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First Look: Move Over Black Widow, Here’s Scarlett Johansson In Luc Besson’s ‘Lucy’

First Look: Move Over Black Widow, Here's Scarlett Johansson In Luc Besson's 'Lucy'

Over the next month, we’re going to see two different sides to Scarlett Johansson. She’ll be doing the superhero thing in Marvel‘s “Captain America: The First Avenger” and she’ll also been roaming the Scottish countryside, picking up men and killing them in Jonathan Glazer‘s fantastic “Under The Skin.” But if you prefer your ScarJo in ass-kicking mode, good news, because she’s got another action flick on the way.

You might have forgotten, but the actress spent part of last year filming “Lucy” with Luc Besson, and first image has arrived. The sorta-Bourne, sorta-bonkers-sounding movie finds Johansson playing a woman, forced to become a drug mule, who finds the substances have entered her body instead, turning her into an unstoppable face punching machine. Yep, sounds like the Besson we know these days. 

“I love to see a woman as a very strong character,” Besson told EW. “It’s like cooking: sugar with a 
 bit of salt, and Lucy definitely can get salty.”

Stay tuned for the trailer next week. The film drops on August 8th.

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Anyone who thinks Scarlett Johansson should star in a superhero movie of her own needs to watch this on youtube (paste it after youtube dot com) –

This has nothing to do with weight, but everything to do with physical fitness. If she needs a stunt double to make her RUNNING look convincing for a feature-length film, then she is not the right choice for a female superhero star!

A kick-a$$ female superhero movie needs to be made (asap!) but we don't need another unconvincing train wreck that will just allow critics to say "See? People don't want to see female superheroes in their own movie!"

A lead superhero needs to do more than just look hot in spandex and be able to glare (which pretty much sums up ScarJo's personal performance in Avengers. Except for when she's pouting/on the verge of tears to manipulate men she's interrogating (And I'm not counting her stunt double, Heidi Moneymaker's performance as part of ScarJo's)).

Hem Urban

Will apparently feature Oldboy himself, Choi Min-Sik in his first US-language film performance! Here's hoping Besson gives him a good juicy role.

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