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A New Indie Film Distributor Just Launched And They Want to See Your Film

A New Indie Film Distributor Just Launched And They Want to See Your Film

Four Baltimore filmmakers have banded together to form Camden Arts & Motion, a new Baltimore-based independent
film distributor, and they’re looking for submissions.

“Every person on the team is a filmmaker. All
of us have worked on films in some capacity. That’s where we’re coming from. Every filmmaker has at least
one horror story about a distributor. We’re trying to be the one distributor that filmmakers
actually enjoy working with and get some great results for movies that
you might otherwise might not have seen,” Dan Schepleng, the company’s president and CEO, told Indiewire.

The good news for filmmakers is that Camden plans to offer filmmakers a gross percentages of the sales. “We believe that when the film does well, we should all share the profit,” explained Schepleng. “We’re trying to change the relationship between distributors and filmmakers.”

Specifically, the team — which, in addition to Schepleng, includes VP of Marketing Martin Whittier, VP of Acquisitions Tommy Duncan and VP of Technology Sean Clark — is looking for low-budget narrative features (total production budget of under $100,000) that “seems too small for everyone else, a film that’s been forgotten, but should not have been,” said Schepleng.

To start out, the company will focus primarily on digital distribution, DVD and Blu-Ray. 

“We think we will have the opportunity to work with some
fantastic films because we’re putting the filmmaker first – both in the
relationship and the structure of the contracts,” said Schepleng.

Find out more about the new company and how to submit your film here.

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Suresh K Goswami

Your initiative is very much appreciated.
Would you be interested in an award winning short documentary 21 minutes,


Sounds like Eva Duvernay's AAFFRM.

Dennis Doros

Best of luck! Film distributors are a small and lucky band of brothers and sisters. I should point out, such companies as Oscilloscope, Zeitgeist, Cinema Guild, Icarus, Strand, Janus, Flicker Alley, A24, Music Box, Shadow and many other small and large film distributors (including mine, Milestone) have a proud history of putting films and filmmakers first, making them partners in the distribution and marketing plans, spending long hours to promote their careers, helping them even after they leave for "bigger" pastures, and yes, paying them royalties. Results may vary for a thousand different reasons, but the dedication to films and filmmakers is always there.


How are they gonna sell these films without free press coverage from a theatrical opening? What will they do to market the films which the filmmaker can't do herself with social media? Why should a filmmaker give away any % of their sales to this company? What value do they add besides calling themselves a distributor?

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