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Watch: Trailer For Long Delayed And Almost Forgotten ‘Odd Thomas’ Starring Anton Yelchin

Watch: Trailer For Long Delayed And Almost Forgotten 'Odd Thomas' Starring Anton Yelchin

Wayyy back in the antediluvian days of July, we brought word that Stephen SommersDean Koontz adaptation “Odd Thomas,” starring Anton Yelchin, Addison Timlin, Willem Dafoe and Patton Oswalt, was being delayed, perhaps indefinitely. It seemed like a shame, because it looked like a nifty little supernatural flick, featuring Yelchin as a fry cook with certain paranormal powers who gets mixed up in something spooky in a Southwestern town. We knew the film existed, but it looked like it was maybe angling for a place on our list of movies that were shot but never released.

But no! A reprieve is at hand, and after lawyers for various production companies completed the mandated 666 rounds of ritual combat, an agreement was reached that has “Odd Thomas” hitting theaters and iTunes on February 28th. This of course doesn’t give those same production companies much time to get some publicity out there, so behold, a trailer! Yelchin is immensely likeable and the semi-corporeal monstrosities look great, so this should be a fun little flick. [FirstShowing]

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Amy Flores

It is available on Comcast Xfinity on Demand for $9.99…..


I too watched it last year and I really enjoyed it! So much so, that I might actually go to the movies to see it again and to support it. After years of reading books or watching series before they become films and then being unable to enjoy the theatrical version without nitpicking, disappointment and/or outright rage (*cough*, The Last Airbender*cough*), I now watch movies first then read the book or watch the series. It manages my expectations. I agree it is more light-hearted than the novel but still very entertaining.


Terrible trailer. The film itself looks decent but when the people in charge can't even produce a compelling trailer it's not surprising it isn't getting a theatrical release despite the popularity of the source material.


Its another Jack reacher/constantine , great book , but main character is not as described in the book , which will disappoint true kopontz fans .

Travis Hopson

Saw the movie as well late last year (review over on our site), and found it to be a faithful adaptation of the book, even if it's perhaps a little more comedic and light-hearted than Dean Koontz envisioned.


Oh, and Lily Collins isn't in this movie, either. "Addison Timlin" is the female lead. Check your info before posting – what are you, Jagernauth?


I saw the movie over the weekend on VOD. 50 Cent is not in it (though maybe he was just cut out).

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