience in front of a big video screen, with lots of lights everywhere. It’s Romanek’s first straight-up music video since Coldplay‘s “Speed Of Sound” in 2005 (though yes, he did helm Jay Z‘s performance art thingy “Picasso Baby” last year), so give it a spin below. [Digital Spy]

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For any camera heads: this was shot with 7 RED Epic Monochrome cameras. It's such a beautiful looking video.


I don't understand why u guys sweat Romanek so much. Sure his music videos are great but as far as film goes, I can't think of a more underwhelming director. Hell, even Anton Corbijn's boring films are better. At least he makes films instead of starting projects, developing them for years and then dropping out. Jonathan Glazer had probably fared the best in my opinion of all the music video directors that had those DVDs. Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry etc.


"It's Romanek's first music video since Coldplay's "Speed Of Sound" in 2005"

He did Jay-Z's "Picasso Baby" last October, unless we're actually considering that a 'performance art film' and not a music video.

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