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Weekend B.O. Feb. 14-16 (No Surprises Here)

Weekend B.O. Feb. 14-16 (No Surprises Here)

It was the
battle between the two remakes of 80’s movies and one was the clear winner.

What was no
surprise was that The Lego Movie was No. 1 again on this weekend’s box office chart.
The film simply works and goes far beyond what would be considered to be a children’s
movie. With a dropoff of just 29% the film looks like it will eventually hit $300 million, equaling the take of Disney/Pixar’s animated film Up, and could potentially become
one of the highest grossing animated films of 2014.

But the surprise, which was actually no surprise, is that the About
Last Night
remake, which grossed $27 million this weekend easily beat out
that hyped up Robocop remake which
was originally projected to make some $40 million and fell way short of the mark
with $21 million.

But who didn’t
see that coming? First of all, what rom-com doesn’t do well around Valentine
Day when a lot of couples (or rather women dragging their handcuffed men
kicking and screaming, who would rather have 18 inch needles through their
eyeballs than suffer watching a romantic comedy
) are in the mood for a romantic

Also Kevin Hart is about as hot as anyone
can get. So hot that people will practically show up for anything he’s in, which
poses two big challenges for him. One is to keep from being overexposed… Well. O.K. so maybe he’s pretty much failed on that point.

But the second is
to try to find interesting projects that use his best qualities and avoid
making schlock, because they’re paying you a gargantuan paycheck, which has been
the downfall of many a film comic. (I don’t need to mention any names do I?)

I still don’t
find him funny though…

But who didn’t
see that that Robocop film wasn’t going to do what some people thought. How
could anyone improve on the 1987 original, one of the best films made during the
1980s? A  darkly comic, savage and hyper
violent action thriller, but also a clever satire that attacks the corrosive nature
of capitalism and throws in some heavy religoius allegory to boot.

 And the even
more amazing thing is that the film and director Paul Verhoeven did it all so brilliantly. (And the even more violent
sequel Robocop 2 directed by Empire
Strikes Back’s  Irvin Kershner
is definitely
a worthwhile movie).

So then how was a bowdlerized, tame PG-13 remake made for 12 year olds, with none of the
original’s satiric political and social commentary was  going to be any good or even remotely interesting?
Like that disastrous  2012 PG-13 remake
of Verhoeven’s definitely R  rated Total Recall. Just leave Verhoeven’s films
alone, make up something original and get a life.

The other major relase this weekend, Winter’s Tale, suffered from terrible reviews and just tanked at the box office, once again asking the question, why do they keep trying to make Colin Farrell into a movie star when nothing works, like that Total Recall remake he starred in?

Yet George Clooney’s The Monuments Men, despite equally bad reviews, held up petty well, with over $43.6 million to date, and could wind up being a solid, but not a huge hit for Sony, though the overseas box office for the film will help its total box office greatly.

1) The LEGO Movie WB $48,810,000 Total: $129,113,000 
2) About Last Night SGem $27,000,000 
3) RoboCop Sony $21,500,000 Total: $26,400,000  
4) The Monuments Men Sony $15,000,000 Total: $43,670,000 
5) Endless Love (2014) Uni. $13,380,000  Total: $13,380,000 
6) Ride Along Uni. $8,759,000 Total: $116,133,000 
7) Winter’s Tale WB $7,785,000 
8) Frozen BV $5,855,000 Total: $376,046,000 
9) Lone Survivor Uni. $4,076,000 Total: $118,402,000 
10) That Awkward Moment Focus $3,337,000 Total: $21,400,000 
11) American Hustle Sony $2,550,000 Total: $141,570,000 
12) Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit Par. $2,340,000 Total: $47,787,000

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Carey you missing the whole point I didn't say you shouldn't like what you like, I'm saying poeple should really have a choice on what they watch at the box office, why should one type of movie get all the marketing dollars and exposure. Carey I'm saying people can love both types of entertainment the same way, this is the point I'm getting at, hollywood has sucessfully conditioned the audience in saying know these types of movies that are not brand product movies want make that much money because brand product movies is the movies most people love, yeah if this is what you putting most of your money and resources in. I believe the audience is more complex than hollywood give them credit for, they treat the audience like dummies. This goes back to what I'm saying in turning the audience into brand product lovers of films. Carey you never presented your point into what I was saying about dictating trends you sidestepped it saying I'm crying, no I'm dealing with reality people don't really have a choice when it comes to hollywood and the movies they put out in the theaters. Carey you don't think this is dictation when you not giving the people what they want but telling them this is all they want? If this wasn't true, I'm going to say it again, black people would not get the sterotypical brand product of black films in the theaters when they want to see other films. Carey I'm going leave it at this.


Oh relax. I said I enjoyed it, I wasn't comparing it to The Third Man. Though your concern over my movie watching habits is touching.


I enjoyed Robocop. There actually was a story and the action didnt overwhelm the movie. Felt it was a step in the right direction as far as action movies go.


CC I'm not going to get in a debate with you about Kevin Hart success, that's for another conversation. I stick by what I say. We can debate about this in another form that's just about his success because trust me I can back up what I say. CC about hollywood turning the movie audience into brand product lovers. Let me explain, Hollywood and the music industry is controlled and is Wall St. It's less of a risk if you just put out brands, hence built in audience. The only risk is if the brand do something to go bad or it's not a hot brand no more. Originality is too much of a risk, that's why you see less of these movies made. In the late 60's and 70's when you had filmmakers telling personal stories that were box office successes that was too much of volatile market because it was too hard to predict a movies success because the stories were so different that you didn't know which one the audience was going to come out for. Why you think you got so many comic book movies and franchises or formulatic movies coming out because 85% percent of the time they can predict how a movie is going to do, hence the brand product audience. CC you say the audience doesn't see movie as a product instead of an art,bs. CC how do you explain these movie franchises that are on movie 7 and 8 one when all the ones after the first movie in the franchise sucked after it, it's because if you have a brand product audience they will continue to come year after year for that same brand until the wheels finally fall off and it's on to another brand movie franchise. Avatar is the last movie in the last 15 years that was an original story with no built in audience that was the number 1 movie of the year. So CC please give me your facts on why we don't have a brand product audience.


No surprises? About Last Night was expected to do $24 million for the 4 day weekend, including Presidents Day tomorrow, and it's already made $27 million in 3 days, and you say "no surprises"? I know it just bothers you so much to see these Kevin Hart films do so well Sergio but at least practice some integrity in your reporting. It would be easier to respect you. After tomorrow, this would've made a lot more than the $24 million that analysts were predicting for the whole 4 days. It's already beaten that gross after 3 days. I expect to see white mainstream press continue to underestimate these black films at the box office, but you'd think the black press would've figured it out by now. SMH


This is the attitude of the audeince at the box office, they love remakes or franchises. Hollywood and Music excutives has sucessfully turned people into a brand audience, that's why it's getting harder and harder to do original and interesting stories and get them in theaters, it's just a small audience out there for those type of films now. The majority of the audience just see movies as a brand product instead of an art, they like seeing the same recycled junk over and over, they are what you called a built in audience. As far as hollywood making Colin Farrell into a movie star that's always been the case with white actors and directos, they can have flop after flop and still get big money to do another movie. This guy hasn't had a hit in years but still gets to star in big budget movies. This just tells you hollywood is all about who you know and connections, you will get fooled if you think otherwise. Paul Veerhoven made 3 classic films, Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instint which hollywood couldn't resist leaving alone, none of the the remakes or part 2 with Basic Instint has done well, the reason being these are not brand films, they became hits and classics because of the director not because they were a brand. That's why you can not remake Spike Lee or Tarantino films. Their films is about the director more then anything else. Sergio you are on to something about Kevin Hart, his success is not about talent and hard work, it's a lot more to it, but that's another conversation.

cherokee rose

Technically it was a battle of 3 80s remakes if you throw Endless Love into the mix but who's counting?

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