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It’s Time to Vote for Project of the Year!: Send One Film to the Tribeca Industry Meetings

It's Time to Vote for Project of the Year!: Send One Film to the Tribeca Industry Meetings

You’ve been voting all year — now help your favorite project get an opportunity at a spot in the Tribeca Film Institute’s Filmmaker and Industry Meetings at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. Last year’s Project of the Year winner, “Dear White People,” premiered to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival where writer-director Justin Simien won a Special Jury Prize.

The TFI Filmmaker and Industry Meetings, which will take place on April 22 and 23, during the festival, are a premier networking forum of one-on-one meetings with members from the industry. Until now, the only way for a filmmaker to attend was by being selected each year as a funded project of one of TFI’s artists programs or as an alum of TFI.

The Networking forum encourages the discovery of new projects by introducing industry participants to a carefully curated group of narrative and documentary filmmakers and content creators participating in TFI programs, including Tribeca All Access, the TFI Sloan Filmmaker Fund, the TFI Documentary Fund, the TFI Latin America Media Arts Fund and the TFI New Media fund.

In recent years, the Filmmaker and Industry Meetings made connections like putting Andrew Bujalski in touch with Jason Ishikawa of The Film Sales Company, who went on to sell Bujalski’s film “Computer Chess.” In 2012, “Elena” director Petra Costa met Orlando Bagwell from the Ford Foundation, who eventually came on for post-production and outreach support for the film. Doug Block and producer Lori Cheatle met Axel Arno from SVT in Sweden who became a co-producing partner of “112 Weddings” during a Tribeca meeting.

While we can’t guarantee results at these meetings, let’s make all of this a possibility for one of our Projects of the Month!  Help get one Project of the Month into the Filmmaker and Industry Meetings at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival… vote now! Voting ends March 23 at 5PM EST.  The ballot is at the bottom of this post.

Here are the nominees:


Ben is a “Sleepwalker” — a secret alternate personality
that takes over every night when his “Awake” self goes to sleep. Whereas
“Awake Ben” is resigned to a life of monotony, “Asleep Ben” is
determined to make the most of every night with his other “Sleepwalker”
friends. But the lives of both Bens become complicated when Sleeping Ben
falls for Allison, an “Awake” waitress at an all night diner, and the
lines between their two worlds — previously so distinct — begin to blur.


This is the story of one woman’s journey, a community’s history, and how caring for one another can be a revolutionary act. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy is a Black transgender woman, a formerly
incarcerated person, a former sex worker, an elder, a community leader and an internationally-recognized human rights activist. From the 1969
Stonewall Rebellion to her current work as Executive Director of the
Transgender GenderVariant Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), she’s worked
tirelessly for transgender rights for over 40 years. “MAJOR!” explores
her story, and takes audiences on a journey through LGBT history.


Chris Hondros, a two-time finalist for the
Pulitzer Prize, covered practically every major conflict since the late
1990s. Known as much for his compassion and humanity as for his
photography, Chris died covering the Arab Spring in Libya. What many
don’t know about Chris are the behind-the-scenes stories of some of his
most famous photographs in which he impacted the lives of his subjects
in ways that have nothing to do with a camera. This film retraces his
steps around the globe to tell those stories and offer a deeper insight
into one of the world’s greatest conflict photojournalists.

“Like Me”

“Like Me” is about Kiya, an attention-starved loner who wants nothing more
than to become famous. She travels throughout the country robbing
convenience stores for junk food while recording her crimes with her
cell phone. Kiya uses the internet as a platform to reinvent herself as a
modern day outlaw. She makes fools of store clerks with her fake guns, binges on copious
amounts of sugar, and searches for validation through social media while
exploiting the voyeur in all of us. How far will she go to become a celebrity?

“Off Track”

As the Mexican-American War rages, rumors of gold lead
cartographer Patrick O’Sullivan to desert the army in search of riches
in the unmapped regions of California. He and his companions find
themselves lost and near death when they stumble upon an unlikely guide — Pul, a Shaman of the Cahuilla tribe. As Patrick uses Pul to search for
gold he discovers that the shaman has his own motives assisting him map
the land. This discovery redirects Patrick’s egotistic journey into a
historical opportunity to focus his life on a mission greater than

“Nowhere Girl”

“Nowhere Girl” is a funny
and heartfelt film about how falling in love can be exhilarating but
also a bit crazy. After Tyler meets Katy he finally starts to shake off
the lingering effects of a bad break-up and she inspires him to do more
and be more in life.  At first his friends think this is a
wonderful change, but cracks in this new relationship start to show and
some of his friends begin thinking it’s unhealthy. But just what is
“unhealthy” when it comes to a relationship and just who gets to decide
these things?

“Know How”

“Know How” is not a documentary nor is it fiction. It’s a new hybrid
approach for using film to create social change. Instead of professional
screenwriters and actors, these stories are written and performed by a
cast of ordinary foster care youth, and their performances are powerful,
moving, and eye-opening. “Know How” is a musical that brings authentic
voices and unseen stories to the screen. It’s a bit of a cross between “The Wire” and “Glee,” but not really. And it really aims at driving social

“Canary in a Coal Mine”

“Canary In A Coal Mine” is the story of one of the worlds most prevalent,
devastating, and misunderstood diseases. It follows Jennifer as she
documents her own story and the stories of several extraordinary
individuals struggling to find their way, fight, accept and sometimes
even thrive in spite of “an illness that has no end”. At its heart, the
film asks: what does this illness signify about the world we live in and
what do we all risk by ignoring the voices of the sick and the
profoundly invisible? What could we all learn by paying attention to
those voices?

“Come and Get Your Love”

With only a few dollars to their name, best friends
Stan and Beasley embark on a journey by foot across the length of
Manhattan on a night filled with the promise of personal liberation,
romance and enlightenment. Trekking through the city’s colorful maze of
people and buildings, they make their way downtown where they meet two
young women who will challenge their plans for the future, their notion
of love, and even their friendship, making this a trip they won’t soon

“An Honest Liar”

“An Honest Liar” tells the incredible story of famed
magician-turned-skeptic and enemy of deception, James “The Amazing”
Randi. The film brings to life his elaborate schemes and investigations
that famously exposed psychics, faith healers and con artists. Yet after
recently coming out of the closet as a gay man, Randi himself now faces
the price of a very personal deception that might result in the
deportation of his partner of 26 years.

“Chasing Robert Barker”

David is a photographer with a tormented past and a solitary lifestyle who now works as a paparazzi in London. His very limited social circle revolves around his work and a manipulative tabloid journalist, Olly. One night, David receives a tip off from a source, and manages to snap
famous film actor Robert Barker dining with a young brunette. Not
satisfied, Olly pushes David into pursuing Robert Barker to get more
compromising pictures of the couple. In this
chase, David’s past starts unravelling, and he’s forced to face the
damage that a tabloid fabrication caused to his own life.

“The Body”

In a country where even jaywalking is a crime, two crooks who hate each
other have one dead body to deal with and one long night ahead of them.

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Know How is an inspirational film

Ippolita Passigli

Know How… WOW!!!

Charles E. Cooper

I want to see Sleepwalkers!


I vote for Know How!


Know How!


Know How

naquan samuels

im voting for know !!

pat peak

Also available on demand on cable, etc.

pat peak

AUTUMN WANDERER is a new film by Nathan Sutton and is great. Won Best Emerging Film Director in Hollywood, best actress in Spain and best cinematography in Scotland
. Being brought to St. Louis by Webster University April 26.


Voting for know how


I'm voting for Know How.

Brenda Johnson

Vote for Know How


Know how

Elyse Fulton

Know How


Guys, voting closed two days ago, and the comment votes don't count.


vote for know how

Porsha Childs

Know How has my vote!!!!!


Voting for Know How

Tesh Pimentel

I vote for Know How

Pearline Samuel

I vote for Know How

Farrah Shapourian

Voting for Know How.

Bill Rupe

I vote for Know How.


I vote for sleepwalker


I cast my vote for Know How.

Bryan Schuessler

KNOW HOW has my vote!

Megan Maes

Vote for Sleepwalkers!!


Vote for Know How


I vote for Know how.


I vote for Know how




Sleepwalkers has my vote.


Know how is my favorite.

Dana S. Frady

I vote for Know How

David hamm

Know How

Tatiana Mahoney

I vote for Know How


I vote for Know How

Evan Podolak

I vote for Know How


I vote for Know How


Know how

John Muir

Know How



Ganer Newman

Know How

Marcelett Douglas

Know How!

Kesia Ryan-Webster

Know How

Brooke Purdy



No How


Know how


Great movie! Got my vote!


May the best MOVIE win…….Oh wait….it did!
Mazal Tov Sleepwalkers!

Jaime Figueroa

Great concept. Engaging real foster children in the project makes it powerful.


Vote for know how is trying to make a change for many


Vote for know how is trying to make a change for many


Vote for know how is trying to make a change for many

Almudena Avilas


Kevin fitzgerald

Under these circumstances with two films running away with the votes and neck and neck by 5pm that the Film Festival would consider showing both. Clearly, everyone if these films deserve our attention, but I hope the TriBeCa considers these top two finishers.


This seems pretty suspect y'all haven't closed down the polls yet.


IndieWire you big goof ball you =p


I voted for Know How, but I think that, if we win now, it will only be unfair. The poll is over.







Cheers to Everyone

We all worked so very hard for Project of the Year. I think we all deserve it. Its been a long week full of hard work and sweat. I can see a lot of heart in these movies. Congrats to ALL


It´s 5:14 and votes are still rolling in. What´s the deal, Indiewire?!

Juan Carlos

Thank you all for the remarkable support for Know How! This has been an incredible race, and I'm so proud to have worked with such an incredible group of supporters. I look forward to hearing the official results from IndieWire!


Um, it's 5 past 5:00 and the polls are still open. Why?



michelle grobman

I have a dress!!!!

brent birnbaum

know how!

Karen Cellini

Know How


Win or lose, I think everyone involved should be proud of themselves. All these movies look amazing and incredibly different, and I think they all have bright futures ahead of them. Best of luck to everyone – both in the vote, and with their movies in general! I look forward to seeing all of them on the silver screen.

Karen Corcoran

Know how

ingrid l

Vote know how

Jack Corcoran

Know How

Tiff Salmon

Know How is a movie that NEEDS to be out there! Don't settle for cliche, repeats in film. But vote for Know How because it is an innovative work of art that is speaking on something others haven't!! Also, vote for good karma!

Robert J. Richards

Great film.



Steven Kelban

What an idea!!!

Julie byrne



Why are people copying my words regarding Know How, and then reposting with different movie names and changing the spelling of my name slightly? Very immature and very rude. This cast if real foster youth worked so hard on this project as did we, the crew. It was so moving and filled with love. Think people, be kind.




I vote for "know how" great film!

Barbara rosenstein

Interesting approach for this subject

Chopel Tenzin

My vote is fr know how group coz I think that group can do well in it Gud luck guys👍

Chopel tenzin

I pick An honest liar

Susan redfern

I voted today but did not get a confirmation email- checked junk/spam!

B. Warner

voted for this

Geoff Lee

A hugely good cause, Jose' has my vote for "Know How"!

George Kalaitzis

Good luck !


Go The Body Go!!!! Fingers crossed! So proud of everyone!!!!

Guiomar Kalaitzis

Nice job


Go Sleepwalkers Go!!!! Fingers crossed! So proud of everyone!!!!


Go Know How Go!!!! Fingers crossed! So proud of everyone!!!!

George Kalaitzis

Good luck

Guiomar Kalaitzis

Nice job

Eunice Vila - Uram

Know How … Perfect

Huxley Russell

Wow, just read about KNOW HOW at the Possibility Project page. Didn't realize they had a 98% success rate of foster kids getting off the streets, into their program, and going on to college. I love fiction movies but right now this seems to be more of what we desperately need. I wish everyone luck but right now the coin flips to KNOW HOW.

Xiomara Vila - Decamps

Know How !

Xiomara Nobels

Know How great movie !

Carrero R.


Rodney Gabriel Carrero

Know How*** great job

Rodney Gabriel Carrero

Great movie

M. Vila

Fantastic , Know How !


So fun!

R. Santana

Know How , way to go !

Emma c

Best documentary I've ever seen.



Mary Vila - Carrero

Know How is a great movie !




Best documentary ever!! It's a must see.

Rodney Carrero

Voted for Know How !


Know how, it is

Julia Douglas

I hope my vote counts!

Mark D Friedman

If my friend Rebecca says I should vote on Sleepwalkers, I vote!
Good luck!

Cindy Safdeye

Sleepwalkers was amazing!!!!


An amazing movie! So proud on Caitlin!!

Astrid Cravens

Know How

Eric Mendoza

It's great.



Vincent Cappelletti

Great moving production

Kevin Fitzgerald

Overcoming the odds as foster kids. Never saw it in this light. Very powerful.


I'm counting on you Know how


Sleepwalkers made by a genius

rian keating

Know How all the way. These kids deserve it!

Lisa Fitzgerald

Let's go "Know How"!


Go KnowHow!!!

Know how

The idea of making the film to change the views of society all together can be helpful.
Exposing the truth could not be more easier then this.

What are you voting for?

You might be voting for a particular film because a friend asked you to. That's perfectly fine, support your friend!
Maybe you're involved in the film itself. No shame in that–be rightfully proud of your work.
Maybe you're entertained or moved or otherwise genuinely impressed by some aspect of one or more of these films. Vote ahead!

Personally, I'm voting for one particular film because, after asking myself three questions–What is the message of the film? What is its goal? What is its potential impact?–of the several films in the list with admirable answers, it was the one that stood out to me the most compelling.

So I'm voting for this film because I believe it needs my vote, and because I believe that the world needs to see this film. I'm voting for it because, really, I just have to.

I'm not campaigning for the film, so I don't feel the need to mention it by name–but you can probably guess it if you've gone through the same process and asked yourself the same questions. And if it does turn out that you can guess it–why don't you vote for it, too? :)

Remember what film is for. What film, and what I dare to say most art, is *really* for. What is the message? What is the purpose? What is the impact?

…what is YOUR vote?



Daniel Ortín

Know How


Very good!

Jill Rod

Know How for project of the year!

Jill Rod

Vote for Now How for project of the Year!


Know How!!


Know How!!


Know How!!


"Know How" got my vote! Great work!


Know how…



Rob Hartmann

Know How.

Michele Christle

Know How

Jo geanoules

I vote for Know How.



Thea law

Vote for Know How!!!

Oscar Garcia

Vote for Know How!

Jonah Petit

Eye opening

Jasmine Sheppard

On behalf of Sigma Theta Rho, Voting for Know How

Andrilisa Read

I love it! I know this one is going to win!

Maryann White

Know How




Sleepwalkers is a great film. And the directer is the most deserving person for this award!

Jeri Garibaldi

I was a social worker for foster children and I know the importance of this film.


Very talented

Rusty White

Know How!!!

Sandra singer


Darren Waldron

An honest liar

Bobby McBoberson

An Honest Liar.

hakizimana james

i really like this movie me too makes me wanna be in NY city


Awesome story


Voting for Know How!!!


Sleepwalkers makes me wanna b in NY…


verry goot

MB Borre

Such a great topic and great film…great opportunity for so many kids!!

Tong Duke

An Honest Liar. Educate yourself. Learning about skepticism will make you smarter than you ever knew you could be.

Rob Horwitz

Great film! Vote for Know How

Katrina Papillon

I vote for Know How!!!!

Karen Lahart

Great movie!


Vote for Sleepwalkers! They really Know How to make a great film!


I vote for KNOW HOW!

Janet Zinn

Just vote Know (4 Know How)

John Matthews







(PREACH IT) Know How all the way. I got the chance to watch and meet the cast in their San Jose World Premiere and I have to say, they are by far the most amazing cast EVER. If you have had the chance to watch this movie, all would agree. Know How is the extraordinary movie/musical about the hardships of Foster Care. Most people don't know the problems in the system, so this movie brings it to life with real-life stories. It is one of the most honest movies ever with a hint of life to it through music. This cast by far is the strongest and most courageous people I know. Vote for Know How to bring an unknown or unpopular BUT HUGE problem to life. Vote for KNOW HOW!




Make a difference and vote KNOW

Danny Hizami

Loved Sleepwalkers!!


Know How all the way. I got the chance to watch and meet the cast in their San Jose World Premiere and I have to say, they are by far the most amazing cast EVER. If you have had the chance to watch this movie, all would agree. Know How is the extraordinary movie/musical about the hardships of Foster Care. Most people don't know the problems in the system, so this movie brings it to life with real-life stories. It is one of the most honest movies ever with a hint of life to it through music. This cast by far is the strongest and most courageous people I know. Vote for Know How to bring an unknown or unpopular BUT HUGE problem to life. Vote for KNOW HOW!


Everyone should vote for "The Body"!


Know How, is the best.

sam B irambona

I vote for sleepwalkers; the fantastic one

L M Dewsen



Yay sleepwalkers 😊


Yay sleepwalkers 😊


Yay sleepwalkers 😊


Yay sleepwalkers 😊




Great. Carry on


Like Me

Deepa Macha


Nilka Milan

Know How extraordinary !!!!

jesus oswald musafili

the great action for voting our people who do our carrier

oswald musafili

wao helping our act like me


Sleepwalkers should win!!





Gemi P

Ron Barbie is amazing!


Know How's trailer looks lovely (it's on youtube), and the music sounds original and quality! I voted for Know How because I've worked with many youth who've been through the foster care system, and many youth who organize for positive social change. These talented, powerful youth have worked to get their voices heard, and I hope we can support one more seat at the table for them!


Vote for a project that has a real description. Vote sleepwalkers!


Know how better win



Christine Gonzales



Know How is an extraordinary project. Film is a platform often reserved for privileged storytelling. I love when that dynamic is turned on its head and film is used as vehicle for social change! Know How has my vote. It should have yours too!


Love this movie!!!!

Gail Irish

I vote for Know How.

Cathy Green

Good luck!


We're gonna pull through Know How!! This film is doing more than just entertaining, it's changing peoples lives. This powerful movie about real teenagers lives living in foster care is just so inspiring and emotional I know that it's gonna be movie of the year.

Best of luck!


My vote

Grady Cathey

my vote


Go Know How!



Somphit Dye


Peg Mulligan

Hondros absolutely!


Good luck Sleepwalkers

enrico vegezzi bossi

like me


Go Sleepwalkers ! We can do this. There is no doubt it is the "project of the year"!



avi gurfinkel

I hope you win!


Know how!



Call me J

Sleepwalkers… Am I one of them?


Awesome movie!

Call me J

Sleepwalkers… I think I'm one of them.




Americor is made up of some of the most beautiful souls I know

Sarah Walker

How can anyone chose anything but Know How? While I'm sure all these other films are wonderfully written and feature amazing talent, Know How is bigger than a movie. Know How is a call to action in the name of youth in foster care around the country. Voting for Know How is voting for change in a young person's life.

I hope you win!



Michael Murphy

Awesome production!

Floyd Thompson

Powerful and original project film to move positive social change. It's my choice!!

Neyda Moulier

Know How wins my vote!


Know How really brings you into teenagers' lives. Amazing.


Great tribute to a fine photographer!

Jim Terry

Great Movie


Very well done.


Sleepwalkers sounds like Fight Club so I'm voting for MAJOR

Karen Jensen


john ghazi

Very Good!!

Talikin Henry



Know How is such an important film. These amazing people told their stories, their real lives out there for everyone to see. I am and will forever be moved to have been able to be a part of their lives and the wonderful love that went into making this film. I love you all and hope that everyone votes the right way. Here's to a moment in time that cannot be taken away from us!!!!! XOXO


I have been lucky enough to meet Kiya in person from "Like Me" and she is a true artist with no front at all. A genuine down to earth person who is very in tune with her self expression so I have no doubt in my mind that the movie will be amazing!!! Cannot wait to see it, she's the real deal.


Sleepwalkers…nuff said.


I voted for "An Honest Liar" 10 times! Yeah!


Gotta love Randi



Anthony Arvin

Like me!!! Cannot wait to see it.

Jim Agley

I vote for Sleepwalkers. Awesome flick!

Jeff gross

Great film



James Belfer

In honor of the competition Robert Mockler, director of LIKE ME, spilled his brain all over the Internet. Check out Inside Like Me below!


Norman MacAfee

Chris Hondros did what many wanted to do, but few dared. He was an artist but also — it is hard to find the right term — a "man of action" is too trivializing, an "activist" too limiting. Let me say that he threw himself into the struggle to see and know and show what was censored. Americans would go along with unjust wars if they didn't know what was going on. But if they were shown the dead and wounded innocents, the little Iraqi girl suddenly orphaned by American soldiers, they would oppose the war.
–from "About Chris Hondros", Huffington Post, April 22, 2011

Bebe Bernstein

Like Me….. Like her? I love her!!!!!!

Steven Ferrell

I really liked "like me"


Go Sleepwalkers!




I'd like to Vote for Know How but I can't see the ballot.

susan bruer

very good film

jevub kevin

"She travels throughout the country robbing convenience stores for junk food while recording her crimes with her cell phone. Kiya uses the internet as a platform to reinvent herself as a modern day outlaw."

Never heard of her and google gives zero results. Guess this is made up sensation seeking bullshit as description sounds like


it's "Honest Liar". Case closed


"Like Me" is a winner!


An Honest Liar

Naomi Richman

I am definitely going to watch "like me"

Karen Polakoff

Hope it wins!!

caesar bell

An honest liar is already in Tribeca Film Fest and they are trying to win this? Seems sketchy

Rob Davidson

I am definitely going to watch Like Me



Deborah Grausman

Go Sleepwalkers!!!



Ed Soffen

I am definitely going to watch "like me"

Ed Soffen

I am definitely going to watch "like me"

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