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At Last, Definitive Proof of the Identity of “True Detective”‘s Yellow King

At Last, Definitive Proof of the Identity of "True Detective"'s Yellow King

Remember when Marty Hart talks about “the detective’s curse” — how the solution to a case can be sitting right under your nose and yet be overlooked? Well, turns out that while the Internet has been dissecting weird fiction and Saturnalia, the identity of the show’s mysterious Yellow King has been hiding in plain sight all along. Fortunately, YouTube user “Kyle” has gathered the evidence and put together a fairly unassailable argument. Guess that’s one less mystery to solve. (Thanks to supersleuth Danny Bowes for pointing this out to me.)

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haha, very good. I blame Lost for all this stupid theories people come up with now for practically every tv show now where every little thing has some meaning to the story.


So why is this video considered to be 'genius'? All it does it points out how crazy most people are when they scrutinize TV shows and come up with many theories. How is that 'genius'. It is a known fact that audiences do tend to take their theories far sometimes. So whats the big deal? Let fans do that. Who gives a sh!t? Many theories have actually been plausible. And people, from the very beginning of the series have made guesses and theories that have been proven to be correct. So if in the midst of all the craziness theres a couple of right and plausible theories I say who cares, let people get obsessed over a show. In my opinion, the youtuber is just mocking fans (which is fine.) But judging from your earlier posts I'm assuming you made this post to poke fun at how popular the show has become despite you thinking its mediocre.

Oh and there is no actual physical Yellow King. Its just what 'god' is for the cult.


Robert Doumain is the killer

sam adams is autistik

Typical article coming from this guy. I bet he actually thought it was humorous. Maybe 5 weeks ago it would have been. This shit is old and unfunny. Makes me think that any autist off the street can write for indiewire if people like Sam Adams and Alison Wilhore can write for it. Maybe its indiewires way of saying 'hey, at indiewire no one is discriminated against! even the autistik retards you see on the street! make sure you have a doctors note proving your autism attached to your resume before you apply to work at indiewire :DD'.


Well, there's 45 seconds of my life wasted. Thank you, iW.


lame as fck

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