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Frozen Estimated to Become Highest-Grossing Movie in Disney History

Frozen Estimated to Become Highest-Grossing Movie in Disney History

Who knew that the best holiday gift Disney could give itself was turning its back on its past? 

Last November’s Frozen flipped the script on the passive-princess protagonists and happily-ever-after-in-marriage storylines that have become synonymous with the Disney brand. And Big Mouse’s referendum on itself has paid off handsomely. Subverting a 19th-century tale for 21st-century audiences didn’t just garner a record-breaking hit for the animation studio, but revealed that viewers of all ages still want animated films with soaring arias and physical humor — they just also want different kinds of stories about girls and women. (And stories about girls and women period, because duh.)

Here’s how much audiences worldwide can’t get enough of Anna and Elsa: 

Frozen has grossed more than $1 billion (marking the first time this has happened with a woman director) and is en route to taking Toy Story 3‘s place as the highest-grossing Disney movie of all time

–It has become the 13th-highest grossing film ever released

–It sold 3.2 million DVDs on the first day of release

–The Frozen soundtrack has topped the Billboard chart six weeks in a row

–The Frozen soundtrack has been played 100 million times on Spotify

[h/t The Wrap, Variety]

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I think it was really important for Disney to make a film like this. After all of the misogynistic Disney films that have been made this one was refreshing. It was nice to see that it clearly passed the Bechdel test and "true love" in the end didn't mean falling in love with a man.


How about an article regarding the appearance of said female characters, i.e., the eye is bigger than the wrist? Turbomun is an animation student on tumblr who wrote an interesting article about 'sameface syndrome' I'm apparently not allowed to link to, but is very interesting.


passive-princess protagonists – except that there hasn´t been a passive female lead in Disney animation for about 50 years… also, you may have heard of a thing called price increase – nothing can ever touch the Lion King.

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