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Watch: Mirrored Masks and Cloaked Figures in Kanye West’s ‘Yeezus’ Trailer

Watch: Mirrored Masks and Cloaked Figures in Kanye West's 'Yeezus' Trailer

Kanye West dropped the trailer for “Yeezus” last night, during an appearance on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Vulture speculates that “Yeezus” is separate from the film that West is writing with Bret Easton Ellis — a notion that has yet to be confirmed.

The trailer, which can be viewed on West’s website, consists of footage from the tour. Although West’s combination of religious motifs with pop culture likens him to a god, his imagery actually resembles Lady Gaga’s work on “The Fame” and “The Fame Monster.” Specifically, the figured cloaked in white and the mask made of mirrors that we see in West’s trailer, appear to be re-appropriations of Gaga’s white nun outfit in the “Bad Romance” video and the famous disco bra she sports in the video for “Just Dance.”

Perhaps West isn’t a god after all.

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I saw the live tour in DC, and it was absolutely incredible. Kanye West doesn't just do a concert. It's a complicated, detailed piece of performance art.

A lot of people will sarcastically dismiss this film as indulgent or whatever, because the media likes to portray Kanye as nothing more than an egotist. I guarantee you're going to see them in these comments. These are the kinds of people who make fun of popular artists and performers because it makes them feel superior. But hey, he's released six critically acclaimed albums in a row, so they only look like idiots.

John D

Straight to DVD!

(Yes, we all know DVD is dead…my point exactly.)

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