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Marvel Sets ‘Captain America 3’ Opposite ‘Batman Vs. Superman’ In 2016

Marvel Sets 'Captain America 3' Opposite 'Batman Vs. Superman' In 2016

It looks like two major Hollywood studios are pulling down their pants and seeing whose comic book dick is bigger. When Warner Bros. postponed the 2015 release of “Batman Vs. Superman and moved it to 2016, they did so by choosing a weekend that Marvel had already planted their flag on: May 6, 2016. At the time, Marvel hadn’t yet announced what that movie will be. And even recently, Kevin Feige played coy, saying they would reveal the title “in the next few months.” Well, we got the news a lot sooner.

Granted, it’s not confirmed by the comic studio, but according to THR, Marvel will be dropping “Captain America 3” opposite “Batman Vs. Superman” aka “Man Of Steel 2.” Boom! What does this mean? Nothing, except two massive superhero sequels will be opening on the same weekend, unless somebody decides to back off. And let’s face it, someone will back off eventually because no studio is going to risk the hundreds of millions that will be spent on these movies only to have their potential opening weekend audience cannibalized over pride. Which brings us back to dick measuring….

…if someone does blink, it won’t be a while yet, because both studios want to look totally confident about their plans and pretend not to worry that nerds will have to make a Sophie’s Choice between DC and Marvel. So, your move WB….

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MoS didn't make a "mediocre" profit. It just made less than expected. It still made more than most Marvel films. But it didn't play it safe… it took the character to difficult places and some people (who are trying to wish Reaves back into existence by sheer willpower) just can't get over the idea that superman had a bit of an identity crisis before he became the god-like boyscout with all the answers. Him killing zod and the city destruction are both common elements in the comics. His unconventional look is fairly similar to the new 52… and most of what Snyder has done, in 300, in Watchmen, and in MoS have all been relatively faithful to the spirit of the source material when it's taken seriously.
For a controversial reboot it did quite well.

Ray H

I never really understood why Marvel never bothered staking out some nice flag-waving weekends like Memoral Day or Fourth of July weekend for their Cap movies.


Well, obviously Superman vs. Batman will not have to move, so this is pretty dumb on Marvel's part … it'll look like they have no confidence in it later …

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