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Mel Gibson Lines Up Action Thriller ‘Blood Father’

Mel Gibson Lines Up Action Thriller 'Blood Father'

The Mel Gibson comeback train has been on a slow, sputtering roll as the actor/director still hasn’t quite recovered from a spectacular meltdown and a bitter divorce that thoroughly soiled the persona of the former A-list talent. His last couple of roles were in an action movie no one saw, “Get The Gringo,” and a sequel no one wanted, “Machete Kills.” Now he’s got another gritty movie lined up that should play right into his grizzled demeanor.

Deadline reports that Gibson will take the lead in “Blood Father,” which is, admittedly, a pretty badass name for a movie. And perhaps it shouldn’t be a total surprise that this is described as a “Taken“-esque thriller, with a script by Peter Craig (“The Town“) that follows an ex-con who reunites with his estranged 16 year-old daughter to save her life when drug dealers want to kill her. You can practically hear the growling already. Jean-François Richet (“Mesrine, “Assault On Precinct 13“) will direct.

The wheels are turning on this one with production slated to begin in May. Can Gibson get his groove back? We’ll see. 

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Your movies are of great inspiration , Please keep doing more movies.


Great news!
Gibson is a great actor, can't wait to see him in this film.
Even more, I want him to direct his long awaited Viking movie.

Captain Community

Ok as an action hero myself, I’ve decided to start a public relations campaign for one of MY heroes Mel Gibson.

The public and press have denigrated this man far to long for these ridiculous drunken statements and private arguments between his Ex wife and others who have been sabotaging and trying to destroy this mans reputation. It’s gone on WAY TO LONG PEOPLE, get over it.

Mel Gibson is an admirable man from a large family (we were both the 6th born with 11 siblings!) who’s under stress and made some bad comments- but that’s all they are people- bad words. The actions of this man prove he truly is a hero and a good example for Americas children. Because he is deeply religious and has strong moral convictions he’s experienced so much personal guilt and shamefulness about what he did- I believe he’s truly sorry.

Let’s examine a bit of his career and portfolio as well (compared to other Hollywood actors and scumbags like Phillip Seymour Hoffman who get praised for doing horribly perverse and twisted films). Mel Gibson on the other hand, most of his career has played action heroes who’s looking out and saving the innocent from forces of evil. His characters and career have inspired greatness from other people who have been persecuted (such as myself.)

I here absolutely everything he’s saying in this interview and I believe he’s being very honestly and sincere- minus the prey of cowards like the press and other members of Hollywood.

Mel Gibson has suffered severe clinical depression as a result of this- quite frankly I’m worried about him ’cause I think the only dangers he imposes is on himself!

Not that it matters, but quite frankly Jews ARE responsible for MANY conflicts and other things that have led to wars and bloodshed. Truth is, this is obviously a sensitive issue. In a way, it took alot of courage to make these comments and then explain himself. ‘Cause he’s NOT a real racist and bigot, that’s absurd and his character proves otherwise.

I live in Ventura County area and I have never met Mel Gibson, but I’ve been a strong supporter of his behind the scenes.

Mel If your out there, God bless, continue trusting your heat and standing up for what’s right. Your movies will continue to grow and inspire people as you enter a new phase of your life.

Captain Community

P.S. Hope it doesn't sound weird but I love Mel Gibson, always will.

    Capt C

    Did not write these comments recently. Tried removing ludicrous comments written years ago as a satire but this site will not remove. Did not write this autobiography about how a fictional character relates to Mr. Gibson. Please remove comments from “Captain Community”


Not sure he can carry the leading role yet – too many people still grouchy when it comes to Mel – even though I will watch it. That said, I think the author should correct the statement about no one watching "Get The Gringo". Well, unless he has numbers for how many rentals it has had online or DVD. I watched it – loved it – because my college kid told me about it. He and his buddies at school watched it. I see it often lauded on twitter. So yea, I think a few people watched it. Clarify sources, not just opinions, eh? :)


I LOVE Mel Gibson, but I hope he doesn't do this project. I'd rather see him make that Viking movie, or do something less cliche, more thoughtful. Like the brilliant "River" which I just rewatched. "Taken" was horrible IMO……


Me too!
I love Mel Gibson….Actor/Director.


Good News !!!
– I hope this one will be good and that it will work with mainstream audience, knowing that Gibson's last movies didn't connect with the mainstream audience. The project looks promising, some talented people have been hired, let's wait and see the final product… Count me in too !!!


I'm there!

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