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Watch: Paul Walker Is Back In Action In First Trailer For ‘Brick Mansions’

Watch: Paul Walker Is Back In Action In First Trailer For 'Brick Mansions'

The late Paul Walker may no longer be with us, but fans of his no-nonsense action movies have one last parting gift in “Brick Mansions.” And the first trailer has arrived for the action thriller.

Co-starring RZA, directed by Camille Delamarre and co-written and produced by Luc Besson, this remake of “District B13” heads to the streets of Detroit, where Walker’s detective needs to track down a weapon of mass destruction stolen by a drug dealer, and enlists the help of someone who happens to know a little parkour (David Belle from the original movie). Yeah, not highbrow entertainment by any stretch, but right in Walker’s wheelhouse, so no harm we suppose.

See how it all turns out when “Brick Mansions” gets built on April 25th. 

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A lot of things have been clearly taken from the original. That sequence at the beginning with Belle, Paul fighting with the steering wheel, and wrapping the big muscular guy with wire so one of them can bash his head with a brick.


Please come back, please.. I can't stop crying over your death..I have never been effected by an actors death.. bt u were not only my favorite actor.. u were a great human being, someone whonused to be so lively.. I still cant believe that you are gone..I can't digest this fact, its yoo hard..miss you paul.. love you and will alwys love u..

Your forever fan…

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