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George Lucas Tells Filmmakers “Don’t Forget The Basics, Don’t Get Enamored With New Technology”

George Lucas Tells Filmmakers “Don’t Forget The Basics, Don’t Get Enamored With New Technology"

With George Lucas sort-of retired and focused on making movies in garage (or whatever), he now has time to comment on the industry, even if his comments have been dosed with a lack of self-awareness. Last summer Lucas and his pal Steven Spielberg warned about mega-budget blockbusters reaching a point where it could be disastrous for Hollywood if they fail in a big way, and now Lucas, the godfather of technical wizardry, is telling other filmmakers to put down the toys.

Speaking at the USC School of Cinematic Arts this week, he told those in attendance to KISS — Keep It Simple Stupid. “Don’t forget the basics. Don’t get enamored with new technology, because it’s not new. Just the medium we’re working in is new, but that doesn’t change anything. The art of what we do is exactly the same. It’s beyond technology. It’s the art of movies,” he stated. 

While the sentiment is admirable, it seems Lucas is also delivering a message that is not unlike do-as-say-not-as-I-do. Indeed, few have pushed digital technology further in feature filmmaking than Lucas (James Cameron would up be up there) and now to hear him stress the “art of the movies” is…interesting.

Guess we’ll see if he takes his own advice on whatever he hatches out of his garage. [Variety]

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Duder NME

Brad, I disagree with your prequel assessment, and wholeheartedly agree with the rest of your comment.


I suppose the best advice comes from those who have already failed at it. Given the heated criticism he received for SW 1-3 its easy to think he genuinely believes in his sentiments here


"Speaking at the USC School of Cinematic Arts this week, he told those in attendance to KISS — Keep It Simple Stupid."

He did not say that. That's the words of this writer. George did not say KISS. I wonder if the writer was even there or heard this sixth-hand through Twitter. George had many key points, none of which were produced here.


The greatest thing ever would be for Lucas to come up with something like THX or American Graffiti and unleash it at a festival out of the blue. I doubt he ever will now though. And that's ok. He's George Lucas.


I think each of the 'Star Wars' prequels is terrible in their own way, but Lucas shouldn't have to apologize to anyone, least of all a bunch of butt-hurt bloggers and internet commentators. This is still a man who has created a story/mythology that completed captured generations of audiences' imaginations, donated a fortune to other filmmakers and charities and has a very thorough understanding of Jungian theory and Campbell mythology. Conversely, ROB, B0B and Kevin are all unaccomplished experts who believe its a better use of their time to tear down those better than they are than to try and accomplish something for themselves. Read a book (or maybe more than one) and do something with your own life, possibly …


He's one to talk.


Could be just as much a lesson he learned himself. Just because he would never publicly talk badly about his own work (there are few who do), doesn't mean he isn't capable of self-awareness and self-reflection.

It's also not a contradiction for him to say to not forget what's most important. He didn't say "stop advancing the technology."

But he is an easy target. If the prequels had been great, everyone would still be taking a knee when he shared his thoughts on cinema.


Wow. So full of shit.

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