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Aaron McGruder Finally Explains Why He Left ‘The Boondocks’

Aaron McGruder Finally Explains Why He Left 'The Boondocks'

everyone was abuzz when it was revealed that Aaron McGruder would not be
returning to the fourth season of The Boondocks when it returns to the air
on Adult Swim on April 21st. 

People who
love the show are fearing the worst, but is all lost? The Walking Dead lost co-creator Frank Darabont after the first season
and it’s held up very well. Then again, remember In Living Color and how it went straight into the toilet after the
Wayans left?

But the
question remains, why did McGruder decide the leave the show? There’s been all
kinds of speculation and theories, but finally McGruder himself has addressed the issue of his leaving on his Facebook page, which one could interpret as saying
he has grown past the show and decided to move on.  Or perhaps you’ll feel differently.

As he said:

   “As the world now knows, The Boondocks
will be returning for a fourth season, but I will not be returning with it. I’d
like to extend my gratitude to Sony and Adult Swim for three great seasons”.

    “I created The Boondocks two decades ago in
college, did the daily comic for six years, and was showrunner on the animated
series for the first three seasons. The Boondocks pretty much represents my
life’s work to this point. Huey, Riley, and Granddad are not just property to
me. They are my fictional blood relatives. Nothing is more painful than to
leave them behind”.

    “To quote a great white man, ‘Hollywood is a
business’. And to quote another great white man, “Don’t hold grudges”.

    “What has never been lost on me is the
enormous responsibility that came with The Boondocks – particularly the
television show and it’s relatively young audience. It was important to offend,
but equally important to offend for the right reasons. For three seasons I
personally navigated this show through the minefields of controversy. It was
not perfect. And it definitely was not quick. But it was always done with a
keen sense of duty, history, culture, and love. Anything less would have been
simply unacceptable”.

    “As for me, I’m finally putting a life of
controversy and troublemaking behind me with my upcoming Adult Swim show, BLACK

So did he answer your questions or did not?

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Jenu McLucas

Not at all. It’s just not right season 5 should have been finished with Mcgruders 2 cents in the whole deal. The show can be 10 times better today with all of the topics flying around that need to be poked at and justified in only a way Arron can. Simplest answer there is.

    Jessica Rivers

    I totally agree there is do much going on these days I’d like to hear the straight up ignorant opinions of Riley but the practical and sane approach of Huey. I’d like to know what Aaron thinks about all this chaos.


Was that a joke at the end lmao..


I love the boondocks to me it sounds like it was getting to real with the everyday life an someone got offended an ask to change the show so he split to let it fail lol but I absolutely love black jeseus that’s my show

    Manuel Vega

    Hispanic causing panic


If they make a season five, they should make Huey smile more often, and him and Riley closer

its said tho it was the dopest show out the only thing alot of people can relate 2 like wtf kinda shit is tv now all dat dumb ass shit the same thing that happened 2 hiphop is happening 2 all da other good og shit



He didn’t answer the question.


    I just wish he would have answered the question.


Well after reading the article and the conversation all I can say is some times u got to move on from things if u don’t have any more interest in something what’s the use of you to keep doin it because if u keep doin it and don’t have interest in it any more it’s not goin be done right meaning if u not goin do something right don’t do it at all and really I was wondering why they didn’t do a season 5 Now I know so yall answered my question


Apparently, the revolution will no longer be televised. My revolutionary brother has learned to navigate the imperialist waters a bit too well… Namaste and all the best to him though


For what ever reason you left it must have been important and I hope it was worth it, cuz I loved that show man!good luck with "BLACK JESUS" and THANK YOU for a great experience.


Aaron is hilarious. He ends the entire conversation by sayin he is leaving his controversial ways in the past by creating a show called BLACK JESUS. LMFAO. that is what you call sarcasm.


I read his statements in Huey, Riley’s and grand dads voice :( lol

Ty Gist

He explanation is a load of crap. I hope he reads these comments, if not I will tweet him, but to me this was your legacy Aaron, you giving this up is like George Lucas giving up Star Wars, what you couldn’t do this and Black Jesus How is it other People like Shonda Rhimes and Tyler Perry can have and work on multiple shows, but you couldn’t. Your excuse is lame or you’re not really telling the truth. I am very disappointed as I am sure other fans of the Boondocks are as well. But I guess you don’t care about how we feel. I already know Season 4 will not be the same without you. Heck the drawing of the characters aren’t even the same. Whoever draws them now i.e. Season 3, they look terrible.

hakeem Kareem

Although its sad…but… Please which software did he use


That makes sense Monique, I wish his response was more straightforward though, not everyone can read between the lines :(

Geordan Rowley

Jordan also talked about the departure of Aaron McGruder, saying "Man, Aaron is actually a buddy of mine. And honestly I forgot. He had to tell me, not that long ago, that he got fired from it. And I was like, ‘What, really?!?’ It kind of caught me off guard, I totally forgot. Because when you think ‘Boondocks’ you think ‘Aaron McGruder,’ period … It was a little bittersweet, because when I actually signed on to it I was like, ‘Yeah, of course. Aaron’s my boy. Of course I will.’ And then it was like, ‘Whoa, wait, wait… really?!’ I still did it, because you kind of have to. You gotta pay homage to ‘Boondocks.’

Geordan Rowley

He was fired.


Are there going to be new seasons or episodes soon

Drew Amun

YES! Questions answered clearly by his quoting "great white men". Hate that great white men are doing what they do best. As virus survives only by attaching to a successful host yada yada yada…. Huey even saw it coming, Hes retired.


I think they wanted him to express their views and not his own. When u create something good u wanna see it grow and grow and grow. But hes in a bizness. They wanna see it grow for dollar signs which i feel is not the same vision that he has.

    BIG FOOT 2.0

    I couldn’t agree more,there will always be something in the way of things(in town)as explained by amiri baraka


decoding the subtext: some white peeps got the hands round the rights and he was forced out of his own creation. he is trying to be big about it and not hold grudges since hollywood is a business, but it sounds like it was a messed up situation and for his own integrity he was forced to move on.


Season 1 will always be the best one tho


Monique put it perfectly.


Here’s a quote for Mcgruder another great man said if you start something finish it


No not at all Mcgruder the past 4 seasons of the boondocks were great but they never finished the show it ended on a cliff hangar did the Freeman’s get outta debt with Ed wuncler the second did they even explain why they moved to woodcrest in the first place no they just ended it with Riley being chased by a bunch of ""special"" kids I mean the least they could have done was take the money they had left and use it to make a movie that ties everything up rather then leave there fans in the dirt

lynchez wheeler

The Boondocks is way more funnier than South Park.


*** seasons


It answered why. But the answer didn’t satisfy me. This show is hilarous, it’s amusing. I love the characters, everything about the show. Uncle ruckus. Tom. Huey. This show needs to go on!!!!! Why is all the bad shows getting 40 albums and all the good ones get cut!? I want more boondocks!


I just that there was at least a finishing episode to resolve season 4. I wish they had continued the show, i still found it entertaining.

Gloria Adotevi

And boondocks did flop,this new season lacks content…very shallow story lines and i was deeply offended by some of the arguments they were trying to put across. freedom land? really…? season 4 is a big flop all because the man behind the dream is no where to be found….


I heard, now mind you this is just a rumor and hearsay, but I heard that Tyler Perry took offense to that episode mocking Madea and went to great lengths to get the show taken off the air because of it and the only way they would allow the show back is without Mcgruder because of the dispute between he and Tyler Perry


Arron, maybe of you just actually watched the fourth season it showed no explanation in the lasr and finnally season. we may bother you no more if you actually do something about huey and riley were like with theyre parwnts before they were in woodcrest, and the last episode can be them packing up to go. So many of your fans on wattpad wants to make many many many books to get your attention me as the series maker want your aytention as well if you decide to vet wattpad i have all the books on a folder shaquala6259 is my username. So olease so your affection and just make one more season. I believe i heard rumors of a movie, is it true? Maybe if you can email me, that will be great. And remember Huey freeman 19th birthday is coming its way on march 29!

Sunny Gardner

We love Boondocks. I can’t see it going on without the vision of Mr. McGruder, who originated the cartoon. My heart is heavy on account of this.


He’s probably not allow to say that much without getting sued. But the quotes he used are telling. Hollywood is a business, look what happened to Chapelle when he got popular. It’s time to move on. And to the person who said that he sounded like he was tired of being controversial – he was clearly being sarcastic in that comment. He’s good to get out while he can, but i hope they still acknowledge him as the ‘creator’ on the credits. That’s just respect.




:’) :’D I’m sad Aaron won’t be doing The Boondocks anymore, but it’s all good cause I will never buy the 4th season, only the three seasons he’s made. And if the The Boondocks was too much stress and he wanted to try something new THEN DO IT AARON, BE HAPPY!!!


That’s some ol’ bull crap! I love dis show. Black jesus sounds racist and dumb. Dont leave the boondocks!!


Lmao at his last quote, thats just so damn funny to me.

K. Young

Not really!


I thought i heard it was because of black jesus production timing. no one cares for black jesus. at least the boondocks was intelligent, black jesus is sort of money. the shows purpose just seems to be controversy and to offend white judeo christian religion. screw black jesus.the new season of boondocks is also uninspired. What a waste of talent. you should live and die the freemans until its over…or at least get better writers.

He's dead, Jim!

I just loved The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and South Park…Boondocks is the funniest damn thing I have ever seen, and I hope his departure doesn’t effect its quality! Good luck Aaron!


Sounds like he is putting the "Boondocks" to rest. I mean the animated series, comic strip, and anything else. He could of sold it. I believe he still owns it.


I would like two tacos with extra hot sauce, a coke with no ice, some cheesy nachos, and I would like my Boondocks with some Aaron…no excuse me I would like my Boondocks with a whole lot of Aaron, hold the mayo. Ya dig!

Coincidence Skeptic

I didn't know there was a White Jesus.


" I’m finally putting a life of controversy and troublemaking behind me with my upcoming Adult Swim show, BLACK JESUS" Okay, you make no sense for that one lol. It just sounds to me like he left The Boondocks for business purposes.


well, when watching the first episode of the boondocks season 4 I noticed the difference from the jump…. I thought 2 myself "they let a white guy handle this shit" there wasn't that gritty back touch that we have when we do something, it went from classic black mannerisms to a show that was more "Caucasian" friendly


So season 4 was "the Boondocks" without the edgy topics, well-hashed out political commentary, and brilliant satire shining a light on the harsh reality of life, as well as what is/has ruined black culture….I see….

One finds it ironic that Huey wanted his name removed from "Black Jesus" the play because "it's not my vision anymore" and McGruder took his name off of "The Boondocks" for Season 4 and spent his time working on "Black Jesus" instead :D



Niqo Bradley

The fourth season sucked and this movie they are coming out with is going to be even worse.


John Witherspoon was just interviewed by Sway. He said McGruder sold the rights to Sony. Kept him on as the main writer. Then Sony tried to basically dictate his writing. He left it behind. Sad


I get it Aaron. Another young brother forced to stay within "certain restrictions" that makes it hard for people to truly express themselves. Another person taken advantage of by Hollywood snakes.

Thanks Hollywood for constantly trying to define people's cultures….

Black Jesus—really? I saw the commercial– why am I not surprised?


Yes, season 4 sucked, but truthfully, I wasn't crazy about the show to begin with. It wasn't nearly as funny or on point as the strip. I also so the trailer for Black Jesus and was REALLY hoping it was great and I thought it sucked. I read an article in The New Yorker magazine where Aaron McGruder admitted he used different people to actually write and draw the Boondocks strip cause it was too hard to continue to put out that much content. Hmmm. So far, not too impressed.


    Can’t agree. Boondocks is arguably the greatest animated achievement ever.


I couldn't find his Facebook page where he supposedly posted all that


Aaron McGruder has always been well-versed whether it be his tweets or through his show he always gets his messages out there in an intelligent way but I don't think a lot of people quite understand.

Pretty Nell

He loved his characters like they were actual relatives. He wouldn't choose to abandon his best work. Somebody obviously made him give them up. "Hollywood is a business." If you don't play by Hollywoods rules you get black balled. He just addressed his situation by responding in a politically correct manner. I feel as if he didn't give us a real reason for leaving but then again, it would not be safe for him to be honest when dealing with businessmen who control his entire career.


    I guess you’re right…

Breanne Doria

Season 4 is too short,the last episode was a total rip off.Not only it didn't make a good resolution but also a bad ending of the show.I understand Aaron McGruder has his reasons for not being it's executive producer for season 4 but he should at least reconsider extending the season.
I can't think of the right words to begin how bad this is.I only wish the season lasted a little longer for at least 15 episodes instead of 10 because the other 3 seasons were longer.I think the executive producer for the 4th season didn't put enough thought into making the season finale.
Season 4 didn't turn out like i thought it would and now I'm upset because of it. :(

Breanne Doria

This is actually shocking to me because not only season 4 of The Boondocks will probably be the last but the creator of the series is stepping down.I admired this show because it viewed the reality of what goes on in life; evolution, politics,government, history, culture etc.Most of all, I loved the characters, each one of them are unique in their own way, like they are real life people created to teach important life lessons.Now I see why this season was way off, it's
because the show runner/executive producer is not around.
So PLEASE answer me Aaron McGruder, why did you leave the show behind?Without you around, The Boondocks will probably have low ratings and many fans will be devastated.I only hope leaving your greatest work behind is worth it and I give you great gratitude for giving me and the fans out there hilarious entertainment.I'll miss the show but most of all, the characters.


This changed my life but season 4 is bad but 1 2 and 3 were a success


Rock and Roll GanGstah!!!

Your Influence On Today's Youth
They Say It's All Wrong
They It's All Wrong, They Say It's All Wrong, You're Coming On Too Strong
Is That Why Every Word You Utter
is a million seller hit song


Steady Ready

"What has never been lost on me is the enormous responsibility that came with The Boondocks – particularly the television show and it’s relatively young audience. It was important to offend, but equally important to offend for the right reasons. For three seasons I personally navigated this show through the minefields of controversy. It was not perfect. And it definitely was not quick. But it was always done with a keen sense of duty, history, culture, and love. Anything less would have been simply unacceptable".
This quote explains it all!!! Season 4 is clearly not being wrote from a black perspective. It's just none sense, trying to be raunchy, that is actually offensive. I stopped watching after the third episode and hear it's only getting worse. These non-African American writers should be ashamed if themselves.

justin reed

Cant lie this season is horrible compared to the 1st 3. Not the same show not the same characters, not the same sting. They old shows blended 2 or 3 stories together every show this version is bone dry and just not funny. I can count how many times I have laughed out loud this season. They always mess up the good stuff why is that? I hope mcgrueder got paid well to leave.


And my last comment was directed entirely in season 4. I will still continue to watch and celebrate season 1-3.


So that's why the Boondocks got so bad! I knew something was missing. As much as I love the show, without Aaron Mcgruder, I won't be watching anymore. Looking forward to the new show though!

Antoine bridges

Please come back mr. Mcgruder I'm happy the show is Back on but the writing kind of bad. Please come back please.

Yasssss Bethany

Boondocks wasn't suppose to turn into what it turned into. It had a serious critique of African-American Culture and the White power structure in our country but most people couldn't see that and just loved the Boondocks for the comedy (it was extremely hilarious). He probably wanted to end the Boondocks after he saw where the show was headed (where all black shows that get popular head to – Buffoonery and Mockery of Black Culture) so he tried to end it but like he said Hollywood is a business and Sony and Adultswim want to milk the Boondocks for what's left. Knowing this I am reluctant to watch the fourth season. I stand with Aaron, 100%!


your putting controversy behind you…by moving on to BLACK JESUS??? I'm assuming that was sarcasam…

Mr Bacon Pancakes

Pretty much he out grew the boondocks possibly because it wasn't supposed to run as log as it had been running, season three was not quite up to par with seasons one and two. I personally saw this coming because of something Huey said in an episode once i don't like to look back at my old work, Paul Mooney also said it best don't let success in Hollywood go to your head because them folks will flip the script on you and have you doing things you don't wanna do.

admiral awesome

yeah i really hate to invoke the dave chappelle thing here (as i see that a commenter has already described mcgruder as being "chappelled") but i think that's totally what happened here. clearly both dave chappelle and aaron mcgruder have souls, and without invoking a conspiratorial tone that ends up hearkening bad Lou Malnati's Pizza jokes, i think both of them have seen the inner workings of "the hollywood machine" and, metaphorically, have realized that you gotta sell your soul at least a little bit to do things the way that hollywood/media wants it, and both of them had to take a step back to protect their "artistic vision."

i don't get the vibe that mcgruder fundamentally rejected the whole hollywood system like chappelle did… i think chappelle saw the damage that his show was doing to the black culture as a whole and realized he was cashing out on the downfall of his people for $$$….. mcgruder just realized that "the machine" wanted more episodes ASAP at any cost, quality be damned…. they didn't care if the boondocks was any good…. they didn't care what people thought of the brand… they only wanted MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE so they could capitalize on it and make the most $$$ possible. that's what got him disillusioned with the whole system, not the "actively destroying african-american culture" thing that got to chappelle.

so while indeed i think they're similar and the comparison is going to always be made, rightfully or otherwise….. still, i think chappelle's rejection was more of the big picture whereas mcgruder was more about quality control…. he just wanted to make sure that every boondocks episode was of a certain level of quality, and chappelle was more wondering if "chappelle's show" was destroying black people as a whole.


People despise the reality of the ignorance that reside in the animated series. The truth is better displayed with ignorance. Both cultures are criticsized based on the current statuses that went under as a reputation years ago. Us black people tend to get offended (personally, not me) by the bold, modest & controversal statements. So are the caucasians, but of course less equally. Be grateful that TV series like these exhist, because the mainstream media's top preference would consist of bullshit. Open your eyes, respect Mr. McGrudders art. It comes in rare form nowadays.


Sad to say but I will not be watching this show because the show is portraying black folks in a ignorant matter. It's like why Granddad had to move back to the ghetto, why are side characters are being the opening season (Tom). The original episodes where to real for t.v. and the oppressors of the world didn't want to be exposed. I would not be watching this show, I'll stick to season 1,2,3


Looks like he got "Chappelled." For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it is when a Hollywood exec. (usually of the white persuasion) asks his overly-talented and funny writer/creator/director/producer/actor (usually of the black persuasion) to make racially centered jokes for shock value (only). Usually this request comes after said talent has been given a nice salary bump.

McGruder got "Chappelled" plain and simple but, unlike Dave, he didn't let it keep him off of television. I'm looking forward to "Black Jesus." It's gonna be a riot.


Ill ask again since you did not answer. WHY DID YOU LEAVE?! Not what did it feel like to leave and what are you doing next!




BOONDOCKS IS DEAD … without McGruder. I'd have writer's block too if WHITE enforcers were badgering me 24/7 about silly sh.T.

I'd grow weary of it all. Unfortunately, in this country, A Merry Ka, money and MO MONEY becomes the ultimate aim over time. And I understand why resisters (McGruder) get their money and retire handsomely.

Read between the lines people. Most of you are not "critical thinkers."

He laid everything out in his statement.
(now re-read it.)

Dankwa Brooks

"The Walking Dead lost co-creator Frank Darabont after the first season and it's held up very well." I have to disagree with that! While the ratings are strong, I found that the quality of the series as far as storytelling was never the same.


"It was important to offend, but equally important to offend for the right reasons."

That's exactly why I never got into the Boondocks. If you're an artist, you want to ENGAGE people, NOT turn them off. What's the point of purposely offending? All you do is cause people to stop listening. It's possible to reveal human truths (the point of art) without being offensive/insulting; Stewart and especially Colbert do it 5 days a week. Purposely offending people is, IMHO, intellectually lazy.


    You just juxtaposed Boondocks to Colbert. Are you cognitively bereft or just plain trolling.


The dude had writer's block for 4 years so they fired him…probably bought him off so he
wouldn't trash the show as it goes forward without him. Common sense…no conspiracy.


    What you said made absolutely no sense


i get most of it, but …

"To quote a great white man, 'Hollywood is a business'. And to quote another great white man, 'Don’t hold grudges.'"

who would he hold a grudge against? the latter quote makes it seem like there is more to the story.


Sounds so nice… I gotta say it twice (for the slow readers)… @Sergio, Tyler Perry, Gigi Young, Charles Judson, AV, SAVANNA MORGAN, Miles Ellison, JMac, Blutopaz, Tanya Steele, Jug, Andre Seewood, Carl, Oprah, Spike and all who have graciously put up with my nonsense and engaged me in conversation over the years, I'd like to say Thank You! Now I am moving on to another play ground. Yes sir, Shadow and Act has been big fun and great balls of fire ( informative too) for 4 plus years, but it's time. It's time I take this show on the road to Twitter and Facebook… ugh, yeah, I know. And I invite you all to follow me @AndyandKingfish. My name is Carey Darnell. That's right, all along I was using my real name (my friends simply know me as "Darnell", most don't even know my first name. I have a brother named "Gary", since our names sounded alike, I've been using the other one since I was a snotty nose kid… and "CareyCarey" was a good cover and a unique handle (I thought so anyway :-))

All that to say – it has been fun, but it's time to move on and move on up to where everyone seems to be hangin' these days. I know this news is a blessing to many's ears, especially Tambay. That man probably got more complaints about my antics than the post office receives when someone's food stamps don't arrive on time. So see y'all at Facebook/Twitter @AndyandKingfish. Bye now

James Madison

Being that this is animation and the show airs in April, aren't the episodes, a few of them anyway, already done?

I know South Park is on a tight schedule, but I believe they do their writing and animation in-house, while The Boodocks outsource the animation.


I don't like how some people reacted to this as if the show was automatically going to be bad as result of his departure. Despite what actually happened it appears as if on the surface that the split was amicable especially since he still has a relation with Cartoon Network/Adult Swim to do another show.

I am curious why the new showrunner hasn't been announced especially since the show will be premiering in less than a month but maybe that still remains to be seen. Could be one of McGruder's protege's. But also another thing let's not pretend that every episode of the Boondocks was golden under McGruder, like every show he had some laugh out last classics, to some chuckles, to some well I don't get it episodes.

The show has been off air for 4 years and a lot has happened in the culture that they can mine from, prepare for a ton of Obama jokes. I'm more interested in how the show will be after such a long hiatus McGruder or not. But this will be in rotation along with Game of Thrones and Mad Men.


    For the record, Season 4 dis “automatically” bomb without his involvement. Season 4 was a money grab and should never have been released


Yeah he answered it. He's ready to move on after twenty years. Why not? The Black Jesus comment was tongue in cheek. He's going to continue to stir up controversy in a different way. Saying "Black Jesus" anything is controversial. Looking forward.



Monique A Williams

Sounds like he sold it so he could be afforded the financial opportunities to do something new, different, fresh. He's been doing it for 20 years, and it's the only thing he's known for. As an artist, that's stifling. Glad he's spreading his wings. And if the Boondocks flops, I'll know it wasn't him.

Justin D.

He didn't answer the question at all. Is he saying he left because he was tired of stirring up controversy? If that be the case then why work on a show called Black Jesus? Sounds pretty controversial to me. Perhaps he just wanted to work on something else after years of doing The Boondocks. If so then why didn't he just say that?


No! Does he still own the rights to the characters? Did he only walk away from the show? Will there ever be a comic strip again (with perhaps a different author)?


Not :-)

Sebastian Bohorquez

Please please please continue the series. I want to watch The Boondocks for the rest of my life. I would pay a hundred dollars to see a 5th season of The Boondocks.


Who made the 4th season in Boondocks?




This is bullcrap that he left the show. I don’t understand why he didn’t just sell it to a different company so they can keep the show going

Rayshaun Harris

I still watch this show on Netflix and I would kill to see the show air again. It’s just nostalgia watching the show


Funny how some commentators just don’t get it ! He says it quite simply, you just have to read between the lines…


The Business of entertainment is depicted perfectly with his rendition of BET. Plainly put if you’re not producing trash for the people that sells it will not last. Look how long family guy, american dad, and the simpsons have been on. Boondocks addressed social issues and the way people look at themselves and screwed up views of african americans upon themselves as well.the characters on boondocks although fictitious are very real in black american culture, just look around. he didn’t BET his creation so they let him go.


wow my actual comment was edited…trash


I think Aaron had some issues with the Adult Swim executives who were handling the show and left it when he had a chance. The “Hollywood’s a business/don’t hold grudges” line makes me think this, and a lot of other people have had issues with the Adult Swim executives. Brendon Small’s one of ’em, and I don’t doubt there’s a behind-the-scenes story with Adam Reed leaving Adult Swim for FX.
Moving on to another project on the same network means getting a new group of people you deal with, especially when the project you left is still running and those other people are still attached to it, and it’s as close to a fresh start as you can get without changing networks and running the risk of ending up with nothing that comes with that. Adult Swim’s made a lot of good, influential shows, but the people who run the network have had a big history of being petty and holding grudges.

Manuel Vega

I just have to say to every comment here….”DEEZ NUTS” has! Gotten!

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