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Watch: New Full Length Trailer For Jonathan Glazer’s ‘Under The Skin’ With Scarlett Johansson Goes On The Prowl

Watch: New Full Length Trailer For Jonathan Glazer's 'Under The Skin' With Scarlett Johansson Goes On The Prowl

While the final result of Jonathan Glazer‘s brilliant “Under The Skin” is a tightly controlled, sharply honed piece, the production was much more loose than you might think. “There were lots of pieces, lots of film that was shot, 270 hours of film I think,” the director told us at TIFF last year. “Sometimes I had eight cameras running…there were fantastic scenes that I didn’t get permission to use. So it was quite a high wire act in that sense, you would not know what you were going to get every day. You would take risks that meant that you might be shooting for three hours and end up with nothing.”

But man, the stuff Glazer did end up with is utterly remarkable. “Under The Skin”,” an adaptation of the book by Michael Faber, finds Scarlett Johansson prowling Scotland for men, but not for what you might think. She’s an alien, harvesting humans for uncertain purposes, but everything changes when she decides to stop her mission after one fateful encounter. A beautiful and sometimes brutal film about humanity, “Under The Skin” is simply unlike anything you’ll likely experience this year. And it’s one you’ll want to see on a big screen, with a full blown theater sound system too.

Watch the new trailer for the film below. “Under The Skin” goes on the hunt on April 4th.

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I read this novel when it came out. It's brilliant. Haunting. Terrifying. I can't wait to see the film


*points at Under the Skin*

*points at my eyeballs*

*insistently points at my eyeballs*


Congratulations truly goes out to the Playlist and Indiewire for entering into the great Peter Travers pull quote stratosphere.


saw this at telluride film fest last summer…amazing movie. absolutely must be seen on a big screen with great loud sound. can't wait to see it again.


How do u film stuff and not get permission to use it?


This looks great, and Glazer's a terrific director, but "heir to Kubrick" tags are vacuous and actually demeaning to all concerned. If Glazer's making creative, compelling cinema that's brilliant, and should be applauded, but screaming "heir to Kubrick" turns him into an affectation rather than a genuine original.


It could be the influence and homage to Kubrickian style, but the tone, cinematography and score screamed Paul Thomas Anderson at me.

Pig Bodine

I feel like I've been seeing stills, clips, posters and various trailers for this for about three years. The release date is April 4, but I'll believe it when I see it.


This looks amazing! I can't wait to see it!

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