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Watch Tyrese’s ‘Django Unchained’ Audition Tape

Watch Tyrese's 'Django Unchained' Audition Tape

Before the movie opened, in late 2012, director Quentin Tarantino revealed that he’d met with 6 actors for the title part in Django Unchained (after Will Smith reportedly passed on it) that would eventually go to Jamie Foxx: in addition to Foxx, Idris Elba, Chris Tucker, Terrence Howard, Michael K. Williams, and Tyrese 

The audition tape for one of those actors – Tyrese – has surfaced, courtesy of our friends at World Star Hip Hop who uncovered it, and it’s embedded below for you to watch.

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I thought his performance in the house was fine, it wasn't until the scenes outside went downhill. I don't think Tyrese Gibson would have been right for this role. If you ask me the three main contenders were Michael K Williams, Chris Tucker, and Jamie Foxx.

I say Chris Tucker because I think this would have been a great opportunity for him to show his acting range. I believe that Chris Tucker has the acting chops to pull it off and revitalize his career.


It was far better than that overlong, horribly edited movie which is Django Unchained.


I really tried, but I couldn't get past the accent without laughing until I was in tears. I'll give him a B for effort though.


It was not bad at all it just could have been better… I believe Jamie was a great choice if He could pull of Ray Charles he can act out any slave from the 1800…

he aint even try to make us believe him

Tough crowd

That was a good tape. NO ONE looks "good" on an audition tape and by any stretch of the imagination Tyrese wasn't bad here. Working without a director under flat lighting at 30fps, you have to separate these things from the performance. As far as verbal cues go, the range Tyrese attempts in the tape is broader than anything that was asked of Jaime in the actual film; consider that a critique of the film. What's more, the accent Tyrese is doing in his audition places him at a handicap with the crowd here as it's something QT/Jaime wisely avoided: in the film, Jaime performs mostly without the accent.

Tarantino himself said all who auditioned for the part did good work but Jaime was the best. This tape corroborates that, this is good, honest work by a man taking a risk in the pursuit of his craft. Instead of tearing the man down for that, how about we give him some props for extending himself, showing some vulnerability and chasing his dreams?

broadway joe

No bueno! He's acting. This is very amateur.

broadway joe

No bueno! He's acting. This is very amateur.


He has a greater range than I thought. That was a good tape. Hope something good coms of it.


It's so hard to take Tyrese seriously.


Terrible … Jamie was the right choice of the names listed.


What is wrong with his accent??? Is the auditioning for a John Wayne movie? He has no emotion, and it's purely unbelievable. He's monotone. I never understood how people can get so rich and famous and have no acting abilities.


His acting is horrid, and his clothes look exceptionally cheap (though I know they probably aren't).


I am so embarrassed for Tyrese right now. This audition is absolutely horrid. Where was his team(agent, manager, etc) to advise him against this or did he forgo all rational? Oh and don't even get me started on the accent. He could have benefited from a dialect coach.


i commend tyrese for trying. acting is not easy in spite of what most my think and given that he has been doing it for twenty some odd years and he hasn't gotten a lick better, i say stick with what you know. do transformer 102 and make your millions and leave the heaving lifting to the men. ain't so shame in your hustle my man, there are loads of damn good actors waiting tables.


Tarantino (and his junkyard dog, Samuel L. Jackson) seems desperate to keep himself in the news what with all the attention McQueen has drawn with 12 Years a Slave.

blah, blah

That was pretty damn bad.

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