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M. Night Shyamalan At Work On Low Budget Thriller ‘Sundowning’ Starring Kathryn Hahn

M. Night Shyamalan At Work On Low Budget Thriller 'Sundowning' Starring Kathryn Hahn

WikipediaSundowning is a psychological phenomenon associated with increased confusion and restlessness in patients with some form of dementia. Most commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, but also found in those with mixed dementia, the term “sundowning” was coined due to the timing of the patient’s confusion. For patients with sundowning syndrome, a multitude of behavioral problems begin to occur in the evening or while the sun is setting.

Licking his wounds after the critical drubbing of “The Last Airbender,” along with the equally reviled and commercial bomb “After Earth,” M. Night Shyamalan is going indie, with production already underway on “Sundowning.” The project has been shooting somewhat in secret for a while, but some new details have emerged that will hopefully see Shyamalan getting his mojo back.

The Wrap reveals that Kathryn Hahn and child actor Ed Oxenbould star in the film about “a single mother whose two young children visit their grandparents… and things go very wrong.” That’s all the plot that’s being let out of the bag right now, but of course, it’s the title—see the meaning above—that’s the biggest point of interest.

Filming is expected to wrap in Pennsylvania shortly, and we can only surmise that this will be one to keep an eye out for on the fall festival circuit. Could this be the comeback Shyamalan needs?

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hack hack koff koff




…but do we really *want* him to get his mojo back? He's only made one great movie, and even then I prefer the essential copycat THE OTHERS to THE SIXTH SENSE. Just 'cos you do it first don't mean you do it best; for all his directorial talent, he has Van Gogh's ear for dialogue.


This Could Be The Comeback That He Needs, But With So Many Previous Critical & Commercial Disasters To His Name, Who'd Actually Be Willing To This Movie? Audience Trust In Him Is None Existant, & Has Been For YEARS.

Andrew from Troy

What about Labor of Love with Bruce Willis?


i think shyamalan is one great script away from being an exciting filmmaker again. he had two great films – the 6th sense and unbreakable – and a slew of really bad ones with brief glimpses of visual brilliance. he should veer left, maybe, and do a crime noir with strong characters. maybe one penned by ellroy or even a raymond chandler adaptation. hell, how about a season of True Detective?

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