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And The Oscar Goes To “Frozen” and “Mr. Hublot”

And The Oscar Goes To "Frozen" and "Mr. Hublot"

Mr. Hublot won for Best Animated Short. The first real surprise (upset?) at this year’s Oscars! Laurent Witz, director, and Alexandre Espigares, his co-director accepted the Oscar in a tight race. Congratulations to them – and all the nominees.

As for Best Animated Feature… what else, Frozen. This was a big victory for Walt Disney Animation Studios. For the first time in the thirteen years this award has been presented, Disney wins the prize. Previous winners included Studio Ghibli, Dreamworks, Aardman, Animal Logic, ILM and multiple Pixar pix. The win was particularly sweet for those who appreciate the classic Disney musical fairy tale – a genre the studio planned to abandon a few years ago. Congrats to Chris, Jennifer and Peter (and all the crew). Bravo! Well Done!

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Once television was introduced, the artistic standards for all entertainment mediums were lowered as ideas became more disseminated and duplicated. As a result, the Oscar came to symbolize even less an achievement of artistic merit than it had previously. The Oscar became a political tool where before it had been a way to occasionally acknowledge innovation in a new medium while primarily bringing investment to one major studio or another. It follows that now, in the age of the internet, there is even less intellectually challenging material being produced in any medium, and only a handful of technological innovations. Therefore, the award can now be best put to use in drawing attention to new, potentially fresh innovators rather than the comfortable dinosaurs who won't experiment because they have nothing to gain or simply don't have the creative capacity to do so.


The act of doing should be it's own reward.


Disney: 1, Streep: 0


Happy that "Frozen" won, but I'm disappointed "Get a Horse!" lost. "Mr. Hublot" wasn't that surprising though, for a film with an OCD character has "Oscar Gold" written all over it.

Greg Ehrbar

Yaaaay Frozen! Sorry about Get a Horse, though.

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