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Christopher Nolan Bashes 3-D and Digital Filmmaking at CinemaCon

Christopher Nolan Bashes 3-D and Digital Filmmaking at CinemaCon

Writer-director Christopher Nolan (“Memento,” “Inception”) isn’t convinced that digital formats can compare to 35 mm film and he wasn’t shy about telling the crowd of exhibitors at CinemaCon his belief that film is the “best” way to project an image.

“I’m a fan of any technological innovation, but for me, it’s going to have to exceed what came before — and it hasn’t yet,” Nolan told attendees yesterday at the industry conference, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Despite the industry’s conversion to digital projection, Nolan insists on shooting on film. Paramount Pictures will make an exception from its commitment to digital projection by releasing Nolan’s upcoming “Interstellar” in both film and digital.

Nolan also made it clear that he isn’t a fan of 3-D. “It’s not the best thing if you’re looking at a shared audience experience,” he said, although he praised Baz Luhrmann’s “The Great Gatsby,” which was shot in 3D, because it managed to create “an atmosphere that washed around you.”

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Barri Hitchin

It’s good to see a Director conscious of standards fighting for for what they believe in, rather than toadying to digital zombie Producers who cheapen quality product.


I cannot trust the opinion of someone that actually "praised" The Great Gatsby. That movie was a catastrophically bad piece of shit.


Boohoo, with the most modern digital motion picture cameras (alexa) I doubt even 1 in billion people outside a telecine room and grading suite can tell the difference.

What's his next article gonna state? That's he loves using reel to reel instead of a digital nagra?


Okay…he's not wrong…but the switch to digital is just about cost saving, and streamlining the production.

Ron Merk

Bravo to Mr. Nolan for speaking his mind and saying some things that most people in the business would not want to be quoted saying. While 35mm may be a thing of the past for presentation, it's still the most beautiful medium on which to capture images, and the safest medium on which to store one's images for long term preservation and retrieval. We've had film for 125 years, and digital for only 20 or so. For anyone to say that digital can be relied upon for preservation would only be an opinion, and not something based on experience. Only time will tell what digital formats and media will survive. It's not a matter of opinion.

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