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Weekend B.O. Feb.21-23 (Kevin Can’t Save Everything)

Weekend B.O. Feb.21-23 (Kevin Can’t Save Everything)

Well surprise of surprises Kevin Hart isn’t Superman after all, but I’ll
get to that in a second.

As expected, The Lego Movie was number one again this weekend
with $31 million with over $183 million to date, while the two other major releases,
Pompeii and Three Days to Kill, were no match.

With  $10 million
in 3rd place, Pompeii was a big letdown (though
it’s certain to do better overseas), and Kill (which producer Luc Besson was hoping to be his next Taken, except it wasn’t) was in  2nd  place with  $12 million.

But the big surprise was that last week’s No. 2 film About
Last Night
 dropped an astounding 71%, down to sixth place with $7.4 million, with over $38 million total.

Not that the film in any way could be called a flop, but that
huge drop off evidently means that the word of mouth wasn’t as good as
hoped and that even Hart’s presence in the film is not of any help.

Seems that people will go see Hart, but only if it’s in a
role that they can accept him in or maybe Hart should have been the main star
of the film, and not have shared the film with Michael Ealy who no one could call a box office star or maybe the film just be really lousy and not even
Hart’s involvement could save it.

Anyone out there who has seen it, tell us what you think…

1) The LEGO Movie WB $31,450,000 Total: $183,160,000 
2) 3 Days to Kill Rela. $12,300,000 
3) Pompeii TriS $10,010,000 
4) RoboCop Sony $9,400,000 Total: $43,600,000 
5) The Monuments Men Sony $8,100,000  Total: $58,050,000 
6) About Last Night SGem $7,400,000 Total: $38,150,000 
7) Ride Along Uni. $4,667,000  Total: $123,173,000  
8) Frozen BV $4,357,000 -Total: $384,061,000 
9) Endless Love Uni. $4,301,000 Total: $20,142,000 
10) Winter’s Tale WB $2,130,000  Total:$11,224,000 
11) Lone Survivor Uni. $2,016,000 Total: $121,747,000 
12) American Hustle Sony $1,750,000 Total: $144,130,000 

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Brown Bomber

I know a lot of people maybe tired of Kevin Hart's antics and that high pitched screeching voice of his. But for White folks he is reminiscent of a Jerry Lewis in some comparison. But i say that!

To say Ice Cube ain't had no hits on the big screen in quite a while. So lets not fool ourselves, like him or leave him… Kevin Hart, is who contributed the biggest portion to bringing in £125 million US box office. Not, Ice Cube … respectfully.


If my word of mouth had anything to do with it, then I'm not surprised that About Last Night fell off. I found the film boring. Maybe now we'll get a break from Kevin Hart!

I am very surprised about Pompeii. Though I did not plan to see it, I definitely expected the movie to much better.


I'm sure the studio was expecting a big drop-off. They scheduled the movie to open Valentine's Day, a traditional date for rom-coms. Even Garry Marshall's VALENTINE'S DAY (one of the biggest rom-com openers) saw a 70.4% drop in its second weekend. ENDLESS LOVE saw a 67.7% drop from its opening weekend.

Carey makes a good point. I don't know the actual demographics for last weekend, but it seems that the 50% of white folks that came to Ride Along basically stayed away from About Last Night. That being said, Kevin Hart currently stars in the top two comedy's in America and he just copped an Image Award. It's good to be the king.



Lousy movie …

Ride Along has good numbers because of Ice Cube.

KHart is overexposed and overrated.

Miles Ellison

38 million for recycled white relationship porn dipped in chocolate is actually pretty respectable. How much did the original make?


"Well surprise of surprises Kevin Hart isn't Superman after all"

Yep, Superman can turn a lump of coal into a priceless diamond, but Kevin can't turn a boring been there and done that rom-com into a mega-hit. So check this out–> "Not that the film in any way could be called a flop (nope, not at all), but that huge drop off evidently means that the word of mouth wasn’t as good as hoped and that even Hart's presence in the film is not of any help". Now wait a minute, take Kevin out of the movie… what might the numbers be saying?! Well, I know what I saw in that foul mouth laden promo-clip. It said, don't pass go, don't tell anyone about this, and keep yo money in your pocket. So Kevin actually was this dum-dum-remake-rom-com's Superman. Hey, as Sergio pointed out, 38 million is nothing to sneeze at, especially for another lame remake with a black cast.

Yep, I had to through that in the mix. This movie, as Lauren B. said, was geared for the urban/black film consumer, needless to say, the overwhelming majority of whites ain't trying to hear it. So, considering all the above (i.e., lame and played R-rated rom-com, only one actor with star power, black cast) Kevin Hart is a black Superman and 38 million is a handsome return on a 12 million investment.

That reminds me, can Pompeii's dismal 10 million be blamed on the black man? Hey, I'm just saying, it's no secret (although some are refusing to accept it) that the overwhelming majority of whites are not putting their money on "black"… black actors nor black productions. Soooooo, what color was pompeii? Come on now, anyone who does not believe the actor's skin color was not a part of the decision making process of whether or not the film was chosen over another, may be naive enough (or willfully ignorant enough) to believe to the Fantastic Four casting news (Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm and actress Kate Mara as his sister) is much ado about nothing. I'm just saying, something just ain't right about Pompeii's flat box office. But who can fault white guys for not wanting to expose their women to Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's chiseled body raising a black fist in 'Pompeii'? Y'all know the saying "once you go black….

Btw, for the record and for those who didn't know, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje actually plays the meaty role of Atticus. a champion gladiator. The city of Pompeii was an ancient Roman town-city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania, in the territory of the comune of Pompei. Nevertheless, this film has a black man sitting front and center… and some folks ain't having it. And that's why the film flopped. And Kevin Hart is still the man.


Kebbin Heart bees a great actor…dis da one what's on my level…I's wantin Hollywood for to puts him in lots of movies cause we sho nuff be laffin wen he be's on the screen

Miles Ellison

Perhaps the word of mouth got out.


What role will people accept Kevin Hart in? Ignorant loudmouth?


The R rating is the reason the film dropped. Notice how every film in fron of it is either rated PG or PG-13? In my area of Idaho, the film was showing to semi theaters as a bunch of kids bought tickets to other movies and snuck in. Ride Along was PG-13 and The Best Man Holiday was a sequel so they don't really count. Best Man Holiday only dropped 16% less than About Last Night in it's second weekend , Notorious dropped off 72.3 percent back in 2009, Never Die Alone dropped off 66.3 percent back in 2004. Granted both these films didn't have A List stars but that's still no reason to throw shade at Kevin Hart.

Lauren B

I never thought he was the "magical elf" that some folks try to sell him as. After all, GRUDGE MATCH was a big-ass flop. RIDE ALONG was mildly funny but the plot was lame and absurd but I think people really wanted to have a good life. I don't know if you noticed this but comedic films geared for the urban/black film consumer are almost nonexistent now. And yet, comedies are usually where black films can financially thrive. The tentpole industry has practically eviscerated all the niche film market.

Rico Jenkins

The difference between this and Ride Along is the rating. This is still another hit for Kevin Hart so you fools can hate all you want to. Most black films experiences that kind of drop off in the second weeknd.


You've watched one kh movie you've watched them all!


With a budget of $13 million, I think it did OK.

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