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FIRST PEEK: WB’s New “The Tom & Jerry Show”

FIRST PEEK: WB's New "The Tom & Jerry Show"

Here are the first clips from the new Flash animated Tom & Jerry Show, making its US debut on Wednesday April 9th at 5:30pm. The animation was produced by Warner Bros. Animation along with Darrell VanCitters’ Renegade Animation shop in Glendale. 

Each episode will consist of two 11-minute shorts. Tom & Jerry will be silent – but the guest cast voices includes the likes of  Simon Helberg (The Big Bang Theory) and Jason Alexander (Seinfeld). How does it look to you? 

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rodney crome

Rascal Jones is very right, and those nasty, nasty corp’s types still don’t get it…


I think the old Tom and Jerry better.
I don't like that way the new one is animated. Because the old Tom and Jerry looks like it was drawn or something. And it looks better than the new one. But the new Tom and Jerry looks like somebody just made it on computer…
That's what I think of the new Tom and Jerry.
I want more of the old Tom and Jerry!!

Frank Provasek

Two good things:

Jerry is not wearing a red bowtie

Tom is not Chuck Jones' "Grinch" version

Sylvia H.

I am glad to see the duo back to their "murderous" ways. The flash kills the spirit, but, compared to other Flash shows (ex. Johnny Test), this isn't too bad. That does not go without saying that the characters look good, because they don't. They look like walking pieces of paper. But, I am glad to see the original formula has been kept intact for this show.

Nic Kramer

I would like to hear what Van Citters says about the series since his company worked on the show.

Max C.

I've seen Flash get used for really good stuff, but when used for classic characters without trying something new on their style (which is why the new Mickey Mouse shorts are excellent), I find it worse than cartoony CG and almost as bad as live-action CG. It's just disappointing to see their heads copy-pasted like that.

Dan Bessie

Having begun my animation career at MGM in 1956, working on Tom & Jerry & other assorted characters, I'm shocked at this terrible Flash version. Way too fast, unfunny, and with almost no time for the kind of real characterization that the marvelously creative crew we had back in those good old days brought to the show.

Kip W

The design is kind of different and attractive. They move okay. They're not shying away from cartoon violence. I see reasons for optimism, and will reserve judgement. Except to say I'd put it above the Chuck Jones ones and subsequent TV incarnations, but how hard is that?


I don't know if I want to see that cat get destroyed over and over…AGAIN. And with lesser animation.

For all of its faults, at least "The Looney Tunes Show" took the old Looneys in a fresh direction. Why not Tom and Jerry?


I know this will sound funny, but I wonder if they'll be able to make it violent enough to be good?

Itchy and Scratchy kind of raised the bar, no?


Re-using the same formula but slightly different will never give you the same results as the previous. The animation looks rancid and doesn't look fluid and stunning. And is Spike brown? I'll pass…

Bill Vallely

OK, they're NOT best friends anymore. They're actually trying to kill each other. A VERY good start…..

Rascal Jones

These are hard to look at. The animation is jerky, going from pose to pose. I think it would give me a headache after a few minutes. Ick.

Teodor Ajduk

on what are going to look other cartoon network shows if tom and jerry look like this?


does anyone know if Dave Bennett is involved with this incarnation?

Joshua Marchant

It's a shame when the best you can say about a show is "they look like they used to".

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