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How Did Scarlett Johansson Go Undetected While Filming ‘Under the Skin’? Watch and Find Out

How Did Scarlett Johansson Go Undetected While Filming 'Under the Skin'? Watch and Find Out

As we eagerly await the release of Jonathan Glazer’s alien seductress mind-bender “Under the Skin,” a new featurette has arrived going behind-the-scenes on the film. It delves a bit into how they got star Scarlett Johansson — who’s not exactly easy to miss — to go undetected in public places around the Scottish Highlands during filming. Watch below.

“Under the Skin” hits theaters April 4, via A24. The film has had a variety of hypnotic trailers come out in the last few months; check them out here and here.

Hat tip: the Playlist.

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Looking at pics of her without make up on it's easy to see why no one recognized her.

She looks nothing like she does on screen or in magazines. Without the 6lbs worth of make up on her face shes a very plain looking woman.

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