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Watch Steven Soderbergh Mash Up “Psycho” With… “Psycho”?

Watch Steven Soderbergh Mash Up "Psycho" With... "Psycho"?

There’s no question Steven Soderbergh is keeping busy in retirement; the first season of his Showtime series “The Knick” is already in the can, and he has a play opening at New York’s Public Theater in March. But he’s still got time to do things like put together a feature-length mash-up of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and Gus Vant Sant’s shot-for-shot remake, which you can now watch at his Extension 765 website. It might take some time to figure out whether this is a fun lark or a significant work in the vein of Michael Snow’s “WVLNT“. So let’s get to work, shall we?

Update: Nelson Carvajal points out that Soderbergh isn’t the first to try a version of this exercise; in 2000, video artist Michael Olenick created “Psycho 2000,” a live projection superimposing both versions of the film all the way through. The effect’s not quite the same; Soderbergh takes a more active hand, sometimes intercutting, sometimes layering, and possibly using other techniques; his website is offline, presumably due to a traffic surge, so I wasn’t able to get all the way through his version. But it’s certainly interesting to compare what two different filmmakers do with a broadly similar idea.

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Hmm… It seems like Soderbergh's version actually deals more with the aspects of each individual character by making editing choices than the other examples cited here. While I think the other earlier works are interesting, for sure, it seems like their emphasis is more on image than performance and character. Both approaches are very valuable in reexamining Hitchcock's and Van Sant's works with a new perspective.

And, even if Soderbergh did see one of these other works and decide to take in a different direction, so what? If we lived our artistic lives by not stealing ideas from other artists or saying, "Yes, and…" when viewing a work, we'd never get anywhere.

Relax. It's all valuable.


vimeo 8539719

Knocks Soderbergh out the game!

James Faller

I saw this version years back at the Nitehawk in Brooklyn at it rocked. I've heard that it's played in the Castro in SF as well. Maybe Soderberg saw it and ripped it off…nah he is always original (sarcasm).
Anyway watch this and tell me it doesn't blow Soderberg out the water. Look up Frank Hudec on vimeo and it's called Psycho(s).


vimeo 83896243


I DONT GIVE A F#CK ABOUT Steven Soderbergh

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