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Will ‘Winter’s Tale’ Revitalize the Career of Colin Farrell?

Will 'Winter's Tale' Revitalize the Career of Colin Farrell?

Colin Farrell is in need of a career turnaround. After a string of misses including horror remake “Fright Night,” the “Total Recall” would-be reboot, “Seven Pshychopaths” (where Farrell was dull and flat) and the mixed reviews for “Saving Mr. Banks” (not Farrell’s fault), the Irish actor has “Winter’s Tale” coming up February 14. But will this big-budget fantasy romance break the pattern?

It’s too bad so few people saw Niels Arden Oplev’s grey and grainy crime romance “Dead Man Down” last year, where Farrell gave a moving performance opposite Noomi Rapace. And it’s been a while since his brilliant comic turn in 2008’s “In Bruges,” even longer since his career-best performance in Terrence Malick’s 2005 epic “The New World.” He’s coming up in Liv Ullman’s take on Strindberg’s “Miss Julie,” co-starring Jessica Chastain, and “Solace,” which looks like another formula thriller. 

A new featurette is available for “Winter’s Tale,” which also stars Russell Crowe, Will Smith, Jessica Brown Findlay (long lost Lady Sybil from “Downton Abbey”) and William Hurt. Watch below.

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I think it justs needs to be accepted that Colin Farrell is a great actor who's going to have a long & prestigious career but may never be the "Next Tom Cruise/Brad Pitt" everyone was pushing him to be a decade ago.


Yeah, I'm not sure that he needs a career revival. "Dead Man Down" was fun and something of a twist on the typical revenge story. good work on his part and Noomi Rapace.


Not sure Colin needs a career "revival." Despite having very little box office success, he works all the time. And you're right, he's great in "In Bruges."


I like him a lot, but he seems to be best (or most interesting) when he's doing comedy or drama with a comedic twist. He was pretty terrible in Saving Mr. Banks. Winter's Tale looks like garbage.

The Yorgos Lanthimos project and Miss Julie are more likely to revive his career. I think part of his problem is that he says yes to too much. A lot of actors do this, of course, when they'd be wiser to work less.

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